Friday, April 24, 2015

"Screw You, Caitlyn!"

   So glad this week has come to an end! There is a bed with my name on it, some movies that need to be watched,  some books that need to be read, and some sunshine that needs to be basked! Check out this week, with Tiffani Sharice! :)  

Favorite Pet Peeve:  Early Morning... anything! 

    Before we get into the good good, I have to vent about my House Church sending me early morning texts… People- It’s really not my thing. I literally think someone died if anyone texts me before 9am… It just doesn’t make for a very good start to my day… 7:30am is not my “Holiest” part of the day… So imagine my dissatisfaction when I was woken up by 4 group texts from Caitlyn about what she was reading in her Bible that morning… and then 2 subsequent texts from other respondents… “Oh, thank you Caitlyn, thank you…" “Thanks, Caitlyn, you’ve blessed me this morning”…and I was like “Screw you, Caitlyn, screw you!!”  I mean seriously- I am making a point to request that they keep the encouragement between 9am-9pm... I think it's common courtesy, don't you??? I will ask for forgiveness later, but you can be sure it’ll be after 9am... 

Favorite Music:  P!NK

   Can I say... that I'm back in love w/P!nk!!! I was a huge fan in 2000 when her first album Can't Take Me Home came out & literally was my theme album for that year... and upon discovering that she's recently made a folk album (See last week's blog; Rose Ave).  I am just so proud of how strong she is, the example she sets (as far as self esteem, confidence, realness, etc...).  Seeing where she started & the path she was headed, to where she is now literally brought me to tears.  I might be the only woman in the world who has ever cried while watching a video of Lady Marmalade, lol.  P!nk represents a lot of what I believe in- as far as artistry & independence. I don't necessarily agree with everything she does, but love how versatile she is, and how she expresses herself. She's a REAL artist.

Favorite Book:  BossyPants by Tina Fey

     I had to take a break from Sidney Chambers, my favorite English Vicar/Sleuth... His stories are just super long and intense reading... I mean, you really have to be committed to reading about his mysteries.  Books should make you feel like you never want to put it down, but reading this one, I fear your wish might become a reality, lol.  

   So- I picked up BossyPants for some light reading!  It really is a quick read. The first time I picked it up, I read half the book in one sitting.  I've picked it up a few times since, and have hit a bit of a boring snag-- but mainly, I just started reading too late & started falling asleep. So- Tina's book is really interesting. I love reading about folks & their upbringing. It really helps you to get  sense of who they are. Not to mention, I laughed so many times, and that's always a bonus if the book makes you laugh! Check it out!

***  Update:   I finished BossyPants***
       I don't know how she would've gone about it... but I really enjoyed the entire book, outside of her SNL/30 Rock parts of the book... Maybe if I were a bigger fan of those shows, I would appreciate them more- but the biggest parts I enjoyed were of "Tina" being "Tina"... When she talked about her family & growing up and the family she has now, those are the parts I found most fascinating. Overall, I liked 3/4ths of the book a lot and 1/4 not so much... 

Favorite Crush:  Judge Michael J. Ryan

         He might just be the Idris Elba of judges, lol... I was approached by a local non-profit agency to participate in their Foster Care Conference that they're having in June. One of the speakers on the ballot is none other than honorable Judge Michael Ryan.   I read his bio & he has such a compelling story.  He came from many hardships... an abusive step-father and a drug addicted mother.  He went to so many high schools (11) in the inner city, and according to many stereotypes and statistics, there was a strong possibility he wasn't going to be a success... but he overcame those odds, and has a book (that I guess I'm going to have to read, now, lol) to tell about it.  Judge Ryan is married (unfortunately,lol) and lives in Cleveland, OH with his wife and two kids.  He is some eye-candy, though, ain't he?

Favorite Fashion Obsession:  Kimonos!!

      I'm pretty obsessed with these things! Kimonos are a fantastic way to dress up a solid or "basic" wardrobe.  Sometimes you just want a quick & easy outfit and this is it!  It also helps to "cover up" flaws or to effortlessly add color and style to your outfit. Being that Coachella just happened, I thought this would be a great feature!  Most people are wearing them with tanks and jean shorts with "Indy" or Aztec jewelry-- but you can actually wear them so many ways. You can belt them around a shift dress, you, wear them with jeans, over a dress, or even as a cover-up at the beach/pool.  It's also an easy way to try a "loud print" that you may be hesitant to wear, because you can wear solid colors! Take a hint from the Golden Girls & really let your flow show!

Favorite TV Show:  Mary Mary

    I'm loving Mary Mary, right now!  I used to be sickened by Tina & Teddy's new found "Love" but now, I think they're really back to a "normal" mush-free love...  I don't mind PDA, but they really needed to chill a minute. I understand that their love was renewed after infidelity in their marriage, but if someone could tone down the gak factor, I'd really appreciate it!  The biggest thing I love about this show, though-- was that when Tina was able to sit down and really testify about what she's been through, I felt it was a monumental thing for the Christian Community.  I think it says a lot when Christians are able to admit their short-comings and flaws. I love that neither sister puts on a "front" like they're so "holier than thou"... I think that's the message the world misses from Christians. We're not "perfect". We are sinners saved by grace. We are people who believe and are humbled by the sacrifice that Jesus made. It's humility that so many folks still need. You miss the mark when you are so "Christian" that you can't say anything God has done for you, because everything in your life is "Perfect... blessed... highly favored..." and all other "Christian-ese" that folks try to portray.  I love that Tina's story is real. She showed real emotions. She didn't have this little story where a speck of "sin" fell into her life, and she was so devout & holy that Jesus took it away & she was better right away... She shows the real life... how we struggle everyday... and for those of us who have really felt depressed or been severely devastated or hurt by someone else- it's not always easy to Praise Him.  Sometimes, it's just baby steps.  You learn so much through travesty-- and some beautiful things come from being broken, sometimes...

Anywy- that's it for this week! I'm starting my weekend early! Let me know what you think in my comments below! And if you're brave enough to subscribe, I will too! :0) 


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