Friday, November 20, 2015

It's All About Support...

    Welcome to the end of another week, guys! I've missed you! I hope you've had a few meaningful moments this week to reflect upon.  Check out to see some of the things I thought about this week! 

Favorite Laugh:  Lifty Bra

     To my super blessed sisters, you can totally relate!  Its just a biological fact. While I love having curves, it can be a real albatross to find proper undergarments that do the deed without making you look or feel uncomfortable... This meme made me laugh out loud!

Favorite Point:  Filters... Are they really helping?  

     I'm all about being supportive for things in which you truly believe... but... In this day in age where so many folks are in such a volatile state of mind... I don't know if it's wise to further expose yourself by placing all kinds of political filters on  your Social Media Photos, especially with National Terrorism running rampant.  I'm not about doing anything that will make me an unnecessary target, it's just not worth it. I was testing something, yesterday, and realized that Facebook-- where most of us think we're "Private" is lying to us.  We are not private to only our Friends list, like we think-- even with our accounts set to "Friends only" or "Friends of Friends", select posts are still available to view by strangers.  And not one person who is "social-media active" can say that they've never gotten a friend request from someone they didn't know.  I'm just saying-- in reality "Filters" are just that.  People feel empathy for a cause/incident, and jump on the bandwagon without really thinking about the harmful attention they could potentially be drawing to themselves.  You don't know who makes the filters, and who could be using them to track people... (I'm sure I sound like a conspiracy theorists... but I'm just saying...)

    At the very least, the filters become about "the filters", themselves, and not necessarily "for true support" of their causes. Truly being supportive involves doing something more than just changing your profile filter on social media... How about drumming up some kind of monetary support or doing something in memory of those who were taken? Even a small candlelight vigil shows a little more "support" than just following suit.  When Dylann Roof massacred those innocent souls at Emanuel A.M.E. in S. Carolina, I got a group together to send condolence cards to the church.  I encouraged others on my social media to do the same & provided the address.   Sure, there is always attention brought to a cause when someone uses a filter, but a lot of times it really doesn't go beyond that demonstration other than you're standing in "solidarity" with all your facebook friends...smh.

       I was talking to a co-worker about it, and she said, "Yeah, but you can't be running scared, either..."  I agree with that; If it's something you truly are passionate about, like your faith, your family, or your children, you should stand firm-- but again, there's no need for you to make yourself an unnecessary target, either.  It's the equivalent of "remembering to lock your car doors in a suburban neighborhood..."There more than likely is not eminent danger if you leave them unlocked-- but it's probably your best bet just to lock them, anyway.  Given that right now, we're fighting an "unknown enemy" who has no centralized location, it might just be a slightly safer option... and especially if you, yourself, would not be willing to fight or die for that cause.

       In 2015, it's probably a safe bet that you aren't going to be witch hunted for Equality or Gay Rights Beliefs, but when it has to do with real threats to your life, it might behoove you to be a little more cautious about what you post online.  Who knows what kinds of strategies for profiling these animals are using? We live in a sad & dangerous world, and people would be naive to think that terrorists and terrorists sympathizers are not lurking around in the USA. They could be your neighbor who just moved in, you don't know...  I just pray for everyone's safety-- and I hope that people will be begin to realize that they are not immune, just because we live in America- 9/11 should have taught us that.  We definitely live in a day and age where people are just quick to jump on a bandwagon and ready to believe their own reality, rather than what's happening in front of their faces... My heart goes out to Paris... I am saddened because of the all the indiscriminate killings in Syria... but we all need to take care of ourselves, as well.  Just stay smart and be safe, guys!

Favorite Song:   Black Magic by Lil Mix

     I ran into this video when I was looking for another video... It's one of those things that really irritates me, because it seems like they overplay the same 5 songs on the radio, continuously-- but occasionally they'll play a song you've never heard before... and when you want to find that song, you can't remember it... lol I mean- I like Adele's "Hello"-- but geez!! I hate that the radio has ruined another song for me... but this one, I thought was pretty cute & fun.  It's not the song I was looking for-- but I like Lil Mix and their upbeat Pop "Girl Band" music.  It's uplifting and can get you moving!

