Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy New Year!!! 2016"

   It's a new year! I can't believe it's already 2016!  I didn't really do much for New Year's Eve, this year. I cuddled up in bed with my dog and binge-watched American Horror Stories, lol. I'm suprised that I haven't written about my love for American Horror Stories-- but I digress... I'm going to be trying a sightly different format for my blogs, as well-- we'll see how that goes.  Here's what's been going on so far, this year! 

    First of all, can I just say that I'm not a fan of New Years... There's this daunting morose feeling that you're reminded of, at the end of each year.  Personally, the feeling is more of an "I am not where I thought I'd be, in my life..." type of feeling.  I'm filled with the anxiety of uncertainty. Obviously, God has full awareness and control over the things that happen in my life, but so many times I find myself wondering what the plan is or why is any of it [the things that happen in my life] relevant... It sucks even more when you feel like you're cut out of a certain cloth, but being forced into a different one.  It's like sewing a piece of parachute material onto a quilt... It all does the trick, but one of the squares just doesn't fit.  Nonetheless, there is some room for optimism, so I'm not going to negate the fact that 2016 could be full of new exciting experiences.  I just hope that this year, will be a great year.  I hope that this year, I will feel like I've made some kind of progress. So many times it just feels like Groundhog Day- and I'm tired of that feeling.

... On Great Movies

       This movie FAR surpassed my expectations on the funny meter!  I thought it would be funny, and at times it was a bit predictable- but I NEVER thought I'd be busting out laughing several times throughout the movie.  The lines in this movie are so clever and spot on-- one being, "I think we need a look that is not so much Forever 21, but more Suddenly 42..."     Basically- the plot of the film is about the two Ellis sisters who have to divvy up their belongings, and take what they want before their parents sell their childhood home.  They get there and unveil so much of their history.  One sister, (Poehler) realizes that she has had a very limited life, because she spent so much of it taking care of everyone else.  She's envious of her sister's (Fey) more colorful experiences, and the two decide to throw a  huge party to commemorate their days of youth.  Upon throwing the party- they realize that so many of their friends have fallen into the same " over 30yrs rut" and basically have skewed senses of what's "fun".  So- the girls campaign for their friends to let loose and really turn their party into a rager! So many funny things happen when their friends take the bait, and through the chaos, both women learn more about themselves.  Over the holidays, I was able to see a couple of movies, and one of the things I haven't felt in a long time was that "I've got to own that movie" feeling.  Well, those were probably the first words I said while leaving the theatre.  This movie is a must-see! 

...Just Tacky

    I'm more or less just venting about a situation that happened this past week.  I went to a local steakhouse to have dinner with a friend.  The food was great, the conversation was great, and the service was pretty good.  As I was leaving, and my friend and I parted ways- I noticed that my car wouldn't start.  I was pretty sure it was the battery- but with my car being a bit older, it could've been the alternator or starter, as well.  So, I asked around in the parking lot to see if anyone had jumper cables. No one did- so I went inside to ask if anyone had some.  My friend had some, came back, and was waiting outside- but she had a lot of things in her trunk, and would have to dig them out if no one else had any.  Well, the hostess and her brother (who happened to work there and whom was also our server) came out to try to help.  It was pretty cold, but they both still came out.

       Well, the first thing I realized was that her brother didn't know where the battery was.  He was saying, "Oh- I think it's on the other side... "  I was the one who had to show him where the battery was.  So, he hooked up the car (in an improper sequence) and after a few seconds, the jumper cables started to smoke.  My car still was not charged, either.  So they took them off, and shrugged it off, basically saying "It didn't work", and went inside.  So- I sat in my friends car debating on whether or not to call my insurance Roadside Assistance- and while I was on the phone calling them, the hostess comes back out and told me that her Jumper Cables were now burned out, and she would like $10 to help towards the cost of new cables.  I will give her credit that she was polite-- but I couldn't help to think how tacky it was that she did that.  For one- I wasn't the one to hook up the jumper cables.  It was her ill-equipped brother. I believe he put the clamps on backwards, which caused the smoking.  I know for sure that he put both clamps on the dead car then both clamps on the live car.  I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it-- but it seems feasible that if you don't put them on the way you're supposed to, you could cause damage.  I also thought I saw a spliced cord before they even put it on the car, but I wasn't close enough to tell.  I have no way of knowing if their jumper cables were damaged beforehand or how they knew they were damaged afterwards... It's not as if they tried to jump another car between the 10 mins they left me and the time she walked her behind out to ask me for money for the "replacement" of her jumper cables.

