Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's the Holidays!!! Reflection


     Helloooo Friends! I haven't written for a few weeks due to so much going on, as far as holidays & get togethers & laziness, lol... So I thought I'd at least end the year with a bit of reflection.  One of the things I've learned about myself this year-- or maybe has become more intensified this year is my intense aversion to this newer "mindset".  Every time I think about it, it makes me think more along the lines of, "I'm getting old"... but I very quickly came to the conclusion that's not true, lol. It's more along the lines of society is getting generic.  For one, people look at others through "Generic Goggles"... Unless someone is trying to get you into a sexual situation, it seems like people just aren't interested in getting to know other people for who they are or appreciate other people, or care about others beyond a "what can they do for me" level.  And people wonder why there's such a push for always having the newest, most updated, and most expensive items as a status marker.  People invest in things, these days, instead of taking time to invest in themselves & into others, It's kind of sad, really.  So, call me old fashioned, but I will dig my heels in and not budge on caring about other people & their lives and valuing experience and time over the new iPhone.  I will forever be resistant to mediums that take me away from caring about what's important and what means the most to me.  I refuse to be out socially & carry on as if my phone is an extension of my arm.  I still value the company I'm with...

       I've been able to look back on some really fun adventures I've had this year... For one, I drove to Chicago by myself... stayed in a hotel by myself... and went to the really interesting Matthew Hussey Seminar... I realized I wasted much money going (because much of the seminar material was covered in the book- which I already owned), but it was a great time to do something for me & to get away for a weekend. It was one of those "grown up" moments (as if I'm not almost 34yrs old, lol). The better thing was that I also got a huge deal on the hotel ( that subsequently relieved the strain on my wallet for having to pay $45 for parking at the Chicago Conrad hotel).  It was an adventure!


    I've realized just how many people actually read what I have to say, on my blogs, even if they don't "Subscribe" to me.  It's really touching to know that people look forward to it, whether they agree with the topics I talk about or beg to differ.  I love how people have acknowledged my voice, even if this blog will never make me any money, or find me any fame... I love doing something I've always done & having others share in that. THANK YOU!! 

        I saw my first (and probably last) Garth Brooks Cover Band in Cleveland with my good friend, Christina & her family... It was so much fun sitting w/my friends, drinking beers, watching children play & making wise cracks about "Fake Garth".  That was nearly a perfect night under the stars, sitting in lawn chairs & being with my friends. I'm not particularly a "Garth Brooks fan", but I'm a fan of my friends.  On that trip, I also got to go to the beach, go to a local brewery (Got the t-shirt) & see how fast the kids were growing.

   I also went on my first Brothels, Bootleggers & Booze walking tour in Cincinnati.  It was so much fun!  I had to climb super far into a cavernous cellar.  I was scared for my life, but it was a good experience once I got out! I would definitely like to go on more tours like that (above ground, however).  I don't remember a word about the history, but it was great to hear it that one day :)

   No one wanted to go to the Testicle Festival with me.

     I got to see a long-time friend give birth to her first kid.  It was a long time coming & such an exciting time.  I actually didn't see it happen, but I was there to meet little Daphne on her Birthday! It was such a wonderful milestone to see that her mama has grown up so much & is now a mama herself.  For one, I've known Jessie since she was in HS... and to see her accomplish so much & now to become a mother was so heartwarming!  Or "Heartworming"... That's funny if you all knew she was a Vet... *crickets*  *crickets*  IT'S FUNNY! lol

        I rediscovered two passions this year that I've neglected over the past few years... WWE Wrestling & the written word.  For the former, I have been a WWF/WWE fan on & off since I was 3yrs old.  I think I get it from my grandmother, lol.  She used to love wrestling, and the fact that I enjoyed it too, made me feel a bit closer to her, even though she lived in St. George, Barbados.   Plus, it's what came on in the 80's after Berenstein Bear's, Getalong Gang, Care Bears & The A-Team animated series. My favorites were Jake the Snake Roberts (and Damien), Junkyard Dog, Andre the Giant, and of course, The Undertaker, Sting, & Hulk Hogan!  Also, I had a bit of Tom Boy in me.  I will use this moment to apologize to my sisters for all the Suplexes & Pile Drivers to their dolls...

       I also rediscovered my love for reading books!  Maybe not "rediscovered"-- because although there are times in my life that I'm more avid in my reading than others, I've at least have read a book or two every few months.  I think it's been more of the appreciation that has grown.  The appreciation to read & comprehend material.  I had a few experiences this year that brought me to tears about how much other people don't know.  Common words & phrases and how to follow instructions that so many folks are clueless about, because they don't read.  My vocabulary is extensively longer and more complex than others who haven't picked up a book since their parents forced them to or who only read when made to do so for an assignment. It's kind of sad, really. So much prospective, so many creative ideas, movies, and just general knowledge of other people & how they behave and what they believe can be picked up in a book.  I learned much more about one of my favorite artists, Amy Winehouse, that I never would've know by just listening to her music.  You get such a sense of lifestyles outside of yourself, simply by picking up a book.  I've learned so much about Jews, historians, Italians, musicians, authors, and eras in time just by cracking a spine of the book or downloading things onto my Kindle. It's a shame how much people miss when they don't value being able to read.  

    I briefly started learning Italian-- which I still would like to learn.  It's just that after 5 discs, I cannot speak the entire language- who would've thought? lol So- That will definitely be something to continue in 2015.  I will have to invest in a way to learn more about Italy...

       I also MOVED in 2014!! After 9 long years living in the same apartment, I finally decided to move to an actual complex.  It's one of the best decisions I made, this year.  Not only am I living in a much better place & not stressing the dollar like I thought I might, I'm also much happier.  It turns out, my new place is actually BIGGER in many ways.  There's only one room that isn't bigger.  I never realized how much I was missing and (more importantly) how much my old place depressed me...  I never realized how much my old place was bringing me down until I forced myself out of my comfort zone & decided to embark on a new chapter in my life.  Moving did so much for me!  It felt like a "new start" with all new furniture, a balcony, and new untainted memories... and not loathing every time  I came home to see my neighbors doing one no good thing, or another.  And I like the fact that this complex monitors what people do on their properties.  You can't step too far out of line w/o people notifying you... for instance, you can't build a makeshift glider out of dumpster dive cache & expect no one to do anything about it.  There are things called "leases", so I don't have a new neighbor every 2 months-- who could either be a drug dealer or drug user.  No random people knocking on my door in the middle of the night looking for someone called "Duane"-- who I've never heard of.  It's a good life where I live, now.  My neighbors are still a pain at times (mostly noise), but I feel safer than before.  My drive is closer & I have a balcony (which I've always wanted). <-- had to reiterate that, lol.

        So as this has already gotten incredibly long, and there are many more things I could say. I want to end on that note & say that I hope you continue to strive for "more" in your life.  Strive for new opportunities... Strive for new places... Strive to not lose touch with real people, and not just have online relationships... Sure, document things with pictures, but realize that not everything needs to be shared with the world & strangers.  Save some memories for yourself & live in the moment instead of living to post something online.  I'm a firm believer that we don't experience life to the fullest, because we're so busy trying to show "the world" and the internet how much "fun" we're having.

Have a great Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, etc. & a Happy New Year!
Say Goodbye to 2014 knowing that you've lived life, instead of just posting about it! (yes, I noticed the irony being that this is a life-blog, but you know what I mean! lol) 


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