Friday, October 2, 2015

All About Roman...

Hi guys... Remember me?  Yes, I took an unexpected brief hiatus from blogging, but I didn't forget you guys!  There have been new happenings! Let me share:

Favorite Friend: Meet  Roman... My "Ratcha"!

   I had wanted a dog for so long, but up until the past  year, I had lived too far away from my job to comfortably have one.  I just thought it would be unfair to leave a dog in a crate for 10 - 12hrs a day, without being able to let him out.  This past year, I've moved closer to my job, and feel better about the distance. Also, I'm a "Big Dog" girl, at heart.  I went to great lengths to find a small dog I'd be compatible with.  For starters, I didn't want a "yapper".  I can't stand a dog who just barks because he likes to bark.  I've grown up with big dogs all my life, and even with 2 parents and 4 brothers & sisters, I'm not used to all the noise.  I also  wanted a nice dog who didn't have a "Diva" attitude. I wanted him to listen to commands and be housebroken.  I also didn't want to deal with a lot of fur or hair.  Grooming bills add up!  I also didn't want a punk dog.  (Lemme explain) I didn't want a dog that seemed fragile or was "nervous"or scared all the time.  I didn't want a dog that looked like it couldn't run or jump without breaking a leg. I wanted a sturdy little fella! And all of this needed to be 25lbs or less...  Basically, I was looking for a miracle, because all of those qualities in a small dog can be pretty hard to find.  Basically I wanted a miniature Bullmastiff (ha ha).


   So, imagine my surprise when I ended up with little Roman.. He's part Chihuahua part Rat Terrier (they believe)... The Designer Dog tastemakers call him a "Ratcha", for that reason.  The funny thing is, I didn't really want a Chihuahua or a Chihuahua mix.  Most Chihuahuas that I've come across were yappy, anti-social and mean.  Roman is NONE of those things.  He's so sweet, he listens pretty well (even though he can be stubborn at times) and the is pretty quiet.  He's not a huge barker, which is amazing for an apartment dweller.

     I adopted Roman from SICSA, because I'm a huge believer in adopting an animal over buying one from a pet shop.  There are so many good pets that are in need of good homes, and way too many pet shops who support Puppy Mills.  Many of these Puppy Mills are not reputable breeders, and use inhumane practices for manufacturing animals.  A lot of the time, the mothers are bred repeatedly, littler after litter without reprieve, until they just can't anymore, then they are just left to die. It's so sad.  So, this is my little PSA to support your local shelters/rescues and steer clear of pet shops!

   I have always been a huge fan of wrestling, so I thought it would  be fun to give my dog a cool "Wrestling name".  So, I picked out 4 of my favorite wrestler names (I couldn't decide between the 4) and put the names in envelopes.  Then, I put a treat on each one, and let my new pup pick his name... The choices were "Phoenix", "Roman", "Kane", and "Randy".  He picked "Roman".  I really struggled the most between Roman and Phoenix, and I thought he looked more like a Phoenix... So, I tried to call him Phoenix,  But... He doesn't respond to that at all, lol. So, Roman it is, after one of my favorite (and hottest wrestlers) Roman Reigns!

Roman Reigns
(Twinsies, right? lol)

More things about Roman:

Birthday:  August 19, 2013

Age:  2yrs old

Favorite Toy:  Used to be a plush Monkey, before he killed it. Right now it's a squeaky plush Otter and a plushy elephant. (He loves the squeaky plush toys)

Favorite Food:  IAMs and treats! Especially the kinds shaped like little cuts of beef or steak.

Favorite Shirt:  Roman prefers to be naked... but I think he likes his sweater that keeps him warm.  Plus, he's a "Fall"...

Favorite Pastime:  Taking walks by the pond by our house & chasing the ducks/geese that like to congregate on the pond. Also playing with his squeaky plushy toys. He will entertain himself if playtime is over for me! lol

Favorite Friends:  Bailey, Bently, and DJ. Although, we might be in a fight with DJ...

Favorite Place to Sleep:  Wherever I am :) He's such a snuggler!!

