Friday, March 6, 2015

Life is Good

  Today,  I have some great things in store! This week has been both great & challenging, all the same!  I have been super-busy, so please forgive me for missing posts... Here is what I have today:

Favorite Pastime:   Salsa Dancing! 

    Last weekend, I had a great birthday celebration in one of our big surrounding cities! First, my friends and I went to Spagio, a restaurant on the "cool side" of Columbus, to have exquisite European/Mediterranean Italian cuisine... It had so many food choices there, I'm not sure if it can be considered a "fusion" restaurant... But you know what? Who cares, it was freak'n delicious!  It was a bit on the pricey side, but the food was phenomenal!

      Next, we went to Dance Plus Ballroom, where they had lessons and a "Club" experience, all for $10! At 8pm, the dance instructor teaches you for an hour.  We learned 4 basic dance moves and traded partners, etc. It was a great way to get to know each new people, even if it was briefly.  I (for one) was a little disappointed with the "selection" of eligible men.  So many of them seemed to still be in 3rd grade... Not that they were all young, but it annoyed the crap out of me that they acted like 8yrs olds when holding hands.  Just because we're holding hands to dance doesn't mean that I'm into you... It was really sad.  Word to the wise, gentlemen-- if you go to a club where you're doing actual "grown up people dancing"-- HAVE A FREAK'N FIRM GRIP!  It doesn't have to be a death grip, but just NO ..limp dead fish hands! Ugh! Grow up! Other than that, it was a great time, and they opened up the bar afterwards.  The bartender made great drinks & was truly sociable.

*** This freak out has been brought to you by the letters D, S and M and also by the number 3***

Favorite  Video Clip:  Matthew Hussey's "Fifty Shades of Earl Grey"... 

      Many  people have many different opinions about Fifty Shades of Grey, but none (ok... very little) can dispute that THIS video is not ridiculously funny! It's brought to you by Matthew Hussey, one of my favorite life coaches/radio personalities.   I loved that he turned a trailer that was so overly "intense" for the story line,  into a parody that was "overly intense".  This video made me love Matthew Hussey even more! Aside from his side-splitting sense of humor, Matthew provides excellent advice about men & relationships! If you'd like to check out his site, go to  and check him out! He has excellent resources that you can use to improve yourself, your social life, and your dating life.  Also, if you're in a seriously relationship or married, check him out, too! We all need growth, right?

 PS- if you liked this video, there's also a blooper's reel you can watch. Just find him on Youtube! 

Favorite Crush:  Milo Ventimiglia

    Ok, so I wanted to pick Matthew Hussey, again- because he's absolutely the kind of guy I'm attracted to.  As I continue to grow, there are a few facial features that seem to be "my type" more than most, no matter what shade or race you are... BUT... it's Matthew's personality that really attracts me- and really- who can resist a funny, hot-looking Brit?  However, I thought I'm giving Matthew too much attention in this blog, and decided to go with Milo Ventimiglia!  He was a favorite on tv shows:   The Gilmore Girls & also Heroes, where he dated both leading ladies (Alexis Bledel & Hayden Panitierre)  I recently watched him in "That's My Boy" starring Adam Sandler, Leighton Meester, and Andy Samberg! In the movie, he plays an overzealous hyped up Marine who finds it in his nature  to "outshine" everyone, yet still lives in his own world.  We find out some kinky & quirky things about him along the way and he's both entertaining and fun to look at!

Favorite Lesson:  Communication is KEY! 

     With all of the advanced ways to communicate with people, you'd think that it would be easier to get the message to someone, right?  WRONG... A lot of things have happened since the integration of mass media into society. I know I've talked about this before, but with the use of social media & other technologies has come a rapid decrease in the communication factors between people.  The more I think  about this epidemic, the more that I realize that one of the factors is that, "communication" is more than just words.  Communication is the exchange of words, ideas, verbal intonation, body gestures, facial expressions, feelings, sentiment, comprehension, intent and of course whatever else lies "between the lines".

     I've observed a few incidences recently that have further solidified my ideas about modern communication.  One of the things that I've learned in moving forward is that we all need to be a bit more diligent in seeking "understanding" than jumping to conclusions about things.  This is when it's important to "consider the source" Who is this person in my life?... How would this person normally treat/talk to you?  Has this person done/said this before? What was actually said? Should I call to clarify?

    One of the most terrifying things about our society, is that we've become so self-involved, instead of taking a second to seek clarity, we make assumptions and get our feelings hurt.  It's ludicrous that we forget that we can actually make a phone call or go see someone in person to clear things up before we go off on a tirade. We live in a society that is so quick to be offended, but so slow to understand.  I pride myself in being an excellent communicator, but that also means I have to also be extra cognizant that other folks are rapidly declining in their ability to see a full picture, when it comes to communicating to others.  People are failing to look at things objectively and are making their minds up before they really understand.  There's no sin in trying to be clear about things. There is no shame in apologizing when you've given (or gotten) the wrong impression...

  Now that we're so in touch with our technology & so out of touch with humans it's important to remember a few things:

* Try to look at the big picture - to review who that person is to you/past behavior
* Try to seek understanding
* Try to give the benefit of the doubt
* Try to reserve emotion & personal judgment until you have made your mind up about a situation
* Try not to internalize every action/comment
* Be open to understanding
* Try to look at the big picture- to see if it even makes sense in the context of the situation

Favorite Soundtrack:  Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack

       Love the movie, or not, you've got to admit that this soundtrack was ah-mazing!! The funniest thing about it is that I actually don't really like Beyonce's  "Crazy in Love" remix-- like it's the WORST song on the soundtrack, lol.  They have great musical stylings by Annie Lennox, Frank Sinatra, Jessie Ware,  The Weeknd (my new favorite voice), and Ellie Goulding! A lot people found this to be the greatest thing to come from the movie, but we all have our opinions, right?  I can safely say that I love this CD, however & will definitely be buying it when it hits the stands... if it hasn't already... which of course means I'm late & need to get on purchasing it!

   Everyone, enjoy your weekend & take care! Write me some stuff below! Thank you to those who take the time to shoot me a line or two about what you thought! Happy Weekend! 


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