Friday, March 27, 2015

This Week... Next!

What a week!  I'm not going to lie... this week had several disappointing components, but I am still looking on the bright side of things.  Life is about hills and valleys, I guess... I just wish that at times, it wouldn't seem so much of one or the other, at one point... Here's what happened... 

Favorite Flop:  Pretty Little Liars "Big A Reveal"...

   When solving a mystery, the key component you need is information, right? Pretty Little Liars produced an amazing show this week, until the main part we were all waiting for!  My friends and I did a money pool ($1/guess) for who we thought the real "A" was... We made up a PLL Bingo... we drank alcohol out of coffee cups and made a big deal about this! Can you imagine our upset when, once again, we were bamboozled by the show??? Some of the fan-girls who have no lives will get online & say things like, "if you read the blogs, if you watched the commercials, if you would've stalked the home page..." then you would've known x-y-z... The problem is, I know I don't like doing all that, because PLL isn't my life, and two, for a tv show, it should be enough just to watch the tv show! Some of us don't want to accidentally run into a spoiler.  You shouldn't have to do research to be able to be in the "know" about a show. I encountered this when PLL had their Halloween Special, and I expressed my disappointment in the fact that it was basically a Q&A live show vs. an actual episode.  

    The problem is, they're saying that the real "A" is some dude named "Charles DiLaurentis".... REALLY?!?! There was an anagram of Charles DiLaurentis that was introduced as a clue a couple of weeks ago, but before that moment there was no trace of  a Charles DiLaurentis... How are we supposed to "guess" who 'A' is if they keep adding random folks. Plenty of us have our theories about who we think it might be (I had about 6 theories, which equaled $6 in the pool, lol) But it sort of snatches the fun out of it, if everyone is wrong, or if it doesn't make sense.  This is the 3rd time in a row that we've been disappointed with a major PLL date.  The first one was the "Halloween" special, the second was the Christmas special that didn't really take us anywhere... and the third was last night, when they revealed that "Charles DiLaurentis" is A- a character we know nothing about.  It makes you not even want to watch anymore, because they keep pulling this crap. However, we're all invested in it 5 seasons, already-- so... Sign me up for season 6... *sigh*

Favorite Video:  Best Buddies

    This video brought levity to a dreary day... I'm so thankful for the bits of a bad day, that you can carve out & realize that even though you had a bad day, that there were some points of light.

Favorite Quote:  Matthew Hussey on Sticking up for yourself... 

"You uphold your standards when it feels convenient for your emotions... You uphold your standards, when you feel it can't go wrong, but when it feels like it could go wrong, and sticking up for yourself could mean that you could lose someone, then you definitely don't do that...  so it really comes from a fear of loss..."- Matthew Hussey  
   I absolutely agree with this statement... One of the things I noticed about myself is that I do this sometimes.  Most of the time I do stick for myself, because most of the time, it doesn't mean that I am losing anyone/anything... but the times where I probably should've stuck up for myself (mainly in love situations) was when I thought that me digging my heels in would result in the end of a relationship...  I would make my point known- but often times not with the ferocity it deserved.  Ultimately, it does come from a fear of loss.  I feel like there's a lot in life that I've lost or lost out on, and when there are things & people you love- you try not to "lose" anymore. 

      When I love something/someone, I invest in them- part of myself is put into them-- so losing them often feels like losing part of myself.  I appreciate Matthew Hussey putting it this way, because it makes a lot of sense. I find it incredibly easier to stand up for other people than put my own needs first, at times. I'm a work in progress, though.  And I don't think it's an entirely terrible flaw to have.   It's just the way I see things-- when you're a genuinely giving person, when you put others before yourself- it only makes me better. Others see it as a sign of weakness, but in this day in age-- where most people are selfish, thoughtless, and have an agenda, I could see why they'd think that.  I'm empowered by how much I can do for others, serve & bless others. But to each his own... Part of growing as a person is not necessarily conforming to how other people think- but still having your own opinions, yet trying to understand theirs.

