Friday, February 13, 2015

Birthday Month!!!

   I'm trying to do better at writing my blogs, as of late... I am always honored and feel loved to see that people actually care about what I have to write about. It's truly humbling. There's a lady that asked me if I was still writing my blogs--which meant a lot to me... (mostly, because it means she's not reading them... (just kidding, lol) but because people enjoy reading something that I enjoy writing... So, enough of the mush-- here's what's been going on... and the reason why I had to skip my blog, last week... (PS- I was busy with car issues & my BIRTHDAY! Didn't have the time or resources-- that's why, lol) 

Favorite Event:  What a Surprise!!!

       I have the best friends!  Once a week, I usually have a few folks over to watch 2 of our favorite shows! It's a great weekly tradition, and last night was one of the best we've ever had!  My friend, Destiny, surprised me by inviting one of my best friends (Judy) to also spend the evening w/us.  Judy drove over an hour to celebrate w/me!  She baked cupcakes, and I had gifts & decorations!  I felt so blessed to have folks who thought enough to plan something special for me!  It's the little things that mean the most!

Favorite Frustration:  Car Issues!!

   I had the worst luck with car issues, this last weekend.  My Intake Manifold Gasket decided to wear out. Basically- it's a seal that goes throughout the top & lower portions of the manifold. If it's bad, antifreeze can leak out, causing you lots of heating & cooling problems & potential damage to the engine.  So, that was happening... and problems with Antifreeze are no joke. It's a problem where the LAST resort is to keep buying more antifreeze.  For one, it's super-expensive to do that err' day. So, it's kind of something you've got to suck up & bite the bullet. Either pay $300 for someone to fix it right away or pay anywhere from $7-$13.99/bottle to band-aid the problem until you can pay the $300 for someone to fix it (ha ha). It's not fun. And the worst thing about it, was when the guy "fixed" my problem by changing the gaskets, he forgot to attach a hose back to the engine. Suffice it to say my engine was circulating the antifreeze out onto the pavement. After driving 20mins, my car was smoking profusely and WORSE than it was when I brought it to them. So long story short & a few price changes later, my dad rolled up his sleeves to help the mechanic fix my car. The original mechanic who worked on my car was not the one my dad wanted to work on it... I would like to reiterate that my dad could've saved me $230 by doing it himself... but because he's from Barbados & 60yrs old... he doesn't work on my cars in the winter time... lol. SMH  Needless to say, all is well, now. Whew! I hate car issues!

Favorite Video:  "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

      I love this! There is so much wrapped up into this one beautiful song. It's whimsical, flirty, magical, romantic, artful, sexual & humorous! What more can you ask?  Ed did such an amazing job with this! I can see it being a great wedding song. I think the lyrics embody the sentiment that most couples want to solidify in their marriages.  I hope one day I'm fortunate enough to use some of my great ideas at my own wedding, lol. #HurryUp,Dude!

Favorite Crush:  James Norton of Grantchester  on Masterpiece Mystery

       So, I had to get away from my wrestling crushes for a minute, to showcase one of my English favorites! James Norton, who plays an unconventional minister on Masterpiece Mystery's Grantchester, is probably one of the sexiest and down to earth ministers people see on television...  I eventually gave in to this strawberry blondie when I gave into the show...  Grantchester takes place in 1950's Grantchester, Cambridgeshire, UK.  Norton plays Canon Sydney Chambers- a village minister who also has a knack for solving crimes alongside rough & tumble detective Geordie Keating (Robson Green).  Adapted from a book series by James Runcie, each episode is packed with suspense & classic "Whodunit?" goodness!  He's someone you're always cheering for!  He reminds me of a Younger Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby, in this series. That, in itself, is a great reason to watch!

Favorite Cover:  Jeremy Green doing a Cover of Sia's "Chandelier" on his Viola

       Dude was getting all kinds of hate on Youtube, mostly due to his "Self Promotion" on another Sia song...  I was not prepared for what I heard, when I listened to this young man strum out Sia's Chandelier.  It instantly made me annoyed at all those haters on the post. I mean, I get it... He did have a moment of self-promotion, but this guy actually has talent. It made me disappointed in the way people responded to him, as if he had none.  There are so many non-talented folks out here trying to make a name for themselves, but someone who's trying to do it legitimately & with skill gets backlash, because he's trying to promote his talent? I only find it annoying if you don't actually have talent... So, I had to change my mind about this guy... He's pretty good-- and if he wants promotion, maybe he should invest in someone doing it for him... He could be the next Miri Ben-Ari if he has enough passion for his craft! I wish we lived in a society that appreciated real & raw talent more than it does.

Well, that's it, folks!! Take care! I'm off for a huge birthday weekend! My birthday was last Sunday, but starting tonight, I have a jam packed month of fun-things! I celebrate all month!



  1. Have a wonderful birthday MabooTiff! I hope your car woes are done and hold up! I want dem mashed taters and ice cream/brownie combo! Hawt Dawg! And that DUDE you're hurrying up better go through my rigorous approval rating first! Nothing but the best for you doll. Smoochz!

  2. Thanks, Love! I appreciate it! My car issues are progressing... but you know... LOL C'est La Vie!