Favorite Gross Out:  Maryland Crab cake sandwich from Butter Cafe

   Today, I visited Butter Cafe.  They have a very eclectic menu, so I like to visit every now and then.  I absolutely love their Bagel & Lox!  I  love trying new foods... but today, I tried something that was sooo disgusting.  I tried the Maryland Crab Cake sandwich , and it disappointed me to the max. In hindsight, I probably should've sent it back, because it smelled like feet and tasted like straight up Buffalo A**! For one, it was flat like a pancake, so then you can also assume it was dry.  Then, it just had a strong fishy flavor.  I think I might be spoiled, because my dad makes the best... I mean, THE BEST... fish cakes I've ever tasted.  I had to ask for cheddar cheese to help mask the flavor, because I didn't have time to change my order to something else, since they took awhile with our food.  Never again, America... Never again...

Favorite APP:  Walk For a Dog by Wooftrax!

Every time you walk, we donate to your local animal organization.

      Since I’ve had Roman, I found out about an awesome new app!! It’s called “Walk for a Dog” by Wooftrax.  Basically, you add the free app to your phone, and it acts like a pedometer.  Every time you take your dog for a walk, you press “Walk” and it will record your time, pace,  and mileage etc…  Each time you walk, Wooftrax will donate to the shelter you’ve chosen to walk for (you can choose and change shelters as you wish).  Right now, Roman and I are walking for SICSA J He has to pay his dues!  Go to and check out this really cool app!  It's FREE and for a good cause! :)

Everyone- Have a great Weekend... Special Shout out to my friend DJ Complexx, Mike Epps!  Have a great birthday, special buddy!  


Friday, November 13, 2015

I Couldn't Give Two Flying Fig Flakes what is on a Starbuck's cup...

   FINALLY!! We've all made it to the end of the week!  Can I say that a glass of Sangria might be in my future tonight? Seriously, folks... It's been a long week, even with the holiday!  Here's what I've been up to... 

Favorite Time: It's the Weekend!... Because My Patience is Wearing Thin... 

    I really started today in a great mood... But people have worn my patience so thin, I am really just ready to go home and hang out with my dog... (who is actually the cutest thing, ever! lol :)  What is it with people? Today, I've had a conglomeration of all the annoying masses... I've had people who don't listen, ignorant people, people who miss communicate, people who micromanage, fake people, rude people, flaky, entitled, lazy, hyperactive, incessant people, greedy, annoying as all get-out people... Seriously-- just so many annoying people today.  So glad it's the weekend in a few hours! I really tried to be in a great mood, today.. But Geesh!

Favorite Book:  Grey by E.L. James

        So, I told you that I was going to read this one, too. I am halfway through it, and so far the writing quality far surpasses the quality of the original series! I mean, Wow!!! E.L. James can afford a proof-reader, now! LOL I really am enjoying this piece better, albeit really is telling the exact same story from another point of view.  I can do without a lot of the technical business jargon, but overall, it's been great!  The Ana describe from Christian's point of view is a bit more edgy and obstinate-- which is kind of who we see in the actual movie.  I can say, too, that I'm pretty annoyed that Fifty Shades Darker (the Movie) isn't coming out until February 2017.  The production team better see what they can do about speeding this up, because I really think the FSOG sizzle is going to fizzle soon... There weren't a lot of huge great reviews about the first installment, so it will be interesting to see if the second movie garners as much hype as the first one did.  I mean, sure, there are always going to be hardcore FSOG fans-- just as there were for Hunger Games and Twilight... But Hunger Games and Twilight also had the backing of a general "appropriate for all" aged audience and a major following in the pre-teen demographic.  FSOG has a much more limited audience than the others on top of the fact that the production wasn't the best quality.  But- I did start a series, so I'm sure I'll be seeing all 3 parts of the series.  I just watched the movie again, and now I see a little more of what critics have been saying.  A lot of it doesn't make sense, as well as some of the cuts that were made in the movie were pretty funny... For instance, in the book, there is a full-on exchange between the first time Ana meets Grace Trevelyan Grey (Christian's Mom), where in the movie, they are introduced, she excuses herself for a phone call, then after spending NO time with her, tells Christian that she likes her a lot ... Really?... There are just a lot of things like that.

       I do like the fact that in Grey, they've cut back on the sex details.  Not only have they cut them down, but they've also cut back on the description each time.  I'm no prude, and I really don't mind them painting a picture-- but anyone who has read the series knows the over-saturation of sex that was in the trilogy. It really took away from the main story- which really is the gem of the whole thing.  I'll update you all when I finish!