Favorite Dish:  Shrimp Bowl from Hot Heads

     So, this isn't the actual shrimp bowl I had, but it's pretty similar... I had a grilled shrimp bowl today that was fantastic! Don't let the service staff tell you not to try the Peach Bourbon chutney that Hot Head features. It's absolutely delicious, and I'm pretty sad I only got it on the side. & didn't try it until my second to last shrimp.  My palate is more advance than a lot of my midwestern fellows. I kind of let myself down. I love a lot of things people would find "exotic" so not trying the Peach Bourbon chutney was to no one's disappointment but my own. They offer shrimp for a limited time around Lent time, so hurry to Hot Head Burrito & try it! Tell me what you think!

Favorite Lesson:  Been Thrown Under the Bus... 

    It's been a rough week... Mainly, because I was thrown under the bus by someone who was just trying to cover their own behind & make himself look good in front of a supervisor. I don't have any qualms about saying this, because I had talked to this person a couple of weeks ago about a problem I was having & how I was planning on rectifying it.  This person seemed to be a "team player" and tried to convey that as long as we were up to date on the most recent stuff, the old stuff didn't matter as much. I even expressed that I wanted to still catch up anyway- for my own peace of mind... and he seemed to shrug it off... So, little did I know 2wks later, he'd take the EXACT same thing we were talking about, and go to my supervisor with it??? I told him I was working on it, I told him I was aware of the problem, I am stretched so thinly at my job that it's crazy. I'm only ONE person, but I do the job of 3 (literally, I can tell you the names of the 3-4 people who used to do jobs I'm now assigned to do)... Yet, this person decided to throw me under the bus.  It just seems so superfluous to bring my supervisor into it, after we've already discussed it.  It's so aggravating.

     I could understand that you may need to go to my supervisor if I'm not willing to admit to a discrepancy, but I think it's a punk move to get supervisors involved, when the problem has already been addressed. Not only that, I've had several supervisors in the last couple of years (at one point, the duration average was 3months) and I've been telling people that I needed help with certain things, and NO ONE listens or offers a helping hand, when asked.  Instead, they ask when I'm in the middle of projects and can't readily give them somewhere to help.  At this point it's the equivalent of throwing a Dixie Cup of water on a forest fire.  At times, it's so hard doing what I do, because I have literally no support.  Everyone else has their own "clique" of people who they can lean on, and I have very few people. When I leave for vacation, no one picks up my slack... So instead of coming back rested and relaxed, I come back to a mountain of  stress and twice a mountain of paperwork...And people wonder why I am hesitant to take long amounts of time off.  Ugh... Why am I not independently wealthy? Or Carrie Bradshaw? I could be Carrie Bradshaw... 

  Well, that's it! I'm off to a great weekend!  I'm trying Painting & Wine tonight! I'm so excited! Maybe it'll be a topic for discussion! 


Friday, March 20, 2015

My week in a Nutshell...

    Welcome to the beginning of another weekend, folks!  For me, this week has been "go go go", and I'm about ready to have a few calm days *fingers crossed*.  I like taking the time to reflect, at the end of the each week. It's as if this exercise of thinking about the past week, and talking about the stand-out moments helps me to appreciate my life in the moments... Whether it's a funny Meme, a happy moment, or an insightful anecdote about people & life, it's a good feeling to be able to share these moments with you! So continue reading & thanks! 

Favorite Meme:  ANTM vs. Walking Dead

     I'm glad that it's not just me, right? When people really started getting post-crazy, I used to think it was an absolutely narcissistic thing, because "for some reason" people always use the picture where they look the best, regardless of what others look like... It's a cruel world, sometimes, lol.  One time in particular- my sister and I had it out, because she posted a picture where I was wearing a light blue hoodie and was carrying a white purse- and "conveniently" the bag cut out the portion of my body that looked like I had any kind of shape at all... My hoodie ended up looking white- so it all blended and looked terrible! Since then those types of things have become a "thing" and has been done to her a few times (No! Not by me! lol) -- and she doesn't do it any more... Thank God!

Favorite Article:  
 41 Hilariously Amazing Dads Who Are Winning at Fatherhood

       I will admit it... I'm a "Daddy's Girl" through and through- I always have been.  Not that I don't love my mom with all my heart- I do. But there's just something about a dad & his daughter.  As many of you know & have read on Facebook, my dad is hilarious!

