Friday, January 30, 2015

Don't Boo My Baby!

  It's come to the end of another beautiful week!  I'm so ready to be home, but I absolutely stayed after work to get my blog in today!  Here's what's been going on, this week!

Favorite Quote:   I'm not a Pop Tart in the AM!

    If anyone knows me, they know this is entirely true!  Once in a rare while I'll have tons of energy in the morning, but ever since I was little, I've never been that early bird.  I'm definitely a night owl, and it's been even harder getting up, being that I now have "Black Out" curtains!! It's like sleeping in a cozy bear den... well, if you're the bear... if you're a human in a bear den, I'd suggest you re-evaluate how cozy it truly is!!  Nonetheless... Simmons or Beautyrest better not be getting any ideas from this... 

Favorite Crush:  Max Greenfield

    Many of you might recognize Max Greenfield as Schmidt, from Fox's New Girl, but I just like him, in general.  Anytime I've seen interview with him, he seems super genuine & funny. This hottie has a fun & humble personality packed full of humor. you can't get better than that!  But don't get too attached, girls, he's married w/kids.  But he's pretty nice looking eye candy, don't you agree?

Favorite Musical Discovery:  Roman Virgo

       I was browsing through Youtube putting together a new Playlist, and I happened upon this little jewel! I loved his voice & music, and can't wait to complete Roman Virgo's Playlist.  He does a combination of  R&B with Caribbean flair.  More than that, is music videos were pretty cool.  They were how music videos used to be-- where they tell a story or send a message, versus just having big bootied beatiful babes bouncing their butts on the camera lense (Try saying it 5X fast, lol).  I miss the days where music had more substance.  Check out Roman Virgo! 

Favorite  Pin Up:  Stunning Anita Ekberg!

   Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg was a Swedish actress, model, and sex symbol. She is best known for her role as Sylvia in the Federico Fellini film La Dolce Vita (1960).  Ekberg worked primarily in Italy to which she became a permanent resident in 1964.  (Wikipedia)... I found this picture online and thought about how stunning it was! Anita took this in 1955 during the classic pinup era.  She's just so beautiful!  More women need to take a page from that era... Sure, some of the "Peek-a-boo" pinups were pushing the envelope (Especially for the 1950's) but it was almost never overtly sexualized, like it is in 2015.  Some of the sexiest women kept their clothes on (ahem, take a note, Kim Kardashian...) 

Favorite Disappointment:  Roman Reigns gets Booed at Royal Rumble

           I was pretty excited that the folks in Connecticut got snowed in, last Monday for WWE Raw! That meant that WWE Network decided to show the Royal Rumble w/highly publicized Triple Threat Match (John Cena Vs. Seth Rollins Vs. Brock Lesnar) to all the WWE Universe... What I wasn't happy about, was how Roman Reigns (Who won the Royal Rumble, by the way) was treated by the WWE Universe (what we wrestling fans are called) after he had slung the Russian bulldog, Rusev, over the top ropes claiming the Royal Rumble victory.  I admit, Roman Reigns is kind of an intermediate wrestler, but it was just sad to see someone treated like that.  It's a huge honor to win the Royal Rumble, and joy was snatched from him that day.  To win the Royal Rumble means you'll be a contender in the main event for Wrestlemania.

      My only disappointment w/Roman winning, is that we didn't see much of him during the Royal Rumble.  We saw great, long performances by Bray Wyatt, who stayed in the match for 45mins, before he was tossed out-- but Almost every time I saw Roman, he was being backed in a corner or trying to "recover" from being pummeled by one of the other Superstars... Because we didn't see much of him, it was just hard to fathom that he all the sudden is the last man standing. He doesn't have a fancy wrestling style-- most of his technique consists of power moves like the Superman Punch, Spears, and the occasional Samoan Drop... I however, I hate how folks tried to say that he's only the winner because his cousin is The Rock... To me, that's completely dumb.  The entire WWE is made of families & their legacies.  Roman comes from a wrestling FAMILY- not just The Rock.  Natalya Niedhart- wrestling family. Bray Wyatt & Bo Dallas (Brothers) and wrestling family.  New comer Charlotte Flare- Family.... The Usos (the HUGE wrestling Anoa'i family- the same as The Rock & Roman Reigns)... Stephanie McMahon is daughter of Vince McMahon & wife of Triple H-- there are TONS of familial relationships throughout the WWE, but if those folks didn't get in the ring & work for it, or if they were super-poor wrestlers, they wouldn't be having the opportunities to claim the titles.  And above all else, it's absolutely scripted, anyway.

