Friday, November 14, 2014

Might Have Unpopular Opinions, but Whatevs...

Hey Everyone! 
   Welcome to another fast end to a long weekend!  I hope you've all been enjoying your lives, as I have been... Let's talk about some of those things! How about:

Favorite Condition:  Squinty Eyes courtesy of Fall

   I'm glad it's not all in my head... but this week, I've had the worst bought with my allergies!  Apparently, this is the Harvest time of year, when all the farmers are bringing in their crops (ha ha ha) I know, "NEWSFLASH", right?  Turbines are going crazy & something about a polar vortex has caused me to look like our girl, Selma Blair up there ^^^ I'lll be happy when it doesn't feel like I've been chopping onions all day.

Favorite Bad Movie:  The Lovely Bones

     This movie has been out for awhile, but thanks to our lovely local library, I had the opportunity to watch it last week... This movie was so unnerving that I started taking notes about how crazy it was.  If I could describe it in one word, it would be "Disjointed"... The directors experimented with all kinds of moods & feelings, when in all actuality, some of those feelings really didn't need to be expressed in this kind of movie.  It makes me mad, because it really could've been a great movie, but it turned into a trippy disjointed mess.

       The basic plot of the movie is of a teenage girl (Susie Salmon) who is going through her normal "teenage dream" stage, where she's in love with a cute boy, hates her parents, loves her friends & being a typical teenager... Then, one day, while walking through a cornfield, she ends up getting herself in a bad situation, where she ends up dying.  The back of the case says something like "Susie Salmon is gone, but she's trying to help her father find her killer & solve the crime" or something... But the whole thing was just weird.  For the rest of the movie, Susie ends up in a weird Alice in Wonderland-like purgatory, where basically, it's like she's in a snow globe & we can't hear her.

     For starters, what's up with the grandmother? Susan Sarandon played the role of the spicy grandmother, who cared about passion and beauty tips... And was apparently "very close" with Susie... But the problem was, when she died, she was very stoic in any kind of emotional attachment to her. It's like she didn't even acknowledge it on some level. If I was supposedly so close to grandma, I would think she'd be able to conjure up a tear or two on my behalf, without worrying about ruining her makeup. Her character was also very comedic, where the movie was a drama.  The surprising part was that she was the BEST character, in my opinion.  Everyone played a good role, in fact, but for some reason, Sarandon's character just stood out-- and really didn't belong in this movie.  I don't mind ruining the movie for you, but just in case you'd like to see the movie:  ***SPOILER ALERT** Don't read beyond this point, if you're thinking about watching the movie. Resume when you see the asterisks, again... 

 But, it sucks that in the end, the child molesting neighbor never gets justice!  He dies, yes, but he's never found out by the authorities.  In fact, Susie's sister is the sleuth that catches him read handed, AND has proof... She went through a lot to get that proof, too... and at the end of the day, she only tells her grandmother; who never tells anyone of importance.  It just grits on your nerves! You spend the whole movie just knowing he'll be found out & justice will prevail-- but NOPE! He just falls off a cliff and dies- fade to black.  Now, I didn't miss the irony & symbolism in how he died compared to how Susie died, which was creative... but overall absolutely unsatisfying.***

   So anyway- I spent a lot of my time yelling at the t.v. saying "Oh, Come On!!!" (Yeah- I actually do that, lol) and just couldn't wait  for it to be over.  I have this sickness that doesn't allow me to just quit a movie in the middle, no matter how boring it might be, lol. Silly Me... But good luck if you're gonna see this one, folks!

Favorite Controversy:  
Kim Kardashian vs. Grace Jones Vs. Saartjie Baartman (Sarah Bartmann) 

     Oh, Kim Kardashian West... when will your attention seeking come to an end?  For one, I had no idea that Grace Jones (left) did this same picture in the 70's & that it was controversial even back then.  People, all over, are trying to compare it to the racial exploitation in the 1800's & slavery times... I agree with the fact that in those times, it was degrading and hurtful.  I even see the comparisons-- the same way I did when someone brought Sarah Bartmann up when Miley Cyrus was freaking big booty black women on the stage, and them exploiting themselves.  I see the similarities.... But suffice it to say, it's not always a racial implication every time a big booty girl does something foolish.  This is 2014, and unlike Sarah Bartmann, they're exploiting themselves.  They aren't being made to do it, and I believe racial insult is the pairing of ignorance, desensitization, and knowledge... In order to offend someone or a group of people (in this manner) it takes knowledge-- and in this case, the knowledge of the historical fact that Sarah Bartmann was a slave entertainer/prostitute. She was put in a Freak Show ( as were common in circuses back in the day) where folks with different (perceived or unperceived) abnormalities were put on display for the price of admission.  These entertainers (as in Sarah Bartmann's case) were often exploited, fondled, abused & used... So in order for Kim or Grace Jones, Julianna Hough or Miley Cyrus to truly be offensive, they have to know the history behind it... 

SideNote:  That's why I gave Julianna Hough that pass when she tried to be Crazy Eyes  (From Orange is the New Black)  for Halloween last year, and caught all that flack being accused of doing "Black Face"-- which was something entirely different, by the way.

    I would hope that with the knowledge of those things, that those ladies wouldn't want to intentionally be disrespectful...I also think the our society is just generally desensitized of our pasts.  For one, most folks don't know their own culture, unless they're particularly interested in it-- and they don't take the time to learn about other cultures, either. People don't usually care about anything that doesn't concern them or their inner circle-- or for the fellow man.  There's very little people who thirst to know the history of things, so as to not repeat (or offend) in the future.  There's such a "get over it; if you don't like it keep scrolling..." type of mentality.  In 2014, we've morphed into self-absorbed, desensitized petulant children... So, it takes a lot to truly be offensive.  At the end of the day, [and it's sad to say] people don't care about the plight of Sarah Bartmann & others like her in 2014.  People take for granted the struggle that our forefathers endured for our sake-- and they just don't care.  

Favorite Video:  Kim Kardashian Must Have Changed her Mind, I guess... 

I just thought this was funny, in light of all the naked photoshoots Kim has done. I don't watch her show (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) anymore, but I find it really funny how quickly she changed her mind.  At the end of the day, she better never open her mouth to cry or complain about tastelessness of a photo shoot or indecency.  When her sex tape with Ray J leaked, she came out all prim & proper and remorseful about the tape.  Several times, she's been adamant about trying to keep some modesty in what she did.  She was trying to thwart off being called a "Porn Star", etc... but over the years, it's clear she's changed & singing to a different tune.  I believe Kanye has a lot to do with it, and of course, Momager, Kris... I think she feels, now that she's got her man (married to Kanye) she doesn't have to worry about her "future" husband thinking she's a slut... It's just sad to see how manipulated she can be.

That's it, folks! Comment, post, etc... Let me know your thoughts, if you're reading! Have a great weekend! Take Care... 


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