Side Note:  The most recent conversation with my dad:

.... Scene... 
* Thursday Family Night- Aprox. 9:30pm @ my parents' house*...

Me: "Ok, it's time for me to go home, now..."

Dad: "What? You're not spending the night?"

Me: "Dad, I never spend the night- I only live 25mins away."

Dad: "But you spend the night at Judy's!" 

Me: "Yes, and Judy lives an hour and a half away from me, Dad..."

Dad: "Well, you can make it so WE live 2hrs away... All you have to do is drive the long way... go through Fairborn, up through Springfield, take a detour around Tipp City, maybe play the numbers in Indiana... then come here... Then you can spend the night." 

Me: "Maybe next time, Dad..."

 I came across This Article today, and thought it was much better suited for the levity I wanted for this blog than the other article I almost posted (an interesting article about the 19 most evil women in History... I snuck it anyway, in case you're interested, lol) People always talk about "no good" fathers, but I wanted to shed some light on the great ones, for a change! A lot of men are doing it right- they should be commended!

Favorite Crush:  Stephen Bishop


    Last weekend, I finally got around to watching this movie that I had saved on my DVR for weeks.  Regina Hall did a promo for With This Ring on The Real, and it looked really interesting! So, I recorded it, but dragged my feet when it came to actually sitting down and watching it-- I mean... with 5 hrs of WWE Wrestling to watch each week, it's a little hard to carve out a little time for what could be a sappy Lifetime Movie, right?  When I saw Stephen in this movie as the sexy, funny, wise & confident "Nate", I was definitely locked to the tv for the next 90mins... Now, I have no idea how he is in real life, but if he's anything like Nate... Yes please, honey! Stephen is a retired baseball player, where he played across the country, and has acted on a few sitcoms and movies. I look forward to seeing more of Mr. Bishop in the future...

Favorite Video:  7 Signs You're Dating a Crazy Person 

Matthew Hussey

       I absolutely love listening to Matthew Hussey. I went to one of his seminars in Chicago, and it was a great time! He talks mostly about relationships, but has an interesting take on other aspects of life, as well.  One of the things I like the most about him, is his indelible sense of humor! There are videos he's posted that come to mind days after I've watched them, and I still get a kick out of them! Check out this hilarious video about dating crazy people vs. people who have quirks. It's sure to make you laugh! 

Favorite Book: 
Sidney Chambers & the Shadow of Death By:  James Runcie

   Yep- Still working on this book... It's a great book... It literally has about 6 chapters-- but the problem is, each chapter is super long. I would venture to say that each chapter takes 2 hrs 30 mins  to read on average- according to my Kindle. I love the fact that I've seen the tv series, so when I'm walking through Canon Sidney Chambers' life, I can imagine the people he's talking to, etc... An added bonus is that some of the stories have different endings than the tv series-- so it's like reading a fresh new take on a story you think you know! I can't wait to finish this book, so I can move on to another one, even though I am enjoying it.

Favorite Taste:  Bonzai Burger from Red Robin

      I had the pleasure of having the day off, last Wednesday, and went out to eat with some co-workers to celebrate a birthday! I usually get the Royal Red Robin burger, which is a gourmet burger w/a fried egg on it-- so delicious- but I was in the mood to try something different! I picked this fancy burger. The Bonzai Burger is marinated in teriyaki, topped with grilled pineapple, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & mayo! You'll love the tangy flavor combinations in each bite! I still prefer the Royal Red Robin burger, but this one is definitely at the top of the list!

Favorite Surprise: Meeting Baby Kyler!


      I have to admit... I was going to opt out of the Red Robin Lunch celebration, because it was my [much needed] day off... and as much as I get along with my co-workers, the whole point of having a day off  in the middle of the week, is so that you don't have to see those people for 24hrs! lol.  But... My friend, Andrea, was going to bring her brand new 2wk baby Kyler to meet everyone, and I absolutely couldn't miss out on that! The best part of my day was getting to hold him for a long time, after everyone else left, because I didn't have to go back to work.  He likes to bury his head, and was burying his head into the crook of my neck. It was the cutest, sweetest thing!  There's just nothing like a new baby, and Kyler is definitely the best! Maybe we'll set up a station next to Andrea's desk so she can come back to work, 'cause we miss her, too!