      People take it so seriously, and it sucks, because they get all worked up about things that are pre-destined to happen.  I mean, anyone watching the Casket Match between Kane & Danial Bryan last night, can tell you that!  I loved the match, all the way until [SPOILER ALERT] Daniel Bryan kicked Kane into the casket, and Kane laid down so that he could shut the lid... Really, Kane? He totally got that cozy wiggle on... So people just need to sit back and enjoy the show, and stop making a bunch of serious statements about things that you know they're scripting.  I think Roman's biggest problem is that he's smaller than super-huge power guys like Ryback, Kane, or Big Show... but much bigger than a super athletic/brain guy and flyers like Seth Rollins or Dolph Ziggler.  He just has to find his niche-- but say, Daniel Bryan would have won... The WWE Universe would have gone crazy with joy... and if you think about it, Daniel Bryan's style is just as limited as people feel Roman Reign's.  But whatever... Just don't boo my baby!  lol

   So, I'm cutting this short, because I spent most of the time writing about Wrestling... I might recruit more fans, lol. Let me know what you're watching! 


Friday, January 23, 2015

Changing It Up!

  Well, hello there, my blog-readers! As you know, for a long time, I've been blogging about my favorite things during each week... But today, in addition to that, I've decided to change it up a little bit, because I have come to the conclusion that there are just some people you shouldn't trust in the world... So in this version of The Miseducation of Tiffani Sharice, I'm going to talk about those people... 

1)  Never Trust someone who never talked to you in High School, but all the sudden has their own business as an adult, but seems very adamant about "reconnecting" with you...They were never connected with you in the first place! You've seen this person... they're usually in some kind of direct sales business, and want to sell you stuff.  I actually find it a bit insulting. This has happened to me a few times, where an old acquaintance from High School or College finds you on Facebook or you find them, and what you think is an innocent Friend Add, ends up being an awkward and uncomfortable pushy sales attempt.  There was one girl (specifically) who tried to do this. She was a Mary Kay consultant, and decided that I was going to be her next client. (Pfft!) I knew her from college, but she was more of a friend of a friend of a friend, than an actual friend, if you get my drift.  I didn't ever have her phone number in college, but as soon as I add her as a friend on FB, she gives me her number wants to meet for coffee, meanwhile, I see everything on her page is talking about Mary Kay, etc... So, I ended up unfriending her, because within the first few sentences, she was trying to meet up w/me. That reeks of "Sales Pitch", to me.  Don't act like you're interested in what I've been doing in the 10yrs I haven't seen you, and in the same breath try to pitch me a sale for your brand... Nah, I'll pass. Thanks

2)  Never trust a person who is always with their phone, but never available when you call...I've had a few weirdos like this... MAJOR control issues. Ironically, any friends that I had that did this, were female, not male. I knew a girl like this, that WHENEVER I called her first, she has almost never been able to answer, but when I was with her, her phone pretty much NEVER rang & she always had it within eye sight.  I think it was her attempt to be seen as "busy" or like she had a life, but really, girl? Stop.

3)  Never trust anyone who doesn't like Michael Jackson, with Musical responsibilities...
   I'm just saying... You're not DJing my party if you don't like Jackson 5 or Michael Jackson's music! I get when people don't like the allegations that were brought against him, but you have to be able to separate the allegations from the talent if you want to touch my turntables! There's something wrong if you don't see the genius in his earlier music. I give you a pass for dissing anything after 1999, however.. After that, it was a struggle, until his posthumous song "Love Never Felt So Good"-- which Justin Timberlake put out... Which makes you wonder why he never... Anyway- I'm getting on a tangent...

   Basically, if you don't like such a huge musical icon who has influenced soooo many great artists, how can I trust you not to put on "The Best of Gene Autry" or something, while I'm trying to twerk it out.  NO!  Your DJ card has been revoked! lol

4)  Never trust anyone who never stands up for themselves...

    If they aren't willing to stand up for themselves, why would they stand up for you? I get it.  There are restraints like, in your work environment, where if you go to HAM about something, you could lose your livelihood, or cause long-time discord among your co-workers; but in general situations [outside of work & other places where there are existing boundaries] I don't trust anyone who constantly lets people dump on them or treat them a certain way, but then claims that they're always standing up for other people. Don't trust that heffa! That is exactly the person who will listen to folks talk crap about you, and either keep their mouths shut there or maybe not even tell you.  The old nasty question that always arises is "How come that person felt comfortable enough to talk trash about me in front of you?"  Either they know you aren't going to confront them about it or they'll try to paint you as a snitch for going back to me and telling, or MAYBE you actually agree w/them, and I'm the one with egg on my face... It's all childish, if you ask me. Grown folks (outside financial obligations, of course) should know not to take crap from people.

