Friday, October 23, 2015

Life is full of Phantasmagoria! (How many ways can YOU use it?) lol

   This week has been quite a week!  There have been ups & downs along with a phantasmagorical arrangement of events and circumstances... (I learned a new word & I'm trying to incorporate it, lol). Somehow, we managed! Here's what's been going on!

Favorite Youtube:  Mindy Kaling & BJ Novak at BookCon!

   I don't know if you'd have time to watch this (as it's almost an hour long) but it was pretty cute.  The whole time I'm thinking, "Please get back together, someday!"  They make such a great couple!  It's one of those times in life that you almost feel like "the world" loses out when people like that aren't together, anymore.  I think they will try and cross that bridge, again.  You can tell that there is great love between them. Apparently, they've just begun collaboration on a book about their relationship.  We'll see where that goes... Gotta love their chemistry!

Favorite Laugh:  The Cool Kids

   Most of the time, I don't feel this way... In fact, I take pride in the fact that most people still think I'm a College Kid... I can't tell you how many times I've been told that I look like I'm 23yrs or 25yrs old... But this MEME did make me laugh so much!

Favorite Movie:  AMY:  The Amy Winehouse Documentary Coming Soon to Retail!!!

   I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to own a copy of this, because it is kind of an "Indy" type film that might be hard to get.  My sister and I were blown away by how great this documentary was when we saw it in the theatre a month or so ago & we're ecstatic that we'll be able to purchase it or our own DVD Libraries!! Every Amy Winehouse fan needs to own this!  It comes out on Amazon Prime in November, and on DVD, Blu-Ray and other Digital Medias DECEMBER 1, 2015!!

Favorite Gripe:  Power Trips

    This is my "serious" problem, right now... For one, I'm no Lemming, so to "follow" others [at times] tends to be a problem for me, especially if I don't agree with their methods or rationale.  Lately, I've been subjected to various levels of "Power Tripping" within a certain community with which I'm affiliated & it's become so annoying to me, I'm not sure how much longer I will endure it.  I'm all for being a "team player"-- but not when half the team is benched & playing around.   My time is just as valuable as theirs, and it sucks when those who have the power to change things, don't, and in many cases, overlook the problems at hand.  It's even worse when there are minions that are terrible about helping to formulate ideas, and are simply "the messenger" of other people's poorly crafted ideas.  It's just frustating...  This is what happens when obsessive & passive aggressive personalities get together and form a power-tripping baby.

Favorite Book:  Grey by E.L. James

   For those of us FSOG fans, here's another book! A sequel, if you will. I do believe that this was probably an epilogue at the end of one of the books, but I just started reading it, and so far, the quality of writing far surpasses that of the trilogy.  I am actually one of the FSOG fans that didn't get all hung up about the "sex" in the book, simply because the story, itself, was so captivating!  It was suspenseful and full of twists and turns.  If you can get passed the excessive sex and bad grammar (in the first books) than you really got a chance to look into a world very different than what most of us have experienced.  Since I've worked with social services for almost 13yrs, now, I'm interested in the backstories of kids who have been involved in the system.  Christian's rememberances of his youth are very much like some of the stories I see every day, working in this field.  Grey is the re-telling of how Christian and Anastasia meet, from his prospective!  I can't wait to get further along into this book!

Favorite Song:  Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor & John Legend

   This song really speaks to my sentimental side.  Anyone who's ever been in love; or been in love that didn't last can possibly relate to this song.  I think, in all of us, there's always an element of ourselves that is lost when we lose someone; be it to death or when a relationship that was really meaningful to us, suddenly ends.  One thing I can say, though, is that I've been honest in all my relationships.  If they didn't work out, I was upfront about why.  I try to be honest without verbally eviscerating someone or tearing down their character.  But sometimes, people aren't right for you, even though a small piece of you is still with them & vice versa.  It's bittersweet.

Well, Take Care & have a great weekend!!



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