Friday, October 30, 2015

Just Another Week!

You asked for it! Here it is, friends!

Favorite Show:  The Last Man on Earth (on Hulu)

    So... I finally succumbed to subscribing to Hulu... I was so disappointed when FOX decided to let The Mindy Project go, but I was happy to know it was being picked up by Hulu... I chose to subscribe, because Hulu (that sly fox network) decided to only put the first episode of Season 4 online, for free.   So- I binge watched The Mindy Project, and kind of felt like "Meh..." Sure, there were some funny parts, but I guess now that its "On Hulu", I thought it would be funnier, somehow, now that I have to pay.  That's no fault of The Mindy Project, however... in my head, it just seems logical that if I'm now paying for a show I used to get for free, that it would be even better than before...

   I digress. After Binge-watching Mindy, I saw another show that has been advertised often after one of my other favorite shows (Bob's Burgers)... Kristen Schaal (who is the voice of "Louise" on Bob's Burgers) is the leading lady along with January Jones and Will Forte.  At first, I almost didn't watch, because I hate post-apocalyptic humor.  For one, being a Christian, I find that a lot of the talk of "The Apocalypse" have been nothing but attempts to discredit the Bible and what is predicted to come.  I feel like they think by "making it a big joke" or something that seems extremely futuristic and impossible, that people won't take it seriously-- when for some of us-- it is a very real belief.  This belief does not include Zombies or a "Virus" and if we are around when it happens, it's not going to be a funny or an "easy" type of thing... But all seriousness aside, I like Kristen Schaal, and decided to watch a few episodes to see what it was all about.  In this series, some "virus"  has wiped out mankind, and for 2yrs, a man named "Phil Miller", thinks he's the only man left on earth (Will Forte)... So he travels (and Loots) America, looking for any other sign of life.  He spray paints "Alive in Tuscon" on buildings & bill boards, in case others would like to join him (should there be "Others") out there.

   It turns out, there are "Others" and the first person he meets is a quirky lady named Carol Pilbasian (Kristen Schaal). Eventually, you realize that a lot of people are slowly coming out of the woodwork (thanks to Phil's signs) and they start to form a small community.  Aside from the obvious misguided view of The Apocalypse, one of the biggest things that stuck out to me was their yearning and need for human interaction; and how much we take that for granted, right now.  I can't begin to tell you how often I get irritated by how self-involved, cell phone/social media obsessed we are.  Again- I do realize the irony, being that that I'm currently blogging on a social media blogging sight.  I try not to be "part of the problem", however.  Let's just go back to a time where we control technology, but it doesn't control us! It makes me sad how quickly we've taken real human interaction & relationship for granted.

   The show is pretty funny, however! Kristen Schaal is as witty as ever, and here sense of humor clearly shines through!  So far, we find out that Phil Miller is basically a huge jerk with a heart of gold.  We see how many more folks we meet. Check it out!

Favorite Goal:  Set a New Year's Resolutions!

    I have to write these down when I'm thinking about them, or they just slip by... But one of my New Year's resolution for 2016 will be to read all of the books I have in my house.  I'm a famous collector of books.  There's this feeling like, if you see an interesting book, you can't just leave it there on the shelf or on Amazon...Expecially with the invention of Kindles, there are just so many I want to read, but can't read fast enough.  And in the process of having so many books that I still need to read, I keep acquiring more books; books that I actually do read and books that I really want to read, lol. It's an endless cycle...

Favorite Controversy:  Cop, Ben Fields, Slams Girl; Gets Fired


   I'm so tired of stories like this... I think it brings out the ugliest things in humanity.  Because not only was this act a misuse of force and power, but now there are subsequent articles about how "the girl did it to herself" and "She shouldn't have been disrespectful with authority, etc"... While I agree that her "entitlement" issues and apparent disrespect may have played a role, and are not permissible, it irritates me that every time something happens, there's always a counter group defending the actions of the aggressor.  Why is it ok for certain people to get away with things, and others not... In this case, the cop lost his job-- which was not him getting away with anything, but you've got people out here saying that his firing was unjustified.  These are the same people who want to look the other way and not realize that a lot of things in this world are racially, socially, economically, and authoritatively motivated.  People like to stick their heads in the sand and only come out when something relatively reflects on them.  This is not only a "white/black" issue, but it seems  like those are the stories that make the headlines & infuriate  people more than anything, because the history of our country.  And it's funny how when when it happens to a certain type of person that doesn't fit the perceived "criminal" profile, that no one goes writing blogs and articles about how a victim is assaulted.  But if you don't fit the certain demographic, the public is not always a gracious.  I'm not defending either side on this, because both parties were in the wrong.  She shouldn't have behaved the way she did, but he shouldn't have thrown her around a public class room.  And I vow to do better to teach my kids (should I be blessed with them) so that hopefully, they'll always be treated with respect and dignity, and do the same for others.

Favorite Drink:  Starbuck's Frappula!

  So, I'm so excited to try the Starbucks' Frappula this evening!! I couldn't remember what the name of the "new" secret drink was, [and maybe I'm still wrong] and got a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino that was so lackluster.  So, I'm going to try my luck with this Frappula.  If there was another drink I was more interested in, I guess I'll have to do some research.  But this one sounds pretty tasty!  It's a blend of White Chocolate, chocolate mocha sauce and raspberry drizzle.  I'll let you know if it's worth the hype!!

Favorite Song:  Hello by Adele

   Adele does it again!!  Why is it that we have to wait so long between songs from artists who are actually talented?  I would love to hear something from Bruno Mars, but he hasn't had a record since Moonshine Jungle.  Tacky artists are a dime a dozen & are constantly putting stuff out.  But Adele knocks it out with this sentimental ballad.

Well Gotta go!  More next week! 


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