5) Never trust anyone who never takes their own advice...

      You know these folks... They always have so much to say about your life, but live by the "Do what I say, not as I do" creed.  To me, that's so ridiculous. It makes me wonder what the validity is in your words, if even you don't stick to them... At times, there is validity in the words, but it makes me question why you'd rather be a hypocrite, than to take your own advice.  That's why, I try not to do that, if I can help it.  For instance, a few years ago, I lost a lot of weight, but due to a long depression episode, I gained it all back (and then some)-- So, yes, I know how to lose weight. I know how hard it is to have to be at the gym all the time; which is consequently probably why it's taking so long to recommit myself, but since I'm not currently on that track, you won't see me spewing my "knowledge" onto other folks about losing weight... It just seems like a joke, even though that advice might be absolutely sound- it just falls on deaf ears if you don't back up what you say.  Basically, it proves the point that everyone is on a different path and sees and deals with things differently. Not everything is black & white.  Some things are just more complicated when you're actually in them, as opposed to being an outside observer...

6)  Never trust a perfectionist and anyone who is afraid to make mistakes...

     This is a person who finds fault with most things & doesn't appreciate that sometimes things and people are flawed.  These are folks who don't believe that there is [sometimes] beauty in mistakes.  Mistakes can be powerful tools that we can use to help guide our lives.  Sometimes, they may hurt, they may embarrass us, they may let us down, but they're learning pains.  Now, to folks who keep doing the same mistakes over & over again... well, #6 doesn't include you. That's not what I'm talking about.  It's my strong opinion that folks that are perfectionist tend to be satisfied with very little in their lives, and where there is dissatisfaction, there is misery.  I'm not trying to be around that person, because I'm flawed...

Favorite Quote:  Be a Leader

Favorite Album:  Nate James (Revival Album)

   A co-worker was listening to him the other day, and I really dug his sound.  I love to find new [to me, or to everyone] artists that I'm not familiar with.  This guy has a refreshing R&B sound that you haven't heard since Pop has taken over the airwaves... It reminds me of a time before 2005, when people listened to music that didn't feature a cameo by a rapper or another Pop Star. Check out this album! 

Favorite Disappointment:  Mark Ronson's Uptown Special 

     I really was expecting great things from this album, but it fell flat with me...  I appreciated the musical composition (Mark Ronson's part) aside from Bruno Mar's Uptown Funk and a couple of other tracks, I felt underwhelmed by the artists who performed.  Even one of my all-time favorite artists is on there (Stevie Wonder) and it falls short, because you don't really hear him.  There's something about it that seems "unfinished" to me, I guess.  I'll have to give it another listen, of course, but I think I might have been expecting a mind-blowing album, because Mark Ronson helped Amy Winehouse & so many great artists make amazing music.  Also, I felt like it was great that he had unknown artists on his album, but it almost makes it amateur for them to do more than one song on the album. And he even had a track w/Mystikal that fell short w/me, because it was way too much cursing.  It was so much that I couldn't listen to it, because I was at work... I'll give it another go, but I'm hoping that it's better the second time around, now that I know what to expect. 

Favorite New Adventure:  Casino Night!!

    So, I've never actually been to a casino before, as I'm not a huge fan of wasting money, but I thought I'd go once to see what it's all about.  I can't wait to try my hand to see if I can come out on top.  Who am I kidding? As long as I break even, I'll be good... I'm just looking forward to having a great time w/my girl!

Enjoy your weekend! 

 Let me know what you're up to! 



Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

         Welcome to the new Year, folks! This is going to be short & sweet, because I sprained my wrist, and don't have the staying power, right now, to write out a huge long blog. Also, I have a few topics to talk about. I hope all you guys enjoyed the holidays! Here's what I'm digging, lately... 

Favorite Album:  Ariana Grande Break Free 2014

    So, I'm kind of hating right now. I don't want to love this CD, but I do!  I don't particularly care for Ariana Grande as a person, because from what I've seen & heard of her, she's quite a little brat, a diva, and a liar.  She's always claiming that her "Diva" behaviors aren't true, but you always see pictorial evidence to the contrary... BUT, her CD is really good.  I see why people say she's like "Mariah Carey". I don't believe her voice is like Mariah's, but I do believe she has the same feel to a lot of her songs, my favorite being her collaboration with artist The Weeknd, Love Me Harder.  Check it out!

Favorite Book:  

27:  A History of the 27 Club Through the Lives of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse

   I'm so excited to start this book!  I've always been interested in the tragic phenomenon, which is what they call "The 27 Club".... If you've never heard of the 27 Club, it's what they call a group of extremely talented artists, who all had the misfortune of dying at age 27yrs old.  I haven't read everyone in this book, but I can safely say that most, if not all, of these artists severely used drugs & alcohol, and that is how they met their untimely fates.  I know a little bit about all of them, except Brian Jones. I'm looking forward to reading this!

