Friday, July 31, 2015

The Struglife- Blogging is for Real

       To be honest, it's been really hard trying to blog the last few weeks... I've actually had some of these things posted since July 17, but aside from the time commitment it takes to do a blog, I've also had to check my feelings about some of the things that are going on in the world, right now... I don't want my blog to become a constant drear-fest. However, I don't want to ignore the more serious issues in life... Like, how there has been an increasing amount of police brutality, and although Dylann Roof will not succeed in causing an all-out Race war, he has definitely helped in getting a lot of things exposed about the "America" we live in; He has caused both positive & negative talks about race... Our need for a spiritual, economical, social, educational and racial restoration has become more evident than ever.  My prayer is for us to have fair discussions about the state of our country.  Some folks want to live so far away from reality; We have become a society that is used to deluding ourselves so much, that nothing we "don't agree with" actually exists. Everyone lives as if their lives & lifestyle are the only ones that matter... It's sad... But I do have some fun things to talk about. Here they are!!

Favorite Movie:  Amy (the Amy Winehouse Documentary)

      My sister and I saw this documentary about one of our favorite artists, Ms. Amy Jade Winehouse. I absolutely expected it to be a conglomeration of several interviews that I've already seen, neatly woven into a visual tapestry of Amy's life... What I found it to be, was far more than that! If you loved Amy Winehouse, you'll LOVE this documentary.  It was the realest, rawest, most touching documentary I've seen in a very long time.  What I liked most about it, was that it was not "spun in any biased direction" [ as my sister put it, so eloquently].   I read Mitch Winehouse's (Amy's Dad) book, which moved me &I  loved, but this documentary tells an entirely different perspective.  His book lead readers to believe that he was such a "doting" father and his daughter's best friend... The documentary exposes otherwise.  His greedy nature was revealed.  There were moments that made my heart hurt for her, because you could just see the darkness and sadness in her eyes.  Mitch seemed to blame a lot on her relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil, negating the fact that he had tried to use Amy as a personal cash cow and crutch to try and build his own fame.  Along with the fact that the documentary took such a personal direction in it's production, we also got to experience very exclusive home videos & never seen before footage.  This documentary exploded far beyond my expectations. You've just gotta see it!!

Favorite Suspense:  In 3 More Episodes.... PLL Face 2 Face Finale... 

   Ok, guys & gals... It's almost time for the Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liars... and I have to say, I'm a little skeptical about it all... My friends & I get together every Tuesday night to watch PLL, and after the last "Big A Reveal" we have become somewhat skeptics that we'll ever actually find out who "A" is, lol. The LAST thing that should've happened, was for us to finally think they were going to tell us who "A" is, and it ends up being a character we've never heard or or met before [ahem, Charles DiLaurentis]...  Finding out that "Charles DiLaurentis" is "A" was the equivalent to us finding out that "A" was "A.   Apparently, we're supposed to find out in 2wks... We'll See...

Favorite Exercise Time:  Zumba w/Amy & Renecia! 

         Many of you know, I HATE working out... There are many things about it I find annoying.  I'm not a fan of being sweaty, I hate being out of breath when I move, I hate that I rather be doing other things... The ONE highlight of my 5-day/wk regime is that I get to do Zumba with Amy & Renecia [and also one of my besties, Destiny].  I recorded just a little bit of one of my favorite routines, just so you can get a taste of the energy in that class.  I wish it was more than just 1 day a week. It'd be so much more enjoyable...but with such great teacher, I'll take what I can get.  The colored Strobe lights are reason enough to go!

