Friday, June 19, 2015

Tears for Charleston

Biggest Tragedy:   Charleston Shooting


     I posted the above MEME on my social media page regarding this, and it was a little more snarky & less explanation for what I really meant. So, I wanted to just say it in my own words, so there's no confusion.  Our world still has plenty of Race Issues.  Read this article that explains so much... and guess what? It's written by a Caucasian gentleman who gets the plight of Americans of color.  The sad part is, the more we ignore & get defensive about it the more things get worse or stay the same. When you put your head in the sand and say things like "don't make everything black & white"... etc it's basically running away from the issue that people of color are still framed differently in America-- either for good or bad. Part of it is the fault of the minority for times where "the Race Card" was played during a time when something wasn't actually racist or riots are incited for negative reasons (it's broadcast entirely differently when it goes on at sporting events...but I digress)

      Dylann Roof went out and slaughtered 9 people who were in a Bible Study.... Reading, praying & singing... His motives were absolutely racist.,, His friend that was interviewed even said that it was racially motivated... Yet you have folks who immediately try to blame it on a "Mental Disorder" & "Drugs"... You've got a judge calling Roof's family "victims" in a room full of the church  victims; absolutely inconsiderate... And instead of outrage, I see a) minimizing b) condolence & sympathy c) passiveness d) excuses... e) silence... f0 Some outrage...

        The problem is, the verbiage is changing.  The media tries be a little more "discreet" about what exact words they use, now. People don't even realize that they're being tricked into perpetuating stereotypes & prejudices. The "N-word" has been replaced by words like "Thug and Terrorist". Quick- what image pops into your mind when someone says "thug or terrorist"??  Raise your hand if you thought "Black & Asian Indian/Muslim"... Good for you if it wasn't- but I would have to say that even people of color have those same images, because those are the pictures you see when talking about "thugs & terrorists"...

     Instead of eliminating the N-word from our vocabularies, people are assigning new meanings to old words. You do that by throwing certain words around certain situations, and minimally using them in others.., (that's why I posted the MEME)...The media needs to call ANYONE who does such heinous crimes the same words & describe them with the same passion & disgust, not make excuses for them or blame another issue. Even when riots happen, all people want to talk about are the businesses and vandalism.... Not the quiet pacifism that occurred days before or the life/lives taken. Not that I agree with rioting, but people seem to ignore the fact that rioting is a direct result of injustice. The problem is, the media doesn't want to show it UNLESS there's commotion.  It was boring for them to do coverage on groups of folks doing peaceful protests for days on end, but as soon as people started busting stuff up, they paid it attention.There is not equal attention to equal crimes.  Injustices where there is video/audio evidence of someone being compliant, yet somehow they still get killed? Those things are swept under the rug, explained away, and police records drawn up to try to further criminalize the deceased.

        Everyone wants to look at civil rights injustices as a thing of the past, but even then, people weren't acknowledging what was really going on.  In the documentary "White Like Me", they interview a woman (from 1957, I believe) who "couldn't understand why the Negroes were so angry..."  They didn't have the same opportunities, were hung, were segregated, spit on, fought housing biases, killed, publicly humiliated and had dogs sent on them... but "she didn't know why they were angry"... SMH

      I do believe that in general, people want to live in a color blind society. One day, it might be true, but it won't be until people start playing on an even field.  The worst enemy of our society when it comes to race issues is to ignore that they even exist & to pretend that everything is just random or coincidence.  No- it's not all of [any race] who should pay for the crimes of individuals. There are many White people, Latino people, Black, Jewish, Greek, Italian people I love across the board... But at the end of the day, we'll never be able to grow if people continue to stay blind to the subtle ways that keeps this kind of thing current news instead of a thing of the past. I have a family, and it's entirely frightening to think that my brothers or sisters or parents could befall such a fate, simply because of their skin and another's sin.

Here's an honest statement from a lady I respect... She's not ignoring the problem or trying to quiet people's outrage.  She's not trying to explain things away.  She's just being honest and at least admitting that this is hard for everyone... It's this kind of honesty & acknowledgement that moves the nation.

I am afraid to talk about racism for fear of doing it wrong.
I'm afraid I'll start a conversation I'm not prepared for, afraid I'll misuse the language of privilege and oppression, afraid I'll offend someone.
But I'm not afraid I'll be murdered on the street, or shot at the park, or slaughtered in a Church for the color of my skin... So it's been easy to stay quiet.
To be honest, I still don't know what to say, but I can't keep saying nothing while my neighbor is terrorized by Hate and Violence. I was born white, but not silent.
Racism exists. I won't ignore it.
I won't ignore YOU.

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