Friday, March 20, 2015

My week in a Nutshell...

    Welcome to the beginning of another weekend, folks!  For me, this week has been "go go go", and I'm about ready to have a few calm days *fingers crossed*.  I like taking the time to reflect, at the end of the each week. It's as if this exercise of thinking about the past week, and talking about the stand-out moments helps me to appreciate my life in the moments... Whether it's a funny Meme, a happy moment, or an insightful anecdote about people & life, it's a good feeling to be able to share these moments with you! So continue reading & thanks! 

Favorite Meme:  ANTM vs. Walking Dead

     I'm glad that it's not just me, right? When people really started getting post-crazy, I used to think it was an absolutely narcissistic thing, because "for some reason" people always use the picture where they look the best, regardless of what others look like... It's a cruel world, sometimes, lol.  One time in particular- my sister and I had it out, because she posted a picture where I was wearing a light blue hoodie and was carrying a white purse- and "conveniently" the bag cut out the portion of my body that looked like I had any kind of shape at all... My hoodie ended up looking white- so it all blended and looked terrible! Since then those types of things have become a "thing" and has been done to her a few times (No! Not by me! lol) -- and she doesn't do it any more... Thank God!

Favorite Article:  
 41 Hilariously Amazing Dads Who Are Winning at Fatherhood

       I will admit it... I'm a "Daddy's Girl" through and through- I always have been.  Not that I don't love my mom with all my heart- I do. But there's just something about a dad & his daughter.  As many of you know & have read on Facebook, my dad is hilarious!

Side Note:  The most recent conversation with my dad:

.... Scene... 
* Thursday Family Night- Aprox. 9:30pm @ my parents' house*...

Me: "Ok, it's time for me to go home, now..."

Dad: "What? You're not spending the night?"

Me: "Dad, I never spend the night- I only live 25mins away."

Dad: "But you spend the night at Judy's!" 

Me: "Yes, and Judy lives an hour and a half away from me, Dad..."

Dad: "Well, you can make it so WE live 2hrs away... All you have to do is drive the long way... go through Fairborn, up through Springfield, take a detour around Tipp City, maybe play the numbers in Indiana... then come here... Then you can spend the night." 

Me: "Maybe next time, Dad..."

 I came across This Article today, and thought it was much better suited for the levity I wanted for this blog than the other article I almost posted (an interesting article about the 19 most evil women in History... I snuck it anyway, in case you're interested, lol) People always talk about "no good" fathers, but I wanted to shed some light on the great ones, for a change! A lot of men are doing it right- they should be commended!

Favorite Crush:  Stephen Bishop


    Last weekend, I finally got around to watching this movie that I had saved on my DVR for weeks.  Regina Hall did a promo for With This Ring on The Real, and it looked really interesting! So, I recorded it, but dragged my feet when it came to actually sitting down and watching it-- I mean... with 5 hrs of WWE Wrestling to watch each week, it's a little hard to carve out a little time for what could be a sappy Lifetime Movie, right?  When I saw Stephen in this movie as the sexy, funny, wise & confident "Nate", I was definitely locked to the tv for the next 90mins... Now, I have no idea how he is in real life, but if he's anything like Nate... Yes please, honey! Stephen is a retired baseball player, where he played across the country, and has acted on a few sitcoms and movies. I look forward to seeing more of Mr. Bishop in the future...

Favorite Video:  7 Signs You're Dating a Crazy Person 

Matthew Hussey

       I absolutely love listening to Matthew Hussey. I went to one of his seminars in Chicago, and it was a great time! He talks mostly about relationships, but has an interesting take on other aspects of life, as well.  One of the things I like the most about him, is his indelible sense of humor! There are videos he's posted that come to mind days after I've watched them, and I still get a kick out of them! Check out this hilarious video about dating crazy people vs. people who have quirks. It's sure to make you laugh! 

Favorite Book: 
Sidney Chambers & the Shadow of Death By:  James Runcie

   Yep- Still working on this book... It's a great book... It literally has about 6 chapters-- but the problem is, each chapter is super long. I would venture to say that each chapter takes 2 hrs 30 mins  to read on average- according to my Kindle. I love the fact that I've seen the tv series, so when I'm walking through Canon Sidney Chambers' life, I can imagine the people he's talking to, etc... An added bonus is that some of the stories have different endings than the tv series-- so it's like reading a fresh new take on a story you think you know! I can't wait to finish this book, so I can move on to another one, even though I am enjoying it.

Favorite Taste:  Bonzai Burger from Red Robin

      I had the pleasure of having the day off, last Wednesday, and went out to eat with some co-workers to celebrate a birthday! I usually get the Royal Red Robin burger, which is a gourmet burger w/a fried egg on it-- so delicious- but I was in the mood to try something different! I picked this fancy burger. The Bonzai Burger is marinated in teriyaki, topped with grilled pineapple, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo! You'll love the tangy flavor combinations in each bite! I still prefer the Royal Red Robin burger, but this one is definitely at the top of the list!

Favorite Surprise: Meeting Baby Kyler!


      I have to admit... I was going to opt out of the Red Robin Lunch celebration, because it was my [much needed] day off... and as much as I get along with my co-workers, the whole point of having a day off  in the middle of the week, is so that you don't have to see those people for 24hrs! lol.  But... My friend, Andrea, was going to bring her brand new 2wk baby Kyler to meet everyone, and I absolutely couldn't miss out on that! The best part of my day was getting to hold him for a long time, after everyone else left, because I didn't have to go back to work.  He likes to bury his head, and was burying his head into the crook of my neck. It was the cutest, sweetest thing!  There's just nothing like a new baby, and Kyler is definitely the best! Maybe we'll set up a station next to Andrea's desk so she can come back to work, 'cause we miss her, too!

  That was my week in a nutshell! If you've got interesting things happening, things you want me to experience, let me know in the comments below, or on Facebook! Have a happy weekend, folks! 

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