Friday, March 4, 2016

From the Mouths of Babes...

     Hi Everyone! Are you fighting the Winter/Spring bugs, like me? I swear, I've been congested for the last month or so, now... But, I still missed writing to you all!  Actually, this blog was one I started a week ago, but was ill, so I am submitting it this week!  I hope you all are doing better with this season, than I am! ...
Because Kids are Hilarious, and this was so great...

....Speaking of seasons... this political season is one for the records... (see what I did there... you're welcome)... Although I know who I'm voting for, I'm not happy with our selection of candidates this election year... Most of all, it's frightening that anyone thinks that Donald Trump would make a great or even a decent  president... I didn't like the man before he decided to run, so if he does win, it'll be a sad day for our country... At the end of the day, Trump is only out for himself. I believe he feigns love for America. I believe that he justifies his behavior as "acts of passionate patriotism", but it's really a guise so that people will accept his brashness, his rudeness, his childishness, and his self absorption with thinking he his better than anyone else. It's all done for shock value. His whole campaign has been eclipsed by his shocking & crude remarks, putting others down, and bullying those who don't agree with him. Aside from all the actual political issues, do you really need a president who is divisive and off-putting?  Yes, he's a successful business man, but he also has lost a lot of businesses, as well. Do you really want a president who lacks compassion and tact? Do you really want a president to offends his colleagues? Think of him meeting with the Board of Nations-- how well is that going to go over? I hope his handlers are ready, because they'll be earning their paychecks in a serious way.... And as most presidents, go, do you really think he's going to uphold his promises to America? I don't think so... I think Trump just wants this as a status instrument for Trump. I think he will make some changes, but they'll be brash and "big moves" just to say he was doing something.  If he wins and does a phenomenal job, I will eat my words, but as of now,  I'm disgusted that he's running for president, and I will be even more so, if he wins.

The realest Beyonce Post, yet... 

     While I don't always agree with Beyonce's way of thinking or her music, I have to say that this video was a much needed expression for what's going on today.  While I didn't actually care for the video, (because, based on the lyrics she was pretty much basically bragging about her money, sexuality, material things & her "Boss" status)-- I can say that I agree with her visually raising awareness & making a stand behind the injustices of police brutality and other inequalities.

      I appreciate what Mark-E says in this screen shot, because what we need is for people of other races to come together & realize that we're not mad because you're white.  I can't speak for everyone, but I don't hate white people at all.  What I hate, is the inequality that is vehemently displayed in America, and no one seems to understand how "real" it is for minorities.  My dad is Bajan... I can recall a time in the not-so-distant past where he was made fun of on countless occasions at work.  They discredited his work, they made crude cardboard signs calling him "Pedro" and posted them around the work site, they made fun of his accent.  Yes, America, racism is still a "thing"... and instead of trying to eliminate it by providing information, and making these kinds of  behavioral connections (the Mark-E post) people get defensive and want to go tit-for tat.  They want to say things about other incidences where a minority assaulted a white person and it didn't make headlines. Or about people "working hard and getting an education"-- when for so long (and still for some) a lot of minorities weren't afforded the same opportunities to gain that education, either be it from their own environmental or financial statuses... And let's face it, since the Penal system is barely reforming anyone, so many are getting lost in the system for lack of being able to earn an honest living, after being incarcerated (jobs, environment, etc...)

