Friday, May 15, 2015


  I promise... this post isn't all gripes... but it's just some of the things that have been happening, this week.  Aaa... I'm so glad it's the weekend!

Favorite Site:

        Ok, I promise- I'm not going to become one of those annoying people where all they do is talk about going to the gym.  I'm not going to Oprah out on you, here-- but I did want to pass some information along. In the past (before being depressed for 4yrs) I used to help  with my weight loss needs. I absolutely had a lot of fun losing weight on this site. I recently got back into it, and it's the best site around.  The BEST thing about it, is that it's absolutely FREE!! It has goals, rewards, social media, all kinds of trackers & progress report spreadsheets, recipes, meal plans helpful tips, videos, community support, articles, exercise videos, other videos, Spark Coaches, games,  prizes, blogs and EVEN actual estimated dates where you should be around your goal weight, according to any progress or pitfalls you may have... Like, In July 2015, you could go from this weight to another It's AWESOME! Everything in the world you could possibly need to lose weight the healthy way is on this site.  It may take awhile to get adjusted to all of the features of the site- but the reason it has so many, is so you can pick and choose what works for you. Losing weight is different for everyone. If you didn't read, my blog from last week (Attack of the Body Shamers) talked about just a small percentage (in my opinion) of people who are all headed for the same goal- but have different ways of doing it. This is an AWESOME site.  Check it out! 

Favorite Pain in the Butt:  Chub Rub 

   So one of the crappy things about starting a work out routine, regularly, again, is the reoccurring chub rub.  The lady above has probably never experienced this, but being a lady who's always had thick thighs, this is a common problem. After a few weeks, it goes away & you can resume running problem-free... but for the first couple of weeks, you start doing the cowboy stroll, as you try to press on towards your goals.  Right now, A&D Ointment is my friend. I just discovered that this is a new "invention" to help combat this problem (below). I called it the "Chubberband" but this company decided that Bandelettes was a much more feminine name. I wonder if they work...   This is actually a little low, for where I need them, but you know... it's a cute idea, lol.

Favorite Thing that Pissed me Off:  Fox CANCELLED Mindy!!

    They did it to me again!! One of THE BEST shows on Tv got cancelled. I absolutely love this show, and have no idea how they came to this decision. Apparently, Hulu has picked it up-- but it sucks, because I'm a girl who likes to watch television shows on her TELEVISION!! I don't get how a comedy show gets 3 (I think) awards, and still gets cancelled. It's not even in the same genre as something like Scandal or The Walking Dead. Not only did they quit one of my favorite shows, they cancelled it right after finding out that Mindy is Pregnant. This is not the first time they've messed with my Mindy. I hate it.  The season before last, they teased us. After waiting months for a new season, we were blessed with 3 episodes... 3 EPISODES! Now this??? It was just a funny show. So bummed about this cancellation.

Favorite Gripe:  Smartphones are Ruining Our Lives...

      I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with technology.  I found an article that spoke volumes to me you can check it out (here).  Don't get me wrong, I love the convenience & entertainment of technology... but what I'm NOT loving is how obsessed people are with it, now. I draw the line when it comes to when I'm actually spending time with people.  Some folks are so rude. I don't even think they realize how rude it is-- but one of my biggest pet peeves is when you're having a conversation with someone, and they just start scrolling their phone... If they're looking for something for you or in relationship to what you're talking about, that's totally different... but you wouldn't believe how many times people just start browsing their facebook or texting someone. It's serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). You can just look around in a crowded places... places where people used to talk to each other and get to know people. Men used to notice women... women used to notice men... People had higher self esteems & actually enjoyed spending times with friends and family, because every event they did didn't have to be broadcast-ed for social media.  Social media definitely has it's place- but it just makes me so sad and sick how it seems to be replacing relationships with actual people...who are standing in front of right now... Take control of your devices, people- don't let your devices control you.  I just had to get a new phone, because my phone carrier made a mandatory upgrade, and the first thing I did was to go through and minimize all the ways I'm "connected" to others. Seriously- no one needs THAT much access to you...  So sad. Look at these pictures, and tell me what you think.  You tell me if we have a problem...

Favorite Song:  18 Wheeler by P!nk (Missundaztood
     I love this song! It's motivation for so many of the things I need to do!  Mainly to get my butt moving... This is a great CD, by the way. Another one of my favorites is Misery feat. Stephen Tyler.  I just know it was an honor for her to work with him- and likewise, he probably loved working with her.

Well, I have to get going.  I have things to do... places to run (in place, ha ha), and to just generally get the heck out of dodge! lol 

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