Friday, April 17, 2015

Learning From Your Past... Meet Young Tiffani...

  This week, I've been experiencing this amazing rebirth of myself.  I know God's been leading me to really discover & rediscover some things about myself, in order for me to me grow. It's been super amazing, really.  Other than that, I've been enjoying this Spring Weather (when my allergies allow me to, lol) Here's what I've been up to this week:

Favorite Past Time:  Reading My Diaries Circa 1991-1999

   From my life-long promise & vow  to always love New Kids on the Block, to what was going on with my friends, the boys I liked, and even a diagram of the Girl Pop Band I was creating with my friends... I got so much from picking up a diary from 1991.  I was a 5th Grader at Valley Forge elementary, even though I actually had been writing on and off 2yrs prior.  I'm pretty sure I ripped pages out so that I could have a "fresh start..." But in 1991, at 10yrs old, I was really starting to be consistent in writing, and I'm so thankful that I found my love for this early. As you can see- it's stuck with me.

     What I didn't expect is to really re-learn some things about myself.   For one, Little Tiffani had guts! I mean, I'm still pretty gutsy now, but little Tiffani forged her way through life with an independence that is pretty rare in elementary, middle & high schools.  I stood up for my friends, didn't "follow the crowd" when I disagreed with it, and I had my own opinions. I was taught to be an individual, so I guess that's why I don't always relate to this generation of "followers" and people who get validation from getting "Likes" online, etc... I'm proud of young Tiffani for being that way...

   I also realized something else about myself, as well.  I'd rather be stabbed through the heart, than stabbed in the back... I saw on a few occasions where I confronted someone about what they planned to do to me behind my back-- i.e. in my Freshman Year of High School, a "friend" who was going to go behind my back and date the guy I had been flirting with for 6mos.  Looking back, I should've told that heffa to kick rocks, because that's not what friends do. But instead, I wrote her a letter saying  to "go ahead", in order to save our friendship from her betrayal... My mindset was, he'll date her if he wants to. At the time, even though we were just flirting w/each other, I had no "rights" to him per se. He'll choose who he wants, you know?  But for me, as much as I hated the fact that she was going to go for it, I hated more that she was going to do it behind my back. Calling her out on it was a way of controlling my pain, I guess... insulting my intelligence (thinking I don't know) was a double slap in the face. It's funny, though- because that's kind of still "my style". I really do like to lay things on the table... However, now I'm old enough to realize that if someone is going to do that to you, forget them, no matter how long you've been friends.  Even though it may be "Chicks before D***"- as the expression goes, it's not about that at that point- it's about your integrity & respect for yourself.  Some friends aren't worth keeping around.

   Ultimately, I'm just super proud about how I've grown up. Sure, I've made a lot of mistakes, and was naive to certain things... Sure I read some things that had me horrified for little Tiffani (like some of the things a boy asked me to do to him, when I was only 13yrs old!! I didn't even know I knew what those things were, then! lol So glad I had enough class to turn him down...)... But overall, I'm glad that I had guts. I 'm glad I had a good head on my shoulders. And, I'm glad that I was an individual & ignorant of the things that, that [according to my peers] I should've been afraid of doing. I also learned that 1990's music, particularly Salt N Pepa, did me WRONG!!! What in the world?: Don't use that slang, kids, it's so embarrassing! LOL

Favorite Music:  P!NK  Rose Ave. (album)

     This album has solidified my respect for P!NK as an artist! I loved her when she made her debut into the musical world with her first album,  Can't Take Me Home- a sexy R&B Album that was in constant rotation on my radio... Soon after, her Soul/R&B style morphed into a super hyped up Sk8ter Chic/ Rocker feel, and she gave us quirky, fun, funky upbeat Girl power music! Who can forget her funny and semi-sardonic music videos?  And now... she's brought us this gem! It's full of folk music, a whole new side of P!NK.  To me, there's nothing better than an artist who is super-versatile! Check it out!

Favorite Video:   This Couple's Pregnancy Announcement

   I haven't made it to this point in my life, but I'm hoping that when & if that time comes, that I'd be able to come up with something equally as creative!  These are the types of things I love. I don't know if they're the original [it's the first I've seen] but it's a moment that they'll remember forever! I'm excited for them, and I have no clue who they are. I love to see couples who really have fun together! This was just so cute! Congratulations to them!

Favorite Controversy:  Beverly Hills Housewives Season Finale

     As this season came to a close, we saw a very emotionally volatile reunion, especially between Kyle & Kim Richards (pictured above).  There is a lot of deep seated pain and resentment between the two sisters that really needs to be discussed, probably with a counselor.  I think ultimately, Kim needs to let go of jealousy & resentment-- two things that, if left to their own devices, can really tear a human down. I think that she's jealous of Kyle's life. Kyle seems to "have it all"- with the attractive husband who loves her, all the kids, a beautiful house, she & her husband have money, she can be a housewife & has a store simply as "a hobby"-- a lot of folks like her & she is younger than Kim. Meanwhile, Kim has had a steady stream of bad choices, relationships, and now substance abuse.  I also think Kyle "Mothers" Kim, and Kim resents it, being the older of the two. Hopefully, Kim will be able to get herself together... but you can't fix what you don't acknowledge... So, maybe this will be the reality check she needs... and maybe she'll apologize to Lisa Rinna for calling her out, in the first place.

That's it for this week! I'm still reading Sidney Chambers, which is great, but I can't wait until I've finished it! The chapters are seriously long! What're you up to? Leave comments/questions below! 



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