  That was my week in a nutshell! If you've got interesting things happening, things you want me to experience, let me know in the comments below, or on Facebook! Have a happy weekend, folks! 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Whirlwind of a Week

   Hello, my faithful readers... or maybe reader... lol. It's been a whirlwind of a week, and I'm sure your week has been just as jam-packed... Here's what's been going on this week in Tiffaniland! 

Favorite Accessory:  Arm-Knit Scarves!

   This is the scarf that I ordered, and I absolutely love it!  It's a unique way of double-skein knitting that has been really trendy, this past winter.  My boss's daughter, Emily, makes them and sells them on her Etsy Page at Brave Little Ledges.  They're super warm & soft and pretty inexpensive.  They're a wonderful accessory for Ohio's harsh winter... If you live in California or some place warm, and find one with a looser pile (this one is thinner than the other scarves) than it's perfect to wear with long sleeved t-shirts and jeans. They come in 3 sizes, Single, Double & Triple. I got the triple, which is perfect for a nice longer scarf look, or tripling it up to make a really warm and snug scarf for frigid temps! Check it out! 

Favorite Song:  Perfect Day, Lady Antebellum

    This is definitely a "Feel Good" song! Every now and then, I like to listen to Country Music, and Lady Antebellum is at the top of my list, always.  I really have gotten into "Perfect Day" this week. It reminds me of how blessed I am to have had these moments with friends & family.  It made me proud to know that other folks have also stopped and taken stock of a moment or day, and realized that "this is what life is all about"... Many of these moments are free.  You can't get those moments back. Cherish the moment... continue to create these moments...I've said "Moment" a lot! lol 

Favorite Project:  How to appropriately Break Up with Someone... 

     Once  I get the nerve... I think I'm going to write a book about how to "appropriately" break up with someone.  I was talking to a few friends/family about this recently, and it's something that's been on my heart for awhile. Maybe everyone in the world will read it, and have better relationships or leave others to have better relationships... or maybe one person will read it and not shatter someone else's heart.. or maybe no one will read it and it'll just be a nice reminder to myself that the world is in need of vast improvements...  I, for one, am an excellent breaker-upper.  My philosophy is that if you're old enough to date, old enough to share your life, old enough that you're having sexy time, old enough to be having kids  or living with someone-- then you should be old enough to break up with someone, as well.  So many folks are punks when it comes to breaking up with someone else.   You'd think that after time spent with someone- especially if it's been months or years-- especially if "I Love Yous" have been exchanged, that it would mean that, should the relationship end, each individual would handle it with the utmost care... 
... it's just not so...

      Too many times, the story is that someone punks out & goes ghost.  "Going Ghost" is what I call it when you're in a relationship with someone, serious or not, and they just disappear on you without explanation or warning.  One day they're there, the next day, they're gone.  This is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a person whose in love.  To be blindsided by someone who says that they love you one day & is gone the next is one of the most confusing & hurtful things to happen in a relationship.  I know, because a man I loved 4yrs ago did it to me, and I still struggle [at times] with the ghost of his memory. Now, it's happened to a friend of mine, and I truly understand his pain.   I've been watching video blogs w/Matthew Hussey, and he was saying how some people in relationships can still not want you to get over them, even while they're breaking up with you.  