Favorite Blessing:  "Bless the Paperman" by Alysun Ogilby

       This was one of my favorite things about this week.  With all the crappy things that go on day to day, in our world, and also, of all the negative attention that Christians get in our "Politically Correct" No One Should Be Accountable for Anything, We don't Care about Morality,  Don't 'judge' me, Everyone should do as they feel, It's Not My Fault Society, it's great to see a story that actually shows the true work of God and what Christ's followers can really be like.  I think, one of the most frustrating things about being a Christian in 2015, is the fact that non-Christians and "the world" tries to paint "Christians" with one brush, when actually not every Christian is cut from the same cloth.  We all have our own unique stories and backgrounds-- and on some levels, beliefs & convictions.. 

       Sure-- some of us have done it to ourselves by being incredibly intolerant of others, placing ourselves & allowing others to place us on pedestals, becoming legalistic and closed off to learning about others who don't believe the same way... and having impractical approaches of sharing the gospel... and Yes... too many who have actually been really judgmental... 

[Sidenote:]   Actually, Rick Warren said this... But I guess, so did Phil Robertson... Doesn't make it untrue, lol.  

    The problem with those who don't share the faith, is that they try to stuff Christians all into the same box.  If one group of Christians is judgmental, it becomes "All Christians are judgmental"... If some Christians are prudes, "All Christians are prudes"... If Candace Cameron decides to take a personal stand about not being too reveling with her Dancing with the Stars costumes, the world berates her for wearing probably the most modest Little Mermaid costume in history... Even more modest than the actual little Mermaid, etc... I'm just saying... People go nuts with the extremes,  when it comes to religion.  
     But that's not what I wanted to talk about.... Here's actually something great that is being spread within the Christian Community & beyond. A friend I met in college was challenged by her church to bless someone with something called a "reverse offering".  Basically, the church gave everyone in the congregation $5.00 and challenged them to bless someone else.  Well, instead of just buying someone a cup of coffee or their fast food (which would've also been generous) Aly thought a bit deeper and a bit bigger.  As long as I've known her, Aly has had a heart of gold and a love for others.  She really does try to have a "servants heart" to make a small difference in the world.  However, this time, she has impacted so many around her with just $5.00.  She noticed a man in her city that brought so much joy to others, while doing a thankless job; delivering papers to motorists on busy streets in Cincinnati.  So, instead of just handing him the $5.00, Aly decided to make him an online funding account and get the community involved.  If you want to read the entire story go here!   So far, that $5.00 has turned into over a wopping $6,150.00-- Yeah, you read that right, $6K! I'm beyond moved by what a little obedience can do.  Willie Holley is that faithful paperman who has been blessed by the community.  Its just not every day that we are able to bless someone on such a grand scale... and it's through these kinds of acts that people come to know Jesus.  It's not through the criticism, the judgment, and fire and brimstone that may have worked in other decades.  Being different by thinking of others outside of yourself-- their needs is what stands out to people in this generation; As I said before, there is such a "Me Me Me, Entitled" virus that has grown over the years, that people find it odd if you actually do care.  I'm so proud of the Ogilby family & what they've started. I hope that the trend of loving and giving to others (even beyond the holiday season) will grow and ignite embers that will burn across peoples hearts.  I hope that by this kind of example, people are compelled to love others and not to get caught up in some of the hang ups that Christians have been given or have given themselves.  Afterall-- the whole point is to point people towards Christ.  Sometimes people do things with the wrong motives that brings attention to themselves, in the name of Christ... This is not one of those times.  

Favorite Read:  The Vanity Fair Article feat. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

     I know I'm late-- but I just got around to reading the actual article about Bruce Jenner's transition into Caitlyn Jenner.  I really wasn't particularly interested in reading it, although I did want to see the Docuseries "I am Cait".  After seeing the drama that ensued from the Kardashian side, my interest to read the actual Vanity Fair article, for myself, was ignited.  Overall, I think that Bruce/Caitlyn has done what he can to be effective as a "spokesperson".  Caitlyn has literally only been "Caitlyn" a few months, and I think s/he needs to spend more time learning about the community, before thinking that s/he has any right to appoint herself a "spokesperson".  I think, Caitlyn's "position" is very limited and her time could best be spent supporting & funding/sponsoring existing organizations.

