Friday, March 27, 2015

This Week... Next!

What a week!  I'm not going to lie... this week had several disappointing components, but I am still looking on the bright side of things.  Life is about hills and valleys, I guess... I just wish that at times, it wouldn't seem so much of one or the other, at one point... Here's what happened... 

Favorite Flop:  Pretty Little Liars "Big A Reveal"...

   When solving a mystery, the key component you need is information, right? Pretty Little Liars produced an amazing show this week, until the main part we were all waiting for!  My friends and I did a money pool ($1/guess) for who we thought the real "A" was... We made up a PLL Bingo... we drank alcohol out of coffee cups and made a big deal about this! Can you imagine our upset when, once again, we were bamboozled by the show??? Some of the fan-girls who have no lives will get online & say things like, "if you read the blogs, if you watched the commercials, if you would've stalked the home page..." then you would've known x-y-z... The problem is, I know I don't like doing all that, because PLL isn't my life, and two, for a tv show, it should be enough just to watch the tv show! Some of us don't want to accidentally run into a spoiler.  You shouldn't have to do research to be able to be in the "know" about a show. I encountered this when PLL had their Halloween Special, and I expressed my disappointment in the fact that it was basically a Q&A live show vs. an actual episode.  

    The problem is, they're saying that the real "A" is some dude named "Charles DiLaurentis".... REALLY?!?! There was an anagram of Charles DiLaurentis that was introduced as a clue a couple of weeks ago, but before that moment there was no trace of  a Charles DiLaurentis... How are we supposed to "guess" who 'A' is if they keep adding random folks. Plenty of us have our theories about who we think it might be (I had about 6 theories, which equaled $6 in the pool, lol) But it sort of snatches the fun out of it, if everyone is wrong, or if it doesn't make sense.  This is the 3rd time in a row that we've been disappointed with a major PLL date.  The first one was the "Halloween" special, the second was the Christmas special that didn't really take us anywhere... and the third was last night, when they revealed that "Charles DiLaurentis" is A- a character we know nothing about.  It makes you not even want to watch anymore, because they keep pulling this crap. However, we're all invested in it 5 seasons, already-- so... Sign me up for season 6... *sigh*

Favorite Video:  Best Buddies

    This video brought levity to a dreary day... I'm so thankful for the bits of a bad day, that you can carve out & realize that even though you had a bad day, that there were some points of light.

Favorite Quote:  Matthew Hussey on Sticking up for yourself... 

"You uphold your standards when it feels convenient for your emotions... You uphold your standards, when you feel it can't go wrong, but when it feels like it could go wrong, and sticking up for yourself could mean that you could lose someone, then you definitely don't do that...  so it really comes from a fear of loss..."- Matthew Hussey  
   I absolutely agree with this statement... One of the things I noticed about myself is that I do this sometimes.  Most of the time I do stick for myself, because most of the time, it doesn't mean that I am losing anyone/anything... but the times where I probably should've stuck up for myself (mainly in love situations) was when I thought that me digging my heels in would result in the end of a relationship...  I would make my point known- but often times not with the ferocity it deserved.  Ultimately, it does come from a fear of loss.  I feel like there's a lot in life that I've lost or lost out on, and when there are things & people you love- you try not to "lose" anymore. 

      When I love something/someone, I invest in them- part of myself is put into them-- so losing them often feels like losing part of myself.  I appreciate Matthew Hussey putting it this way, because it makes a lot of sense. I find it incredibly easier to stand up for other people than put my own needs first, at times. I'm a work in progress, though.  And I don't think it's an entirely terrible flaw to have.   It's just the way I see things-- when you're a genuinely giving person, when you put others before yourself- it only makes me better. Others see it as a sign of weakness, but in this day in age-- where most people are selfish, thoughtless, and have an agenda, I could see why they'd think that.  I'm empowered by how much I can do for others, serve & bless others. But to each his own... Part of growing as a person is not necessarily conforming to how other people think- but still having your own opinions, yet trying to understand theirs.

Favorite Dish:  Shrimp Bowl from Hot Heads

     So, this isn't the actual shrimp bowl I had, but it's pretty similar... I had a grilled shrimp bowl today that was fantastic! Don't let the service staff tell you not to try the Peach Bourbon chutney that Hot Head features. It's absolutely delicious, and I'm pretty sad I only got it on the side. & didn't try it until my second to last shrimp.  My palate is more advance than a lot of my midwestern fellows. I kind of let myself down. I love a lot of things people would find "exotic" so not trying the Peach Bourbon chutney was to no one's disappointment but my own. They offer shrimp for a limited time around Lent time, so hurry to Hot Head Burrito & try it! Tell me what you think!

Favorite Lesson:  Been Thrown Under the Bus... 

    It's been a rough week... Mainly, because I was thrown under the bus by someone who was just trying to cover their own behind & make himself look good in front of a supervisor. I don't have any qualms about saying this, because I had talked to this person a couple of weeks ago about a problem I was having & how I was planning on rectifying it.  This person seemed to be a "team player" and tried to convey that as long as we were up to date on the most recent stuff, the old stuff didn't matter as much. I even expressed that I wanted to still catch up anyway- for my own peace of mind... and he seemed to shrug it off... So, little did I know 2wks later, he'd take the EXACT same thing we were talking about, and go to my supervisor with it??? I told him I was working on it, I told him I was aware of the problem, I am stretched so thinly at my job that it's crazy. I'm only ONE person, but I do the job of 3 (literally, I can tell you the names of the 3-4 people who used to do jobs I'm now assigned to do)... Yet, this person decided to throw me under the bus.  It just seems so superfluous to bring my supervisor into it, after we've already discussed it.  It's so aggravating.

     I could understand that you may need to go to my supervisor if I'm not willing to admit to a discrepancy, but I think it's a punk move to get supervisors involved, when the problem has already been addressed. Not only that, I've had several supervisors in the last couple of years (at one point, the duration average was 3months) and I've been telling people that I needed help with certain things, and NO ONE listens or offers a helping hand, when asked.  Instead, they ask when I'm in the middle of projects and can't readily give them somewhere to help.  At this point it's the equivalent of throwing a Dixie Cup of water on a forest fire.  At times, it's so hard doing what I do, because I have literally no support.  Everyone else has their own "clique" of people who they can lean on, and I have very few people. When I leave for vacation, no one picks up my slack... So instead of coming back rested and relaxed, I come back to a mountain of  stress and twice a mountain of paperwork...And people wonder why I am hesitant to take long amounts of time off.  Ugh... Why am I not independently wealthy? Or Carrie Bradshaw? I could be Carrie Bradshaw... 

  Well, that's it! I'm off to a great weekend!  I'm trying Painting & Wine tonight! I'm so excited! Maybe it'll be a topic for discussion! 


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