Friday, January 30, 2015

Don't Boo My Baby!

  It's come to the end of another beautiful week!  I'm so ready to be home, but I absolutely stayed after work to get my blog in today!  Here's what's been going on, this week!

Favorite Quote:   I'm not a Pop Tart in the AM!

    If anyone knows me, they know this is entirely true!  Once in a rare while I'll have tons of energy in the morning, but ever since I was little, I've never been that early bird.  I'm definitely a night owl, and it's been even harder getting up, being that I now have "Black Out" curtains!! It's like sleeping in a cozy bear den... well, if you're the bear... if you're a human in a bear den, I'd suggest you re-evaluate how cozy it truly is!!  Nonetheless... Simmons or Beautyrest better not be getting any ideas from this... 

Favorite Crush:  Max Greenfield

    Many of you might recognize Max Greenfield as Schmidt, from Fox's New Girl, but I just like him, in general.  Anytime I've seen interview with him, he seems super genuine & funny. This hottie has a fun & humble personality packed full of humor. you can't get better than that!  But don't get too attached, girls, he's married w/kids.  But he's pretty nice looking eye candy, don't you agree?

Favorite Musical Discovery:  Roman Virgo

       I was browsing through Youtube putting together a new Playlist, and I happened upon this little jewel! I loved his voice & music, and can't wait to complete Roman Virgo's Playlist.  He does a combination of  R&B with Caribbean flair.  More than that, is music videos were pretty cool.  They were how music videos used to be-- where they tell a story or send a message, versus just having big bootied beatiful babes bouncing their butts on the camera lense (Try saying it 5X fast, lol).  I miss the days where music had more substance.  Check out Roman Virgo! 

Favorite  Pin Up:  Stunning Anita Ekberg!

   Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg was a Swedish actress, model, and sex symbol. She is best known for her role as Sylvia in the Federico Fellini film La Dolce Vita (1960).  Ekberg worked primarily in Italy to which she became a permanent resident in 1964.  (Wikipedia)... I found this picture online and thought about how stunning it was! Anita took this in 1955 during the classic pinup era.  She's just so beautiful!  More women need to take a page from that era... Sure, some of the "Peek-a-boo" pinups were pushing the envelope (Especially for the 1950's) but it was almost never overtly sexualized, like it is in 2015.  Some of the sexiest women kept their clothes on (ahem, take a note, Kim Kardashian...) 

Favorite Disappointment:  Roman Reigns gets Booed at Royal Rumble

           I was pretty excited that the folks in Connecticut got snowed in, last Monday for WWE Raw! That meant that WWE Network decided to show the Royal Rumble w/highly publicized Triple Threat Match (John Cena Vs. Seth Rollins Vs. Brock Lesnar) to all the WWE Universe... What I wasn't happy about, was how Roman Reigns (Who won the Royal Rumble, by the way) was treated by the WWE Universe (what we wrestling fans are called) after he had slung the Russian bulldog, Rusev, over the top ropes claiming the Royal Rumble victory.  I admit, Roman Reigns is kind of an intermediate wrestler, but it was just sad to see someone treated like that.  It's a huge honor to win the Royal Rumble, and joy was snatched from him that day.  To win the Royal Rumble means you'll be a contender in the main event for Wrestlemania.

      My only disappointment w/Roman winning, is that we didn't see much of him during the Royal Rumble.  We saw great, long performances by Bray Wyatt, who stayed in the match for 45mins, before he was tossed out-- but Almost every time I saw Roman, he was being backed in a corner or trying to "recover" from being pummeled by one of the other Superstars... Because we didn't see much of him, it was just hard to fathom that he all the sudden is the last man standing. He doesn't have a fancy wrestling style-- most of his technique consists of power moves like the Superman Punch, Spears, and the occasional Samoan Drop... I however, I hate how folks tried to say that he's only the winner because his cousin is The Rock... To me, that's completely dumb.  The entire WWE is made of families & their legacies.  Roman comes from a wrestling FAMILY- not just The Rock.  Natalya Niedhart- wrestling family. Bray Wyatt & Bo Dallas (Brothers) and wrestling family.  New comer Charlotte Flare- Family.... The Usos (the HUGE wrestling Anoa'i family- the same as The Rock & Roman Reigns)... Stephanie McMahon is daughter of Vince McMahon & wife of Triple H-- there are TONS of familial relationships throughout the WWE, but if those folks didn't get in the ring & work for it, or if they were super-poor wrestlers, they wouldn't be having the opportunities to claim the titles.  And above all else, it's absolutely scripted, anyway.

      People take it so seriously, and it sucks, because they get all worked up about things that are pre-destined to happen.  I mean, anyone watching the Casket Match between Kane & Danial Bryan last night, can tell you that!  I loved the match, all the way until [SPOILER ALERT] Daniel Bryan kicked Kane into the casket, and Kane laid down so that he could shut the lid... Really, Kane? He totally got that cozy wiggle on... So people just need to sit back and enjoy the show, and stop making a bunch of serious statements about things that you know they're scripting.  I think Roman's biggest problem is that he's smaller than super-huge power guys like Ryback, Kane, or Big Show... but much bigger than a super athletic/brain guy and flyers like Seth Rollins or Dolph Ziggler.  He just has to find his niche-- but say, Daniel Bryan would have won... The WWE Universe would have gone crazy with joy... and if you think about it, Daniel Bryan's style is just as limited as people feel Roman Reign's.  But whatever... Just don't boo my baby!  lol

   So, I'm cutting this short, because I spent most of the time writing about Wrestling... I might recruit more fans, lol. Let me know what you're watching! 



  1. I am watching Scandal and Homeland. Both so good . Found a new movie you may like. The Good Lie. Give it a try. Very heartwarming. Reruns of Orphan Black are heart stopping good drama . Have a great weekend. It's 75 degrees here.

  2. Stop Bragging, Lexie!! LOL It was -7 yesterday! lol ;) I will have to check out those shows! Thank God For DVR!!