Favorite Buy (Sorta): Dana Buchman Preston Shooties
     I say "Sorta buy", because I used my Kohl's Cash (gotta love Kohl's Cash!!) to purchase these cute little shooties! I have another pair of black boots, but they cut me off mid-calve, and they look a bit silly when I'm wearing them w/Leggings, or something above the knee. So- I wanted to opt for ones that were ankle length. My other ones also have a heel on them that end up having my feet burning by the end of the day, so I wanted something that was a bit more functional for day-to-day.  These Shooties by Dana Buchman are just the thing I needed!  They are super-comfortable, give me good height & are actually a little more "feminine" looking at the toe than the picture would suggest.  They retail (normally) at $69.99, but I got mine for $35.99 & a sweater, w/my Kohl's Cash... So basically they were no strain on my feet or my wallet!  

Favorite Show:  Mob Wives (New Season)

      Hello, folks, it's time to meet "Rat-ahlie!"  Mob Wives is getting super-juicy, now that Drita has knowledge about Nathalie Guerico's ratty past! The streets are talking, and they say Nathalie is a cop-caller! She had a fight w/an ex & because they were having problems, she called his probation officer... interesting...

      I find Renee, at times, to be a bit High School-ish.  Last night, Big Ang brought Victoria Gotti in to help settle a dispute between she & Renee, and Renee lost her cool because she came to lunch.  If you know Mob history, you know that John Gotti (Victoria's father) died in prison, while Sammy "The Bull" Gravano (Karen's dad) turned state's evidence & is still doing time.  Sammy ratted out Gotti & a slew of other folks, so of course, there is potential for heads to roll if Karen knows that Renee associated w/Victoria.  At the end of the day, Karen takes the high road, and it makes Renee look like an idiot. She was running to tell Karen that she showed up, and in typical Renee fashion, was overly dramatic about nothing.  Karen told her it was no big deal, she has no beef w/the Gottis, and they were both in the same situation.  I wonder how close Renee is to the lifestyle, because she still acts like she's in the thick of it all... She sounds like a wannabe, to me. Not that the Graziano name isn't affiliated, but it just seems that her mob ties have tapered off, now that everyone is getting older & locked up, so now she's grasping at straws to revive a lifestyle that [for her] died awhile ago.  It's not the same as when she grew up, or else she'd be talking about her current situations more than "in the past"... I think Renee needs to realize it's 2015, now...

    Next week's episode is going to be awesome! There's new beef between Renee & Big Ang (Angela)... Apparently, Renee's ex-husband, Junior Pagan, was busted doing a robbery with Big Ang's cousin.  Because Junior turned State's Evidence, Ang's cousin could be getting life for a murder that Pagan committed, just because he decided to rat him out, instead of abiding by the code of the streets!


Favorite Crush:  Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoa'i.... aka  Roman Reigns! 

   Why are all the good ones taken???? Ok, ok... I know it's not like we'd actually be together, but WWE Superstar, Roman Reigns, is my Man Crush for this week!  He's got a lot of what I like. Amazing arms, amazing eyes, a good wide mouth & a  strong nose! Formerly a football player for the Minnesota Viking & Jacksonville Jaguars, Roman debuted his wrestling career in 2010.  Roman is a Samoan/Italian that has so much swag (I know, it's 2015-- but I don't know what the new word is for  His signature move is The Superman Punch, which he doles out handily to anyone who pisses him off! I love watching him in action!

   More importantly, I loved his PSA (above) for, where he & his daughter Joelle are so cute! I think it's so important for guys to hang out w/their kids & do what they can to make sure they have a father who cares & loves them! His wife is a lucky lady!

Favorite Other Crush:  

Tyler Lepley of  tv show The Haves & Have Nots

   I first saw Tyler Lepley on Tyler Perry's The Haves and Have Nots! It's not a show that I continue to watch, but I was instantly attracted to him! Then, I saw him on an episode of The Real & swooned about how down to earth & humble he was.  The funny thing is, you can tell he's also a bit nerdy. Who doesn't love that?  Listening to him talk about his family & how his parents are still married and in love is so endearing.  I don't know that I'll pick back up on the Haves & Have Nots (I don't particularly care for the acting & dialogue, in the series.  It seems like a poorly made drama.  I think TP should stick to plays & movies...) But I wish Lepley the best & hope to see him in more in the future! 

   Well, that's it!! Everyone have a great weekend & Please comment below! :)