Favorite Reality Show:  I Am Cait

*** This portion of the blog was written after the first episode of I Am Cait... I saved it for my next blog, before hiatus. I didn't realize hiatus would be so long... But I didn't want to scrap the article, because I think it's good info. :) - T

        I had reservations about watching this show for a few reasons. One of the reasons, was because i wasn't sure that I wanted to be "Kardashianed" anymore in life than we already are.  I used to be a fan, but after awhile, it just seemed like they were these entirely vapid human beings, who I didn't want to give my precious tv time.  But, I'm a curious learner, by nature- and I thought, "Maybe, this might be the only chance I'll have to see a person enter into this transgender lifestyle from the beginning.  I was already familiar with Bruce from when I used to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, and I thought he had a lot of common sense... That is, until he turned into Caitlyn, lol.  Caitlyn is in for a rude awakening if she wants to be some kind of "Spokesperson" for the LGBTQ community.  I was hoping that Bruce would come into being Caitlyn with grace and dignity, but so far, he's shown that he might've been almost as superficial as his Kardashian Kounterparts... How arrogant do you have to be to jump into an issue where you're uneducated, yet still claim to want to be a spokesperson for that particular community? The second show of the documentary shows some Transgender women being super patient, when you can tell they were offended by Caitlyn's candor.

      Caitlyn comes to them with a few books she's read under her belt and the luxury of superfluous wealth to spend on the finest plastic surgeons, but with no real knowledge of what the issues that plague that community.  Those transgender women were clutching their pearls at some of the things coming out of Caitlyn's mouth.  They all went down to an HRC (Human Resource Center) to meet "real women" (no double-entendre intended, lol)  to talk about the issues within the community. It became very clear that Caitlyn's financial status put a definitive wedge between her ever being a real spokesperson, if she doesn't take the time to educate herself and humble herself to realize that most trans-people aren't as publicly embraced or financially fortunate as she is & don't have the socio/economical status to make things comfortable for them throughout life.

      Overall, it's elitist and egregious for her to attempt to become some kind of icon within that community, without having the foggiest idea what the threats are, even on the most rudimentary level.  It seems that if I were in Bruce/Caitlyn's shoes, and I felt that I was a gender-variant individual, you'd think that I'd at least know what the basic threats to my community are ... As a black Christian woman, I'm well aware of the threats & concerns of my community and it's incredibly disappointing to realize that she/he has not done any research or kept up to date on the concerns. If you say something is a part of who you are, and has been for years, why would you be so disconnected? Well, these Transgender people didn't give a pass on his/her ignorance.  They call Caitlyn out, and I agree that they have every right to question someone who claims to want to represent them, especially with the notoriety and infamous "Kardashian-Jenner" reputation/ that proceeds her.  As a straight biologial woman- I'm not in this community, yet I seemed to be more versed about those issues than Caitlyn does... I hope their community gets her together, because it's going to be a rude awakening for Bruce/Caitlyn if they do not.

Favorite Laugh/Rant:   Standards

     I mean, we really need to be raising our standards in society, now.  We're just getting worse and as a result of getting worse, we're also accepting worse from people. I actually saw a window decal that said "Legalize Murder"... Really?  For some reason, it seems like people fail to have standards, because people seem to believe that by engaging your own standards, its some kind of infringement on other people's rights.  Why is that? If you are offended by other people's standards, then change your own standards or choose to view theirs differently!  If someone else is making you feel inferior about your standards, that's your problem, not theirs.  Because they choose to live their life differently than you, does not mean they're judging you, either.  I think that's the root of the problem.  People rather become offended by you upholding your standards, than to just fine tune their own...

    I think the bigger problem is that people don't really have standards... If you were secure in your standards (or actually had some), you wouldn't care what other people's standards were; their standards would just be parallel to yours, not greater or less.  And before anyone makes the fine point that I was judging the "Legalize Murder" person for having that as their window decal... I think we can mostly agree that some things should be judged, and that there's a general sense of moral structure (that is unfortunately on the verge of collapsing) that most of us live by...and Murdering folks legally would be on the list of things most people would say are in bad taste... amiright, amiright?

That concludes this week's blog!  I just wanted to share Roman with you guys, and to send a little shout out.  I would've written more.,, but Roman's stuff took up a lot.  But I wouldn't have it another way.  Roman is a joy to have in my home.  

Have a Wonderful Weekend, ya'll!


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