Friday, November 6, 2015

Just Rambling about Random Randomness...

    Hey guys! Just another week of me thinking out loud!  Like, for instance, is it normal for people to have a "Song" with their dog? Is it normal for that song to be "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran?... *crickets*....  No? Not normal? Hmmm, Next blog... 

Favorite Article:  Gwen & Gavin Break up and Gwen and Blake Shelton are "a thing" [Paraphrase]

   So, I'm pretty annoyed at Rag Mags, now... I don't know if it's just my age or if times really have changed-- but they will do ANYTHING to sell a story.  I'm not sure if the quality has gone done due to people getting everything for free-- or if we're really and truly become more vapid as each year goes by... I don't know- probably both.  But today, I read an article in US Magazine where it was supposedly a "tell all" as to what happened between Gavin & Gwen. Basically, the article could've printed in the "They're Just Like US" segment, because it didn't tell us ANYTHING.  Not that I think that we deserve to know their business. I'm fully amenable to the fact that we ARE NOT entitled to know details. My issue is, if you're going to write a story- at least make it worthwhile AND at least do not false advertise.  They do it all the time, now.  It used to be that what was printed in the paper was deemed "Fact" by the majority of readers, but now it seems like they write with whatever oddment the celebrity world throws at them.  It doesn't have to be truth, it doesn't have to be relayed by any part of that person's "Team"... It just has to be semi-interesting.     Basically what I read today was " Gwen and Gavin were busy people & Gwen is a mother..." It was pretty much an"Any Random Woman in Anywhere, USA" type of a story.  There was nothing remotely intriguing about it. And it was another 4mins of my life that I wasted, off of a misleading headline.  

Favorite Song:  October Song by Amy Winehouse

   I guess you can safely say that Amy Winehouse is probably my favorite female musician.  I don't even think her voice is the prettiest of all of the musicians I like-- but there's just something about Amy.  I think, it's her "It" factor.  She had charm. She had truth. She had originality. She had passion. She had no shame... Her music has something for everyone.  There is controversy in both the lyrical content and style.  I struggle to even talk about her in the past tense, because, although she is no longer here, her music remains.  I picked this particular rendition of this song (one of my favorites) to showcase, because of the signature "Amy mix up"... No- this is not a joke about when she was drunk or high on stage, and could not perform properly... This is a testament to her raw talent to  be able to surf a musical wave.  Amy was so talented that she could sing the same song 20 different ways, and it would be entertaining every time.  We have very few musical artists who can do that, now...   So many times, you go to a concert, and the performer is singing the exact same rendition as the album.  Some folks like this, because they like to sing along.  And, not that Amy did this to every song... I'm just saying, even at her worse, she was never caught lip syncing... She is always in my rotation & will always be missed.  

Favorite Question:  Is this Standard Policy?  

    I'm not a good negotiator, when it comes to purchasing things.  If I need something to be less expensive, I will do research & comparison shop-- and see if other places will price match, etc... I will make an additional suggestion, when dealing with a sales rep... But I'm not one to keep pushing for a bigger/better deal, even after they've already decided to give me the discount.  I just think it's rude and greedy.  I witnessed someone do it today, and it just annoys me.  I guess that's just my creative side coming out.  I feel like by trying to undercut a vendor, you're basically telling them that "you don't think their product is worth the asking price"... That's like on those Classified sites, online, I always get annoyed when someone posts a price, then some cheapskate posts "What's the lowest you'll go?"-- Really? Some folks fall for it,and go lower-- but for me, if you wanted to ask that- at least do it privately, maybe they'd go lower-- but that's not negotiating.  That's being cheap. Negotiating is when you offer another price, and you meet in the middle.  You just don't cut to the lowest... I just think it's insulting, though. If you think someone is asking too much, and they've said what they're willing to sell for-- be happy with that or walk. Today, I witnessed someone who got a 30% discount on something we needed (which was huge, because the asking price was standard from all retailers across the board)-- So, instead of saying, 'Thank you so much! That's awesome!! They said they'd only buy if we could get a discount off another item we were buying in bulk, as well.  We did get the deal, but it felt very sketchy.  I know that the retailers mark-up to the clouds, and maybe it didn't make any difference to them personally, per se... But it just feels wrong & greedy.  Obviously no one may comment if they feel otherwise, because I've been pretty opinionated about this,  but what do you think?  lol  I don't know... First world problems, I guess, lol.

Favorite Video:  Ellen DeGeneres' Parody of Adele's "Hello"

    Ellen cracked me up, in true Ellen fashion!  I love when people can be silly and creative with things I wouldn't think to use. Just watch this. It totally made my morning!  

Favorite Meme:  Refuse to become Nuggets!!

  I mean, if you don't think this is funny or cute, you have NO sense of humor, lol  For some reason, this reminds me of my dog, Roman, lol.  He recently had an incident in the dog park, where this 6mos old male Beagle puppy kept trying to hump him.  He gave him a couple of passes, where he just wiggled away from him, without snapping back at him, I'm sure adult dogs can differentiate & know when another dog is just a pup... but that third attempt resulted in Roman going OFF on that little pup, lol It was really funny. I can just see Roman with a gun, like, "You will not dominate me, I'm a grown a** man!!"

Anyway That's it for this week!  Check out Next week, if you want!!

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