     I for one couldn't care less, if I'm breaking up with you.  It might sting if you move on faster than I think you should or if you seem unaffected by the break up- but the fair & rational part of me would never stand in your way of true happiness... The loving part of me would always want you to find love & happiness, even if it wasn't with me... and when you've spent a significant time with someone, it only seems right to pay the relationship the respect it deserves, by a proper break up. Now, I'm not talking about those crazy messed up relationships where someone is cheating or beating you... but in the ones where, emotionally, something just doesn't "fit"-- and especially if that person means anything to you, at all you,  should have the respect for them to try to break up with them with minimal amounts of pain. 
   My break up 4yrs ago segued into one of the darkest times of my life.  I tend to be pretty realistic, yet upbeat... so I tend to be balanced. I was all off balanced.  This also happened during the most trying year of my life.  There was a lot of pain and suffering, and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.  This is exactly why I don't believe in Karma.  If I ever have felt the need to break up with someone, I've always been woman enough to have the difficult & sometimes awkward conversation.  I've always tried to leave them without unanswered questions and with dignity.  Sometimes people just don't work out. It's ok... but it's not ok to be apart of someone's life and allow them to take part in yours, then disappear... 

    I will let you know how this endeavor goes. Maybe if people suck it up and learn how to break it off with someone, there will be less broken hearts and more closure.  The problem is, a lot of times it's a security issue with folks who do this. They think if something is left "unfinished" they can always go back... and if not, well, they're not dealing with that person anymore, so it doesn't matter. It's a sad world we live in when someone you cared so much about one day, disregards you the next.  I don't know if anyone would read my book-- but at least I took a stand on it... 

Favorite Gripe:  Mob Wives Reunion

   After an explosive season of Mob Wives, this reunion had me laughing so much! It was absolutely ridiculous! Every other word was *bleeped*.  Everyone seems to be ganging up on Natalie Guercio (the broad in the gold w/no shirt on, on the end...) That's pretty much the end of it. I hope the 2nd part will be more intelligible, lol! 

Favorite Show:  Pretty Little Liars... 1 more episode until THE FINAL A Reveal!!!  

    I have my girls come over every Tuesday night for this! And on March 24th, we will KNOW who the real "A" really is! Well, at least that's what they're telling us.  We'll see what truly happens.  It's going to be #EPIC! This girls know how to do mystery w/style, and we are on edge & picking each other's brains trying to deduce who we think "A" is.  It's so exciting to do this, and even more exciting to have a excuse to eat great food, drink wine & spend time with the girls! 

This blog is long enough, although I have so much more to say! Take care & let me know what's up! 


Friday, March 6, 2015

Life is Good

  Today,  I have some great things in store! This week has been both great & challenging, all the same!  I have been super-busy, so please forgive me for missing posts... Here is what I have today:

Favorite Pastime:   Salsa Dancing! 

    Last weekend, I had a great birthday celebration in one of our big surrounding cities! First, my friends and I went to Spagio, a restaurant on the "cool side" of Columbus, to have exquisite European/Mediterranean Italian cuisine... It had so many food choices there, I'm not sure if it can be considered a "fusion" restaurant... But you know what? Who cares, it was freak'n delicious!  It was a bit on the pricey side, but the food was phenomenal!

      Next, we went to Dance Plus Ballroom, where they had lessons and a "Club" experience, all for $10! At 8pm, the dance instructor teaches you for an hour.  We learned 4 basic dance moves and traded partners, etc. It was a great way to get to know each new people, even if it was briefly.  I (for one) was a little disappointed with the "selection" of eligible men.  So many of them seemed to still be in 3rd grade... Not that they were all young, but it annoyed the crap out of me that they acted like 8yrs olds when holding hands.  Just because we're holding hands to dance doesn't mean that I'm into you... It was really sad.  Word to the wise, gentlemen-- if you go to a club where you're doing actual "grown up people dancing"-- HAVE A FREAK'N FIRM GRIP!  It doesn't have to be a death grip, but just NO ..limp dead fish hands! Ugh! Grow up! Other than that, it was a great time, and they opened up the bar afterwards.  The bartender made great drinks & was truly sociable.

*** This freak out has been brought to you by the letters D, S and M and also by the number 3***

Favorite  Video Clip:  Matthew Hussey's "Fifty Shades of Earl Grey"... 

      Many  people have many different opinions about Fifty Shades of Grey, but none (ok... very little) can dispute that THIS video is not ridiculously funny! It's brought to you by Matthew Hussey, one of my favorite life coaches/radio personalities.   I loved that he turned a trailer that was so overly "intense" for the story line,  into a parody that was "overly intense".  This video made me love Matthew Hussey even more! Aside from his side-splitting sense of humor, Matthew provides excellent advice about men & relationships! If you'd like to check out his site, go to  and check him out! He has excellent resources that you can use to improve yourself, your social life, and your dating life.  Also, if you're in a seriously relationship or married, check him out, too! We all need growth, right?