        What people are mad about is the infrequency and injustice of the penal system. The law should generally behave the same for everyone. If the system were fair, there wouldn't be such a stark contrast between the races in jails & prisons.  Don't think that the people in suburbs and in the country aren't getting into as much trouble as the folks in "the hood".  It's just that they aren't getting stopped or caught as often; being from the suburbs, I know this to be true.  It's about assigning labels to people that they did not earn.  I can't tell you how many times I've been "complimented" for speaking eloquently... or even been called "ghetto" (which, I'm far from ghetto)... simply because I'm black.  I think it's irresponsible for people not to realize that racism is alive & rampant.  People want to call what's been going on "Race-baiting"-- which is an easy an convenient excuse to knock people down when they stand up for themselves, the injustices of America, and their rights. [But to be clear, there has been some race-baiting, especially around this election] It could be me, but I've never seen people post placating posts or shaming post about people sex-baiting.  The LBGTQ community has always been very adamant and vocal about injustices done within their community, and I don't see nearly as many folks claiming that people are "grandstanding" or "sex-baiting", or to be told to "get over" the deaths that have occurred because of their lifestyle.   Sure, there is opposition and different struggles there, but it's not received in the same way as when someone is accused of race-baiting.  The black community needs more of it's influential people & leaders to stand up and say that police brutality, law discrimination, profiling, and stereotypes need to end.

    This is not a new thing.  Civil Rights have gone on for decades and for some reason it's been a super-slow progression.  Most people, in my opinion, are not racist.  I think most are either ignorant or apathetic.  Many people are not outraged, because they don't care to venture outside of their box, their crowd, or their culture... others don't know where to start and just haven't been exposed to much diversity.  If you're not going to take the time to learn about your neighbor, then of course you're not going to care what happens to them.  I don't think that white folks today should have to pay for "slavery"... However, the problem is that certain ideals, laws, mentalities were birthed even from then and were not overturned when the black man or minority was named an "equal".  It's a mixed up situation... and what America needs the most is to stop getting so defensive about it, pull your head out of the sand, and stand up for equal freedom for all.   Read the link.  These are African protesters of different races protesting in a way that strengthens their cause, instead of weakens it.

   Not to go all "Queen Latifah" on you, but we need Unity.  We need everyone to stand up & say what's been going on is wrong.  People of all races need to make it known that they don't agree with it.  The sad part is, so much of this opposition has been fueled by the fact that we have a black president.  There has always been racial tensions, but I think, for some reason, people started taking it closer to the vest when they realized that race issues become a day-to-day occurrence for them.  The sad part is, many of us have experienced far more day to day. It's about time it stops.

It's not funny, because... 

     I'm seriously sick of people making light of people who are overweight or obese, especially since most of the people who make the ugliest comments don't/have never struggled with weight issues; the condition of their waistline has nothing to do with any real effort they have put forth for a "healthy lifestyle" (thin/skinny people). As a person who has been on both sides of the coin, where I have both achieved significant weight loss, and been  overweight it's very annoying. It's interesting how people have so many judgmental things to say about people who need to lose weight, yet they don't have to work for their own bodies.

      Don't get me wrong, most of the times they are right about people needing to lose weight, but who are they to make any moral judgments on their character or tell anyone about how they need to "make better choices" when so many of those same folks don't eat right or exercise. They, themselves are not making "those choices".  They just happen to have better metabolisms.for whatever reason.  They feel that  someone's weight seems to give them free license to say nasty things about them online;  calling them names, being intentionally cruel and heartless. Its really sad, especially when the target is a child.

   All I'm saying is that they don't need to be ridiculed, disrespected, and dehumanized simply because of their weight-- especially by folks who simply just "got lucky" genetically.  Being overweight/obese is one of the very few qualities that people think is still ok to publicly shame or bully.  It's sick.   I find that most people who actually do live that way, don't have the time to go rounds with others online about "fat folks".  Many of them (especially if they do struggle with weight) actually have real concern & compassion.  Next week, it could be people with overbites... People with curly hair... people with thin lips... People are just so ugly, and I'm so sick of it.

     Aside from the comments, the video was kind of funny-- considering the fact that we know he was ok, in the end. No- I don't think the lady was a bad adult for not realizing how low he had fallen out of the sling or how scared he was.  But I think it's sad that the disparaging comments (on the original post) about the boy wouldn't have been made, if the boy were slim.  I wonder if he were thin, how many people would've made such demoralizing comments.  How many would've been more concerned about his safety, than his waistline... It's sad.  

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