      Overall- I did pay the girl, because had I had cash on me, and had using her jumper cables worked, I would've tried to give her a few dollars.  But I don't feel responsible for her jumper cables, to be honest-- especially if I wasn't the one who hooked them up.  And it's funny that I was the one who hooked up my friends, and miraculously, we were able to get my car up and going (with the help of a passing gentleman who was able to knock some rust off of them, and get it going faster... By the way- he wasn't standing there with his hand out...).  I paid the girl, though, because in the heat of the moment, I said I would-- and at the end of the day, it would weigh on my conscience that she would think I screwed her over.  I don't want to owe anyone anything-- and chances are [with my luck] the moment I decided not to pay her would be the moment I keep seeing her or her brother, everywhere, lol.  

     I just feel like this was a no-win situation for me.  Had I not paid her, I would've felt like I screwed someone over (when I know I didn't) and now that I have paid her, I feel somewhat hustled.  But at least I gave sort of a compromise.  I did give her the money, but I also told her that it was her brother  who hooked up the cables the wrong way to my car, that caused her jumpers to burn out.  He owes her the rest of the money to replace her cables.  But at the end of the day, an argument could be made for both sides.  Had I never needed a jump, she wouldn't have burned out jumper cables... But had he put them on properly, she also wouldn't have burned out jumper cables. I know after today, I will be over it-- but I just hate when people do tacky things that I wouldn't think to do. SMH.  

What would you have done?  I put it to a poll in my office, and it's about split about whether folks would've given her the money, etc... I'm interested in your input! 
....on premature emotional Solicitation...

      I hate when people try to squeeze sentiments out of you.  I'm not the type of person to provide validation, at request.  I give plenty of validation, on my own, without a man begging me for it.  I met a guy before Christmas, and I'm not sure about him.  I asked him to contact me after the holidays, when I have more free- time.  I have agreed to go out with him on Saturday- but I'm not really looking forward to it.  For one, there has been at least 4 times where he's tried to get validation from me, prematurely. For instance, the day after I met him, he texted me, "Hey- how're you doing... Did you think about me?"--- Um, Fool, I don't know you.  What is there to think about??? They he asked again, in  a text message, last week.  Again- I don't know you... We haven't been out, yet... What is there to think about??? Also, he seems to want my time prematurely, as well.  He seemed to cop an attitude when I told him of the times I was free to hang out.  This fool had the nerve to tell me that, "He was under the impression that I would have no plans after the holidays..." Really??? You just thought you were going to swoop in and completely take over my personal life?  He acted like I "owed" him time.   I always have plans and I never implied that I wasn't going to be busy, and we don't have to go out if the times I can hang out don't work, you  know? After expressing that he thought I was a loser with no plans, he acted like he wasn't even reading my texts.  I was like, "I'm free Saturday afternoon & Sunday Evening".... and he replies with, "Don't you want to get to know me better?"  I'm sitting there baffled like, 'I thought that's what we were planning to do"--- He responded as if I said I wasn't going to try and fit him in...Smh.  These are the types of things that make me miss certain men in my life.  If I've quoted it once, I've quoted it a hundred times... "Once you've had it good, you can't go back to bs..."  It's the sad and unfortunate truth.  It's not that anyone wants to have BS-- but it's just sad that more men don't get it right without being absolute weirdos.

     So- I'm going out on the date to clear my conscience.  After the date, I can either keep up with our involvement, or let him know that I don't think we're compatible, and keep it moving.  I'm really not looking forward to it, but I am trying to keep an open mind.  Either way, at least I would've given him a real chance.

    I still remain optimistic about 2016, but it's gotten off to a weird start.  


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