Friday, November 20, 2015

It's All About Support...

    Welcome to the end of another week, guys! I've missed you! I hope you've had a few meaningful moments this week to reflect upon.  Check out to see some of the things I thought about this week! 

Favorite Laugh:  Lifty Bra

     To my super blessed sisters, you can totally relate!  Its just a biological fact. While I love having curves, it can be a real albatross to find proper undergarments that do the deed without making you look or feel uncomfortable... This meme made me laugh out loud!

Favorite Point:  Filters... Are they really helping?  

     I'm all about being supportive for things in which you truly believe... but... In this day in age where so many folks are in such a volatile state of mind... I don't know if it's wise to further expose yourself by placing all kinds of political filters on  your Social Media Photos, especially with National Terrorism running rampant.  I'm not about doing anything that will make me an unnecessary target, it's just not worth it. I was testing something, yesterday, and realized that Facebook-- where most of us think we're "Private" is lying to us.  We are not private to only our Friends list, like we think-- even with our accounts set to "Friends only" or "Friends of Friends", select posts are still available to view by strangers.  And not one person who is "social-media active" can say that they've never gotten a friend request from someone they didn't know.  I'm just saying-- in reality "Filters" are just that.  People feel empathy for a cause/incident, and jump on the bandwagon without really thinking about the harmful attention they could potentially be drawing to themselves.  You don't know who makes the filters, and who could be using them to track people... (I'm sure I sound like a conspiracy theorists... but I'm just saying...)

    At the very least, the filters become about "the filters", themselves, and not necessarily "for true support" of their causes. Truly being supportive involves doing something more than just changing your profile filter on social media... How about drumming up some kind of monetary support or doing something in memory of those who were taken? Even a small candlelight vigil shows a little more "support" than just following suit.  When Dylann Roof massacred those innocent souls at Emanuel A.M.E. in S. Carolina, I got a group together to send condolence cards to the church.  I encouraged others on my social media to do the same & provided the address.   Sure, there is always attention brought to a cause when someone uses a filter, but a lot of times it really doesn't go beyond that demonstration other than you're standing in "solidarity" with all your facebook friends...smh.

       I was talking to a co-worker about it, and she said, "Yeah, but you can't be running scared, either..."  I agree with that; If it's something you truly are passionate about, like your faith, your family, or your children, you should stand firm-- but again, there's no need for you to make yourself an unnecessary target, either.  It's the equivalent of "remembering to lock your car doors in a suburban neighborhood..."There more than likely is not eminent danger if you leave them unlocked-- but it's probably your best bet just to lock them, anyway.  Given that right now, we're fighting an "unknown enemy" who has no centralized location, it might just be a slightly safer option... and especially if you, yourself, would not be willing to fight or die for that cause.

       In 2015, it's probably a safe bet that you aren't going to be witch hunted for Equality or Gay Rights Beliefs, but when it has to do with real threats to your life, it might behoove you to be a little more cautious about what you post online.  Who knows what kinds of strategies for profiling these animals are using? We live in a sad & dangerous world, and people would be naive to think that terrorists and terrorists sympathizers are not lurking around in the USA. They could be your neighbor who just moved in, you don't know...  I just pray for everyone's safety-- and I hope that people will be begin to realize that they are not immune, just because we live in America- 9/11 should have taught us that.  We definitely live in a day and age where people are just quick to jump on a bandwagon and ready to believe their own reality, rather than what's happening in front of their faces... My heart goes out to Paris... I am saddened because of the all the indiscriminate killings in Syria... but we all need to take care of ourselves, as well.  Just stay smart and be safe, guys!

Favorite Song:   Black Magic by Lil Mix

     I ran into this video when I was looking for another video... It's one of those things that really irritates me, because it seems like they overplay the same 5 songs on the radio, continuously-- but occasionally they'll play a song you've never heard before... and when you want to find that song, you can't remember it... lol I mean- I like Adele's "Hello"-- but geez!! I hate that the radio has ruined another song for me... but this one, I thought was pretty cute & fun.  It's not the song I was looking for-- but I like Lil Mix and their upbeat Pop "Girl Band" music.  It's uplifting and can get you moving!

Favorite Gross Out:  Maryland Crab cake sandwich from Butter Cafe

   Today, I visited Butter Cafe.  They have a very eclectic menu, so I like to visit every now and then.  I absolutely love their Bagel & Lox!  I  love trying new foods... but today, I tried something that was sooo disgusting.  I tried the Maryland Crab Cake sandwich , and it disappointed me to the max. In hindsight, I probably should've sent it back, because it smelled like feet and tasted like straight up Buffalo A**! For one, it was flat like a pancake, so then you can also assume it was dry.  Then, it just had a strong fishy flavor.  I think I might be spoiled, because my dad makes the best... I mean, THE BEST... fish cakes I've ever tasted.  I had to ask for cheddar cheese to help mask the flavor, because I didn't have time to change my order to something else, since they took awhile with our food.  Never again, America... Never again...

Favorite APP:  Walk For a Dog by Wooftrax!

Every time you walk, we donate to your local animal organization.

      Since I’ve had Roman, I found out about an awesome new app!! It’s called “Walk for a Dog” by Wooftrax.  Basically, you add the free app to your phone, and it acts like a pedometer.  Every time you take your dog for a walk, you press “Walk” and it will record your time, pace,  and mileage etc…  Each time you walk, Wooftrax will donate to the shelter you’ve chosen to walk for (you can choose and change shelters as you wish).  Right now, Roman and I are walking for SICSA J He has to pay his dues!  Go to and check out this really cool app!  It's FREE and for a good cause! :)

Everyone- Have a great Weekend... Special Shout out to my friend DJ Complexx, Mike Epps!  Have a great birthday, special buddy!  


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