Friday, October 24, 2014

Just Thinking...

    This week has flown by, once again-- and this time, I've noticed that I've been doing a lot of reflecting.  This is what I've been thinking about... 

Favorite Show: Downton Abbey

    I know it's not a new thing, but I'm into the third season of Downton Abbey!  At first, I didn't realize what all the hype was about- and being that it started off on some kind of exclusive cable channel (HBO or something like that) I couldn't watch when others were raving about it... But, in regular "Tiffani" fashion, I'm happier viewing it this way, anyway, for the most part.  For starters, I can rip through the episodes, which are about 2hrs each, without waiting between weeks.  This show is so gripping, though, that it's a good thing that I can start from the beginning. I'm pretty sure I started watching in season 4, so I'm almost caught up.  But I just love English Life.  There's something so interesting to me about the 1900's English nobility, and all the frivolous things they worried themselves with, in the day.  They found their attention to class & refinement to be the upper echelon of society, when today, it's laughable.  I'm watching this, and laughing at some of the crisis that was caused because someone's "livery" is too snug or a family was short a Footman for the night... But on top of that, the drama is classic, the characters are original, and the scenery & props are amazing!

Favorite Journal:  Q & A Journal

   Another blogger I read told her viewers about this awhile back, and I just realized how cool it really is, and finally bought one!  It's basically a 5-year mini-journal, where each day, it asks you a question for you to think about.  Some of the questions are meaningful & deep, and others are just quirky, like 'Who is the last person on your call log?'  Then, when you get done with the first year, you repeat it the next year (for the next 4yrs) and you can see exactly what you wrote the year before.  It doesn't leave you much room, so it's an easy Jot down... Now, if you keep another journal (which I do) it may inspire you to write more... Such a fun idea! 

Favorite scare:    Spooky Clowns

  So I'm not afraid of clowns, but I thought this was hilarious when I posted it on my friend, Jen's page... She's  terrified.  I didn't grow up celebrating Halloween, but now that I'm older, I'm reveling in all the fun of the season! 

Favorite Event:  Pretty Little Liars

    Destiny, dressed as "A" lol

(our "A" cupcakes)

Destiny going after my sister, Shay! OH NO! 

    So, my sisters and I are big Pretty Little Liars fans- and we were pretty excited for the big Halloween Special-- Although we had a lot of fun at the party I threw (above pics) I would be remiss to say that we were a little disappointed in the "Halloween Special", to say the least.  But as disappointed in the Halloween Special, as I was, I was more disappointed in the rudeness & computer balls of some of the fans.  I went on the Fan Page to express that I was disappointed that there was no actual episode, and I could tell from the page that it was about the sentiment of50/50 of the other responses overall.   It's become sort of a tradition that there's a Halloween Special each year, it's one episode that's shown off season, that adds the season. There were a lot folks disappointed that instead of an actual episode, this year, they did a Q&A cast/fan appreciation hour.  So basically, it was a bunch of Cast Recaps & Fans commenting on past seasons & their favorite parts of PLL.  

         Now, To their credit, I guess they've been announcing for some time that it was a Q&A "Fan Appreciation" hour (-- from what the people bashing my comments had to say, lol).  Now, in the past, though, they've done Q&A during commercial breaks, so even if someone did see those posts, it's still not guaranteed that people would have understood it as such. If over half the people on the site felt the same way, then it's a pretty good indication that the message wasn't received well. It was just disheartening to see how many people were being rude & bashing other people, and making snotty remarks on the page-- saying that "the real fans knew..." One girl had the audacity to say something to the effect of "If you were so excited about it, how hard is it to go to the fan page every once in awhile to find out?"  I wanted to be like, "Look, Moron, I live a real life. I unfollow the posts, because they junk up the feed (Facebook)-- and why would I go to the page when it's off season?"  But instead of getting into a petty argument over a tv show, I decided to be an adult and let it go, lol.  It's just appalling to me how nasty people get about the dumbest stuff online, though.  

Favorite Project:  Owlie Pumpkin


   So, this is my Pumpkin this year!  I have an Owl theme in my kitchen, so I thought it would be really cool to paint an owl.  I'm really happy about how it turned out, and I didn't need to get any ideas from Pinterest, lol.  No offense to Pinterest (because I do like it) or to those who find creativity difficult, but it just seems that people are handicapping themselves in 2014... People don't take the time to try and think things through for themselves.  It seems like every opportunity for originality is met with a portal to some kind of technology that can do it for you. I find myself holding my tongue a lot, because I know other's feelings might get hurt... But I'm just realizing why my soul rebels against manufactured creativity... For one, it doesn't challenge you to be original, everything else online comes from other people's creativity.  Sure, it's a good place to find ideas, but for me, it's a last resort, or I use it as a way to collect the random bits of pieces I'm going for.  It's just sad that people have no drive to do it or themselves... Apparently, I have a big problem  with living your life relying solely on unoriginal & uninspired ideas/concepts, lol.

Favorite Article:  Comforting friends in grief

   I read this article in Psychology today about Grieving & Suffering, and I found it to be helpful and interesting. I saw it on a page of an old HS friend who recently lost her daughter, and thought it would be worth the read. It really was.  I generally try to be a little more considerate and thoughtful, when it comes to when expressing my condolences-- as well as being original.  I was thankful that I don't usually create these faux pas! 

  Well, that concludes today! I'm going to get some Indian Food... Lately, that Chicken Tikka Masala has been calling my NAME! What's going on with you? Let me know!



  1. Tiff,
    Where do you find that journal at? It seems right up my alley?

    1. You can get them on and they have a few different versions, as well... I think a 2yr and 5 yr or 7yr, etc... I can't wait to start mine at the New Year! You don't have to start at the New Year, either, but it is nice for all the years to be even, you know?