    As far as the Vanity Fair Article... I found it to be interesting how much Caitlyn exhibits this "victim" mentality.  S/he claims the "TMZ took her right to privacy away about coming out to her family"-- when peppered throughout the article you also read that they kids already knew... And everyone knows that TMZ along with so many other social news outlets are pretty much taken with a grain of salt, if no one is adding fuel to the fire... Then... S/he also makes this big statement about "if s/he was on her deathbed, and it never came out, s/he would think, "You really blew it. You blew your whole life..." I kind of feel like it's either or... Either you wanted to come out and it was your decision or TMZ forced you out... I'm a little bit over this "let's twist the story to fit my needs" mentality that people have these days.

   As far as his relationship with Kris Jenner... I absolutely see why the Kardashian side of the family was infuriated by what was said.  I'm not a fan of Kris Jenner, but Caitlyn was pretty unforgiving and a bit relentless to how "badly" Bruce was treated when they were married.  It irritated me that he comes off like a victim in that scenario, because from what we can see, he was fully intending on riding that Kardashian money train all the way to the bank as long as he could... Near the end of that segment the divorce was said to be "amicable"-- and it seems he tries to use that as a "buffer" for the nasty things he said about Kris for the majority of the segment that referred to their marriage.  It seems like the entire article was a bit of a stab at his ex-wives and extenuating circumstances that caused him to stay closeted about being transgender. There was hardly any mention where he takes any responsibility for his faults of the past-- except to say that "he wasn't a great father to the Jenner kids".  There's a lot of work, there, that needs to be done before "Caitlyn" goes on this huge circuit of speaking on the behalf of transgenders... smh.

Favorite Laugh:  Luke... I'm NOT Your Father...

   So, basically... Pregnancy Prevention with a twist!  I'm not a Star Wars fan, but this was pretty hilarious & innovative!

Favorite Headache:  Donald Trump and his Trumpeteers... 

      Why is it that Donald Trump seems to have unfounded zealotry for every non-issue that arises?  How do you trust such a vapid person?  Donald Trump is a prime example of a jack-hole that people pardon because he has access to platforms because of his money.  As a Christian, I'm far more offended that someone like him would be calling for a boycott on Starbucks, rather than the fact that Starbucks took Christmas decor off of their cups.  I couldn't give two Flying Fig Flakes what is on a Starbuck's cup.  The whole reason this has become "offensive" is because someone decided to give a reason as to why they were doing it, as opposed to just doing it sans explanation... I mean, if Candace Cameron isn't even backing this "strike on Starbucks" how does Donald Trump decide he's qualified? Ooooh, right... Entitlement and manipulation. It seems to be the backbone of America, these days... Donald Trump is a dangerous and reckless man.  I am really hoping he's not elected.  How doe someone who's racist, sexist, immature, irrational, and irresponsible decide one day, "Hey, I'll be president"... Sure he has some accomplishments-- but his overall erratic behavior should be enough to have people terrified of a presidency with him... I can't live in a Donald Trump America. I'll move to London. I can't with him...

Favorite Video:  Patti LaBelle Pie

James Wright Chanel Tries Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie

Cooper Lyons Davenport Tries Patti LaBelle Pie

    I mean... I kinda have to try it now, right? LOL I'm actually a fan of Pumpkin Pie over Sweet Potato Pie-- but if Patti's is that good, then I really need to get it before the season ends!

Have a Happy Weekend! Try to enjoy yourself! You deserve it!!! (I know I do!)


Friday, November 6, 2015

Just Rambling about Random Randomness...

    Hey guys! Just another week of me thinking out loud!  Like, for instance, is it normal for people to have a "Song" with their dog? Is it normal for that song to be "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran?... *crickets*....  No? Not normal? Hmmm, Next blog... 

Favorite Article:  Gwen & Gavin Break up and Gwen and Blake Shelton are "a thing" [Paraphrase]

