Friday, January 22, 2016

I'm Convinced... People Just Want to be Mad and Fight...

Hello Everyone!
    Welcome to another glimpse of what's been going on in my life this week/Month!! I know it may not be as exciting for you to read, as it is as imperative that I write, but hey- if you enjoy it as well, that's awesome!  This has been a rough week, but an interesting one, at that...

Here's What's Been Goin' On:

I'm Convinced... People Just Want to Be Mad and Fight... 

       I guess I'm feeling a little nostalgic, at the moment, in regards to my worldview.  I wish things were like they used to be, in the fact that if people wanted to see change, they'd be active participants in trying to be the change they desired, instead of just getting online and angrily fighting and offending people.  I'm not one to put my head in the sand and ignore things that I'm passionate about- but at the same time, in 2016 there is SO MUCH to be passionate about!  It's passion overload, I believe.  I feel like part of the problem is that [with social media & other online resources] people are almost "forced" to have opinions about EVERYTHING/ things where they ordinarily would have zero interest!!  It happens to the best of us, as well.  I even found myself chiming in on a post about the Oscars Boycott, and I don't give a flip about the Oscars, and wouldn't have watched them anyway... Of course, behind almost every issue are layers of issues.  and of course THAT is where all the arguments and opinions come into play. People make ignorant comments, and then before you know it, you're in a tirade over something some idiot said online that had nothing to do with the contents of the post.  People also don't stick to the topics at hand.  Instead of debating or voicing their opinion about [said topic] they call folks names, take personal shots at each other, and make grandiose generalized statements as if they were emphatic truth.  People make low blows about people's spelling and intelligence, just because they disagree with them.  And in 2016, you can get into fights with people and have your feelings hurt by a whole plethora of topics and causes.  On top of that- people don't always think before they type.  I mean- the post [usually] isn't going anywhere... why not take time to consider others' views?  Why not take time to get your point across without sounding like a one-dimensional moron?

    As I started to say- I'm not one to put my head in the sand- however now that everyone and every "thing" is so accessible, it's easy to get caught up in unnecessary drama.  I've also found that people don't know how to argue.  There is no "middle ground" around disagreeing with someone without being labeled some kind of blanketed bigoted slur. Rarely is there any credit given to points that you may have in common, as well.  It doesn't matter if you're talking about politics, race, religion, sexual preference, marital status, pop culture, or what Starbucks puts on their cups during the Holiday Season-- people are so ready to quickly disrespect another person. There is no shortage of Internet Courage online.  And if you've found a person who is willing to spar with you, inevitably someone will give up and say "Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree..." That may be true, in every instance... but the end result is that there is not very much resolution or change to the actual cause.

     To add to the tensions, are the droves of band-wagoners who just repeat what others have said.  The thing about our society, today, is that all of these "topics" are stirred up all at once.  If you're online, you can't get away from media outlet after media outlet posting about this or that.  We also love to be offended without giving consideration to what others (who feel differently) may be going through. I love social media. I love how quickly news travels and the entertainment value... But at what cost? Quickly, people are becoming more basic and one-dimensional than ever.  You can't have a textured existence without taking some blows [figuratively] for your opinions/position/ beliefs.  The easiest way to get along with people online, is not to have any integrity, unique opinions, or morals, and to just "agree" with everyone.  In order for that to happen, you have to learn these entitled, cliched, vanilla responses that basically tell people that they don't have to be accountable for anything, ever... People think that we're becoming a regressive society, because there's a huge decline in values-- Yes-- that is true, but I also think one of the catalysts of this, is that pre-internet, there were only a handful of things in which to be angry or passionate.  In that time of our lives, News & Media had us on a slow-drip IV of information.  Sure, things happen, but not all at once... NOW, the flood gates are open, and we're hit with millions of ideas at one time.  I miss the days when my head wasn't so crowded...

Just a thought.

I'm Crushing on.... Robbie Magasiva

   Robbie Magasiva is a Samoan actor from New Zealand, who I've recently had the pleasure of viewing on a new (to me) show on Netflix called Wentworth (more on Wentworth later).  Magasiva plays a correctional officer at a women's prison in Melbourne, Australia, who goes through a lot in order to find truth and purpose behind the murder of his wife Govenor Meg Jackson (Govenor = Warden in Australian Prison).  I've already seen seasons 1-3 (all there is-- season 4 coming soon!) and I really like his character.  Well, for one, he's hot!  He has these intricate tribal Samoan tattoos and (for lack of a better word) Swagger about him that I really dig.  On top of that, he has a likable personality.  He goes through a lot in the first 3 seasons (especially after the murder of his wife) and I love that his character shows range.  There are times that he's ultimately a jerk, times where he's sweet and compassionate, and times where you really feel empathetic towards him.  Overall "Officer Jackson" is the kind of Correctional Agent you want to be around... should you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of being incarcerated...

I'm obsessed with... Wentworth!

     Did I shamelessly binge watch this show, just like I shameless binge-watch other shows on Netflix?  Absolutely.  If you love crime dramas and suspense, then you NEED to check out Wentworth!  Because it's human nature to compare shows that first air within the same decade, I'd like to give you my thoughts on Wentworth vs. Orange is the New Black.  I personally like to judge each piece of work on its own merit, but because I don't know all of you who are reading this blog, I hope comparing it to OITNB will be the easiest way to get my points across. Wentworth in it's own right is a hard-hitting drama about a woman (Bea Smith) who goes to prison for trying to kill her abusive husband.  It's gritty and daring, with both light and dark moments.  It does share the same flashback format as OITNB, where it shares about her life before she is locked up.  Many shocking things happen throughout the series that make you consider whether Bea Smith is just a true survivor or if she is a criminal who is evolving, after crossing lines she shouldn't have crossed... or both.  One thing I love about Wentworth, is that I like Bea Smith throughout all 3 seasons, flaws and all.  In OITNB, I eventually lose respect for Piper (as I quickly did in the book).  Bea Smith is a real badass.  She does not wallow in her pity or blame others for her poor choices.  She owns all her mistakes & decisions and is a leader from the start.  And although OITNB is not necessarily a "comedy" it is far more comical than Wentworth.  Wentworth is definitely more serious and dramatic. There is also a little more of a balance between learning about both the guards' lives and the prisoners.  So- if you love gritty, nailbiting suspense, check out Wentworth on Netflix!

Disclaimer:  I'm not responsible for your binge-watching... but if you'd like a tip, watch Wentworth in Subtitles!  They have thick Australian accents and use lots of slang. 

What I'm Loving... Cinnamon Bun Oreos

      I'm not one to buy a lot of sweets-- but my office is... So occasionally, someone will bring in something "new" to try.  If you've got a little wiggle room in your New Year's Diet (which we ALL should have some wiggle room, lol) you've GOT to try these!  The smartest thing to do, would be to do exactly what Jen in my office did... Buy them for your Office mates-- that way, you can try them without devouring the entire carton all at once.  They are super-delicious!  Cinnamon Bun Oreos have that perfect balance between creamy frosting & a warm spicy cinnamon!  Give them a try!

Well- that concludes the end of this blog! Stay tuned & comment when you wanna! Love you guys!



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