 PS- if you liked this video, there's also a blooper's reel you can watch. Just find him on Youtube! 

Favorite Crush:  Milo Ventimiglia

    Ok, so I wanted to pick Matthew Hussey, again- because he's absolutely the kind of guy I'm attracted to.  As I continue to grow, there are a few facial features that seem to be "my type" more than most, no matter what shade or race you are... BUT... it's Matthew's personality that really attracts me- and really- who can resist a funny, hot-looking Brit?  However, I thought I'm giving Matthew too much attention in this blog, and decided to go with Milo Ventimiglia!  He was a favorite on tv shows:   The Gilmore Girls & also Heroes, where he dated both leading ladies (Alexis Bledel & Hayden Panitierre)  I recently watched him in "That's My Boy" starring Adam Sandler, Leighton Meester, and Andy Samberg! In the movie, he plays an overzealous hyped up Marine who finds it in his nature  to "outshine" everyone, yet still lives in his own world.  We find out some kinky & quirky things about him along the way and he's both entertaining and fun to look at!

Favorite Lesson:  Communication is KEY! 

     With all of the advanced ways to communicate with people, you'd think that it would be easier to get the message to someone, right?  WRONG... A lot of things have happened since the integration of mass media into society. I know I've talked about this before, but with the use of social media & other technologies has come a rapid decrease in the communication factors between people.  The more I think  about this epidemic, the more that I realize that one of the factors is that, "communication" is more than just words.  Communication is the exchange of words, ideas, verbal intonation, body gestures, facial expressions, feelings, sentiment, comprehension, intent and of course whatever else lies "between the lines".

     I've observed a few incidences recently that have further solidified my ideas about modern communication.  One of the things that I've learned in moving forward is that we all need to be a bit more diligent in seeking "understanding" than jumping to conclusions about things.  This is when it's important to "consider the source" Who is this person in my life?... How would this person normally treat/talk to you?  Has this person done/said this before? What was actually said? Should I call to clarify?

    One of the most terrifying things about our society, is that we've become so self-involved, instead of taking a second to seek clarity, we make assumptions and get our feelings hurt.  It's ludicrous that we forget that we can actually make a phone call or go see someone in person to clear things up before we go off on a tirade. We live in a society that is so quick to be offended, but so slow to understand.  I pride myself in being an excellent communicator, but that also means I have to also be extra cognizant that other folks are rapidly declining in their ability to see a full picture, when it comes to communicating to others.  People are failing to look at things objectively and are making their minds up before they really understand.  There's no sin in trying to be clear about things. There is no shame in apologizing when you've given (or gotten) the wrong impression...

  Now that we're so in touch with our technology & so out of touch with humans it's important to remember a few things:

* Try to look at the big picture - to review who that person is to you/past behavior
* Try to seek understanding
* Try to give the benefit of the doubt
* Try to reserve emotion & personal judgment until you have made your mind up about a situation
* Try not to internalize every action/comment
* Be open to understanding
* Try to look at the big picture- to see if it even makes sense in the context of the situation

Favorite Soundtrack:  Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack

       Love the movie, or not, you've got to admit that this soundtrack was ah-mazing!! The funniest thing about it is that I actually don't really like Beyonce's  "Crazy in Love" remix-- like it's the WORST song on the soundtrack, lol.  They have great musical stylings by Annie Lennox, Frank Sinatra, Jessie Ware,  The Weeknd (my new favorite voice), and Ellie Goulding! A lot people found this to be the greatest thing to come from the movie, but we all have our opinions, right?  I can safely say that I love this CD, however & will definitely be buying it when it hits the stands... if it hasn't already... which of course means I'm late & need to get on purchasing it!

   Everyone, enjoy your weekend & take care! Write me some stuff below! Thank you to those who take the time to shoot me a line or two about what you thought! Happy Weekend!