   So, I'm pretty annoyed at Rag Mags, now... I don't know if it's just my age or if times really have changed-- but they will do ANYTHING to sell a story.  I'm not sure if the quality has gone done due to people getting everything for free-- or if we're really and truly become more vapid as each year goes by... I don't know- probably both.  But today, I read an article in US Magazine where it was supposedly a "tell all" as to what happened between Gavin & Gwen. Basically, the article could've printed in the "They're Just Like US" segment, because it didn't tell us ANYTHING.  Not that I think that we deserve to know their business. I'm fully amenable to the fact that we ARE NOT entitled to know details. My issue is, if you're going to write a story- at least make it worthwhile AND at least do not false advertise.  They do it all the time, now.  It used to be that what was printed in the paper was deemed "Fact" by the majority of readers, but now it seems like they write with whatever oddment the celebrity world throws at them.  It doesn't have to be truth, it doesn't have to be relayed by any part of that person's "Team"... It just has to be semi-interesting.     Basically what I read today was " Gwen and Gavin were busy people & Gwen is a mother..." It was pretty much an"Any Random Woman in Anywhere, USA" type of a story.  There was nothing remotely intriguing about it. And it was another 4mins of my life that I wasted, off of a misleading headline.  

Favorite Song:  October Song by Amy Winehouse

   I guess you can safely say that Amy Winehouse is probably my favorite female musician.  I don't even think her voice is the prettiest of all of the musicians I like-- but there's just something about Amy.  I think, it's her "It" factor.  She had charm. She had truth. She had originality. She had passion. She had no shame... Her music has something for everyone.  There is controversy in both the lyrical content and style.  I struggle to even talk about her in the past tense, because, although she is no longer here, her music remains.  I picked this particular rendition of this song (one of my favorites) to showcase, because of the signature "Amy mix up"... No- this is not a joke about when she was drunk or high on stage, and could not perform properly... This is a testament to her raw talent to  be able to surf a musical wave.  Amy was so talented that she could sing the same song 20 different ways, and it would be entertaining every time.  We have very few musical artists who can do that, now...   So many times, you go to a concert, and the performer is singing the exact same rendition as the album.  Some folks like this, because they like to sing along.  And, not that Amy did this to every song... I'm just saying, even at her worse, she was never caught lip syncing... She is always in my rotation & will always be missed.  

Favorite Question:  Is this Standard Policy?  

    I'm not a good negotiator, when it comes to purchasing things.  If I need something to be less expensive, I will do research & comparison shop-- and see if other places will price match, etc... I will make an additional suggestion, when dealing with a sales rep... But I'm not one to keep pushing for a bigger/better deal, even after they've already decided to give me the discount.  I just think it's rude and greedy.  I witnessed someone do it today, and it just annoys me.  I guess that's just my creative side coming out.  I feel like by trying to undercut a vendor, you're basically telling them that "you don't think their product is worth the asking price"... That's like on those Classified sites, online, I always get annoyed when someone posts a price, then some cheapskate posts "What's the lowest you'll go?"-- Really? Some folks fall for it,and go lower-- but for me, if you wanted to ask that- at least do it privately, maybe they'd go lower-- but that's not negotiating.  That's being cheap. Negotiating is when you offer another price, and you meet in the middle.  You just don't cut to the lowest... I just think it's insulting, though. If you think someone is asking too much, and they've said what they're willing to sell for-- be happy with that or walk. Today, I witnessed someone who got a 30% discount on something we needed (which was huge, because the asking price was standard from all retailers across the board)-- So, instead of saying, 'Thank you so much! That's awesome!! They said they'd only buy if we could get a discount off another item we were buying in bulk, as well.  We did get the deal, but it felt very sketchy.  I know that the retailers mark-up to the clouds, and maybe it didn't make any difference to them personally, per se... But it just feels wrong & greedy.  Obviously no one may comment if they feel otherwise, because I've been pretty opinionated about this,  but what do you think?  lol  I don't know... First world problems, I guess, lol.

Favorite Video:  Ellen DeGeneres' Parody of Adele's "Hello"

    Ellen cracked me up, in true Ellen fashion!  I love when people can be silly and creative with things I wouldn't think to use. Just watch this. It totally made my morning!  

Favorite Meme:  Refuse to become Nuggets!!

  I mean, if you don't think this is funny or cute, you have NO sense of humor, lol  For some reason, this reminds me of my dog, Roman, lol.  He recently had an incident in the dog park, where this 6mos old male Beagle puppy kept trying to hump him.  He gave him a couple of passes, where he just wiggled away from him, without snapping back at him, I'm sure adult dogs can differentiate & know when another dog is just a pup... but that third attempt resulted in Roman going OFF on that little pup, lol It was really funny. I can just see Roman with a gun, like, "You will not dominate me, I'm a grown a** man!!"

Anyway That's it for this week!  Check out Next week, if you want!!