Friday, January 29, 2016

Seriously... Who Cares?

   It's been an exhausting week!  I think most of this week, however, has been me trying not to have a bad attitude about other people's Bad Attitudes, lol.  It's amazing some of the things that can alter your mindset.  I try not to them get to me; try to be like, Seriously? Who Cares??? But that's not me. I'm working on it! 

Here's what's happening:

Internet... What Would We Do Without it?

    It's crazy how excited I was in 2004 to have a Satellite Laptop... Now, it's all a hoax, lol.  In 2004, there wasn't such a huge cache on "Data plans"-- Either you had it, or you didn't... and MOST people didn't secure it.  Now, everyone has their Wi-Fi password protected, so it doesn't matter if you have a Satellite Device.  It's so funny how fast we move!

Kanye vs. Wiz Khalifa

      Seriously? Who cares?  I will never understand why celebrities and semi-celebrities will make far more than doctors, teachers, and social workers... They're whole situation is messy, messy, messy and it's about time people stopped caring so much about the Kardashians & their minions...  It's amazing how many articles I see about them in a day-- yet Almost ALL the comments are begging for the media to stop saturating our social networks and news feeds with anything Kardashian related... But over & over again, here we are... The Kardashians, Kanye & affliates are the folks we love to hate, apparently...

Just when I thought Dove Couldn't Get Any Better... 

   Can I just say... these are amazing.  I don't usually buy a lot of candy (especially not in large quantities) but I LOVE Dove Chocolates... I bought this Red Velvet Swirl, by mistake.  Believe me- if I knew it was Red Velvet, I would've passed... But this... THIS is amazing.  They tasted like delicious caramel and cream!  Definitely try some!

To Love Culture is to RESPECT Culture.... 

    I was watching PBS, and caught part of this show the Peregrine Dame with Rachel Parsons.  The show was interesting. Rachel travels through different countries and does video documentary of her experiences.  When I tuned into the show, Parsons was enjoying the nightlife of South Africa.  She sat in on a Rastafarian drum circle at a local night club.  She had to be asked several times not to film.  In my opinion, Parsons broke one of the cardinal rules about culture-- you must respect the wishes of other cultures when they allow you to partake in their customs and traditions. I think, in general, other cultures are gracious when it's obvious that you're a foreigner, but when they ask you not to do something in respect for their culture, it's important not to be irreverent.  I was disgusted that Parsons had to be asked 3 times not to film the drum circle.  She was free to film private interviews, but the leaders of the drum circle asked not to be filmed.  Parsons goes to the restroom to film her reaction, and basically says, "They don't want to be filmed because there is a huge cloud of marijuana smoke hovering over the drum circle"-- so basically accusing them of not wanting to be filmed due to their drug activity.  That may be the truth- but she still shouldn't have had to been asked 3 times not to film-- then when emerged from the restroom, once again, she tried to film. She filmed a little bit longer before someone else asked her, once again, to stop filming.  This type of arrogance and disregard is one of the reason why so many other countries don't like Americans.  At times, [some] Americans have this entitled & unflattering ability to think that everyone else needs to conform to our standards, wishes, customs, and whims.  I have the good fortune to have been born into a family with a lot of cultural diversity, so I try to be as respectful as possible.  One of the musicians in the drum circle was explaining how the drumbeats were "messages" being sent between villages in older times. Although I was offended by Rachel Parsons' attitude towards those in the drum circle- she did have a very interesting documentary.  I think I still may try to check out more of her shows!

Channing Tatum Gave Me Life as Beyonce...

   The video Says it all!  He's quickly becoming one of my favorite performers.  I used to think, 'Oh, he's just another pretty face'... but Some of his parts (not particularly this one) have really shown some range.  I love his face when Beyonce comes out to Knight him... Or Queen him?  Not sure what it's called when Beyonce gives you props for impersonating her... I'll think on that...

Love This Song...

   I'm taking a chance on this video, because I'm pulling it from Youtube without watching it-- but I just LOVE this song!  It's cute and catchy- and a little bit of a different sound than a lot of the songs we have been hearing.  Another Favorite I love... (and I can't believe I'm saying this in real life)... is Justin Bieber's Love Yourself.  If you didn't know better, you would think that it was an encouraging message... but no... He's basically saying F*** You... and it's ok, lol.

Adele is my New Best Friend...

    I was listening to the radio one day, when I kept hearing about "Adele" on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segment... After watching this 14minute segment, I have decided that Adele is someone I'd definitely want to be friends with! She's so cute & funny.  Maybe it's the stark contrast from her music or photoshoots promoting her latest album that has me thrown.  Usually shes' very mono... Monochromatic colors- simple... Plain. Serious... But seeing Adele just be "Adele Adkins" was definitely a new insight. After watching this hilarious segment & enjoying some of her jokes, I realized that Adele could easily be my new best friend!  I hope in future albums she gets to show more sides of herself.  I love her music, but she is beginning to be Taylor Swifted... People are starting to really relate to here solely because of her "break up" ballads, etc.  We all know that the best art comes from pain, but time to change it up, Adele! The jig is up! you're a fun girl!!

That ends this week's blog! 
 Because I'm done. :)

Have a great weekend! Take care! 


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