Monday, October 19, 2015

Lots O' Stories!

 Hello Friends,
   So... Long story... I had this blog in the making, last Friday-- but due to some unforeseen obligations, I was forced to stop Mid-Blog! (Can you believe it??) So, because I did all this hard work- I thought, "I'll just put it out Monday...They won't mind"... So, if you could just pretend it's Friday (like that's hard, right? lol) we can commence with the Blogging! 

Favorite New Show:  American Horror Story Hotel

    So far, I'm intrigued by the new season (and theme) of American Horror Story, but I'm also trying to figure out the point of it all.  We got a little more insight, last night about the history of the hotel, but I'm still trying to figure out what makes the hotel patrons cohesive.  I feel like this version (Hotel) seems a little more disjointed than the last season (AHS Freak Show).  With AHS Freak Show- they all had different abnormalities and different story lines that went into different directions-- but you could see that their continuity lay in the fact that they were all "freaks" and all a part of "the circus"... So far in Hotel, you've got a couple of Vampires... a "possible" Zombie or two, some random children who don't grow up, a few ghosts, a few older relics, and random drug addicts.  There's a sensation that you don't really know what decade  you're viewing or why you're viewing it.  While I'm trying to figure this out-- I can say that Lady Gaga is amazing in this show!  I hope she continues to pursue her acting, because she definitely has a knack for it.  Her pairing with Matt Bomer adds such a great component to the show. Sarah Paulson is also a genius in her role. I came to AHS late- and only saw most of Freak Show...So, I plan on catching up on the prior seasons. However,  it's intriguing & fun to watch during Halloween time!

Favorite Book:  Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

    I've been reading this, lately, and Mindy is still one of my favorite people on tv!  I think this book has a bit of a more "laid back" style than her first book [Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?].  It is similar,in the fact that it talks more about her work on The Mindy Project, while the former talked more about her upbringing and her work on The Office [tv show, 9 seasons].  I'm about 78% done with this book, and I'm really enjoying her anecdotes about her life and loves.  I still hope that one day, she ends up with actor, BJ Novak... I'll be so excited to read about how that finally comes together. 

Favorite Movie:  The Perfect Guy

  CAUTION:  This segment may contain SPOILER information.  If you haven't seen the movie, you may want to skip this part.  

     As with all popular movies, I waited to see this one.  Sadly, the lack luster reviews I heard from other folks turned out to be pretty on point.  To me, it's so frustrating to watch a movie that has so many of my favorite actors in it, yet it still flops because the story-line is dry, poorly written, or not produced well.  More frustratingly, I hate when you can get the whole gist of the movie, by just watching the trailer.  That was basically the case with this film.  I would've liked to see more of a progression between the time she was "smitten" with Carter (Michael Ealy) and the time that she realized he was bad news. It all felt very eerie and "fake" to me; I think this had a lot to do with the unnatural progression of their relationship, and also the musical score. She fell for him way too fast after breaking up with Dave (Morris Chestnut).  You would think that after 3yrs with someone, they would've met  your parents over some guy you just met a month ago... Aside from the basic information we got from the movie, this movie also broached some thought provoking undertones.  You could dissect the movie, and really pick out a few themes.  For one, I didn't love the theme that Leah (Sanaa Lathan) was with Dave for 3yrs (or maybe 5yrs? not sure) and was almost "punished" for trying to have a conversation with  Dave for marriage & breaking up with him for his non-commitment. I feel strongly against the idea that "just because a woman is a certain age, she should just "settle".  In this movie, Sanaa played an attractive, well-educated 36yrs old woman who still wanted kids & a husband.  She was in a  relationship with a man that was dragging his feet.  Although, I don't think a man should be given ultimatums or be forced into proposing, I think it's sad that as soon as she mentioned it, he got all bent out of shape about it.  Most men know what a woman wants out of a relationship within the first few weeks of dating her-- so being that he was years into it, and living with her it wasn't unreasonable for her to want to have a conversation about marriage & family life. 

    So she breaks up with him- and "a couple of months later" she meets this handsome man who is way too interested in her from the first interaction.  He goes from being this amazing (too good to be true) guy, to some kind of a creeper in 60 secs flat.  I think I would've enjoyed the movie had his "tendencies" unfolded slowly.  In the short time that they dated, she had not even been to his house, yet, she had him all up in her parents' house????  Then, after she unsuccessfully tries to rid herself from him, she goes crawling back to her ex (Dave)-- because "of course", going back to your Ex and all his hang-ups, is always preferential to staying single or finding a man more suitable for herself... (sarcasm) SMH.  So, she goes back to Dave, who still has his issues & hang-ups, and doesn't skip a beat, like nothing has happened. They have this "talk" on a side of a cliff that's supposed to be mending & healing for them-- but really, she was basically admitting she was "wrong" for wanting him to make a bigger commitment, but he just "missed her"... It was just lame, and characteristic to the fact that women have lowered their standards so much, that now we don't hold men to many standards.  

   Before I get on a rant and derail that train all the way... Another discussion point had to do with the law system.  There should definitely be stronger protection for preventive measures.  This woman goes to the police for help, and is basically given a few "basic" tips about dodging a stalker... They really didn't seem to take it seriously until things had already spun out of control... Instead of investigating the man initially & looking at his background & priors-- they basically ignored her until  people started coming up dead and it was clear that he was messing with her on a daily basis.  She had to take matters into he own hands and shoot the guy before they realized this wasn't just a typical dispute.  Sure- the police department doesn't have the time or resources to investigate every minor disturbance, but when someone comes to you repeatedly, things shouldn't have to turn into a homicide before someone starts paying attention.  

        Also, it brought up a few cultural issues as it relates to the law... Had this been a white woman being stalked by a white man, would she have gotten the same treatment by the police department?  If this were a white woman being stalked by a black man- would the police have responded the same way?  These were pretty middle-class/affluent black folks, too-- so an argument could also be brought about how the police may have responded should the scenario be changed (to include the above alterations), had they lived in a low-income neighborhood.  

    What I did like about this movie, was that it did kind of force you to think outside the box.  Most everything was predictable, but the real story and talking points are in the tertiary characters; relating to the story on a more realistic level.  It made me think of Marissa Alexander, who was (is?) incarcerated for defending herself against her ex-husband who was threatening her.  She fired a warning shot into the ceiling... No one was physically hurt... She actually has a carry & conceal license and had a clean record prior to this incident.  Yet-- she sits in a prison cell for defending herself?  It still doesn't make sense to me- but that is reality for you.  It made me think of all of the drama that "Leah" may have gone through, had she really shot Carter for intruding, in real life.  Would she be seen as the assailant, now that the real perpetrator was dead? I hate not knowing the answer to this.  I respect the police force [in theory] but the recent events that have transpired,  have seriously caused me to question how safe we really are, in America and what rights we really have.  

      Overall- the movie wasn't spectacular.  I wanted to go on "Cheap Ticket" night- but it wasn't playing in the theatre near me on that night, and at the theatre where I went, "cheap ticket night" had been the night before... It definitely wasn't worth my $11 to see it.... $19 if you include the concession stand.  But- the acting was good and it did provoke some good discussion on many topics.  I'd have to give it about 2.5 or 3 out of 5 stars.

Favorite Laugh:  Anaconda Vs. Erectile Dysfunction

  See you soon, loves!


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