Favorite (2) Beauty Finds:  OGX 30-Day Brazilian Keratin Therapy

          As many of you know, I've recently overcome one of the last hurdles in my depression.  Unfortunately, one of the side-effects of depression can be hair loss.  Well, My situation wasn't entirely biological.  It had to do with the actual physical effort it takes to take care of my hair-- which can be extensive.  Curly hair is so much harder to maintain than straight hair-- and I can say that if you just "quit" on your curly hair or don't bother to treat it well, you will have a rude awakening... Suffice all that to say, since my depression is over, I've been more interested in repairing some of the damage I did to my hair & body.  A friend of mine suggested this AMAZING line called Organix (Ogx) products.  This 30-day Keratin treatment did WONDERS for my hair! It's generally used as an alternative to relaxing your hair, as well, which I'll gladly do instead.  I can't believe how healthy my hair feels, now, after what it was like just a few months ago.  I'm absolutely in love with it! It feels so soft & smooth and so much healthier than it was before I began.  My sister also suggested a really great Shampoo & Conditioner by Mizani that ha totally rocked my hair's world! I went from thinking I might have to cut all my hair off, to realizing just how long, strong & great my hair still is! Some of the bald patches that were starting have reversed & are starting to fill in again... I think I may have saved it!

(Products I used:)
Olaplex No.3 Reconstructor (professional)
Mizani Oil Shampoo/oil conditioner 
Ogx 30-Day Keratin Treatment
Ogx Coconut Butter/ Coconut Milk Oil/ Anti-Breakage Serum

(2)  Hair Color

    These are the fun colors I chose for my hair! The one on the left is Garnier's Color Styler.  This one is a little tricky if you have any kind of "ethnic hair" texture.  Since I'm naturally curly, but wear my hair straight, it was uncertain as to exactly when I'm supposed to put on the color.  It's a liquid paint that coats your hair with a clay-like seal. It looks great, but it feels like your hair is super-dry when you put it in.  If you have darker hair, like me, you have to put so much on, that your hair starts to curl again... It was a tricky thing, but I figured it out.  You can put it on your hair, let it dry, (after it' been flat-ironed) then flat iron it  again after it dries. It will be super dry, but don't panic.  If you want good curls, you can put your hair in sponge rollers overnight.  My curling iron didn't do as great of a job curling the painted hair, but sponge curlers worked wonderfully.   It' supposed to last through 2-3 washes , but I suspect mine won't even last that long. It tends to come out if you use oil products, a I do.


     The other is Chroma Lights Spray Color.  It's ok, but it feels like you have to use half the can in order to get good color (for darker hair).  I might do that one next week!  Chroma Lights is probably better for your hair in the long-run, too.  You just spray and hair spray to seal in the color.  Fun, Fun! 
Favorite Laugh:
  POF (Plenty of Fish)

       Can I just say, that I've got a love/hate relationship with the idea of online dating sites.  In some capacity, it can be a great resource to people, like myself, who have limited local social circles; especially limited social circles of single people.  As you get into your 30's it's a bit more difficult  to "go out and do things" where the intent is to meet someone, simply because when you go out w/your married friends their intent isn't looking for single available men (let's hope so, at least).  So, being that I'm interested in a relationship, now (finally! lol) I decided to check it out.  The HATE part of the equation, is that I often find that there's a whole new bag of tricks that comes with online dating.  Half the time people aren't what they're like online-- people can edit themselves and make themselves appear to be amazing online-- then you meet them & they're a dud or their personality or looks are vastly different than what you saw online.  -Or- They want to have too many personal exchanges upfront with little to no effort. Can we exchange a few emails first, or agree to meet up at a specified location, before I go giving you my phone number, address & social security number, please??? One of the issues with giving your number out to someone you've met online, is that they still have your number if you've gone out with them and find you're not interested... Maybe someone can invent an App where if you don't want someone to have your number anymore, you can push the App and it will delete it from their phone if you're within range of a cell phone tower. I think that's an AMAZING idea- no one steal that!  Then you could give out your number freely, without worrying about all the subsequent calls you'll get when you've told him you're not interested, and he persistently continues to call-- or if he decides to put you on his carousel of women that  he only calls if he is bored, lonely, or hungry... I'm a freak'n genius! No one steal my idea!

Favorite Buy:  Veggietees

    I saw Carole Radziwill wear this on Real Housewives of New York, and I have to get one!! It was just so cute, and exactly the kind of cheeky humor I need to get through my day!

Well- I hope this satisfies your need for Miseducation! LOL I'm hoping that I'll be able to continue to share with you all, my thoughts on life & Pop culture! Have a great weekend!