Friday, October 10, 2014


   I'm excited for today! I get to go home early, after a long week at work!  Some interesting & thought-provoking things have happened this week... Some good, some bad... but nonetheless, they've happened, and we're better for having the opportunity to stop and think about them... Here they are! 

Favorite Video:  Can We Auto-correct Humanity?

   I saw this video, and felt glad that I'm not the only one feeling like we're becoming droids.  For one,  I'm a person who likes authenticity-- so, this manufactured, cookie-cutter way we're doing relationships isn't working for me.  For starters, people don't really value other people, unless there's a tragedy.  How many times are you with a group of friends, and the majority of them are texting or posting online, while you're trying to have a good time together?  And let's not forget that every activity, every event, and pretty much every meal has to be posted online??? I know my friends are irritated with me, because they don't really understand how much it aggravates me that people can't do ANYTHING without posting it online, these days.  I feel like posting every get-together & time you do things w/your friends, cheapens the experience, eventually. Sure, it's fun in that moment, but people just rely so much on technology to remember the good times for you, rather than treasuring them.  And really? Do you need to be connected ALL the time? Does everyone have to know EVERYTHING about you?  I love social media & technology-- but not at the risk of losing real relationships...

Favorite Book:  Amy, My Daughter

   If you've read my blog for awhile, you know that I'm a big Amy Winehouse, fan.  Amy's music got me through some really truly rough times, in my life.  I want to absorb the true essence of her music & her style (in a sense)... One thing that is sad about artists who past, is that you can only love them through their pasts... I'll never get to go to an Amy Winehouse concert.  But, I hope I'll begin to see more about her, through her father's book.

Favorite Gripe:   Ultimate Empathy vs.Extreme Narcissism... 

   FYI- I do NOT love our narcissistic society... I've had the displeasure to witness great hardships, this past week. A friend's daughter committed suicide, and another friend's mother passed away... It is inevitable, given a tragedy is someone else's life, that some idiot will take the family's suffering, and try to turn all the attention on themselves.  It's really sad, because it's not about them! My favorite brand of extreme narcissism, are the people who post things on social media, to people who will never ever see/understand it-- as if they're posting it to that person alone... all they're really saying is "Look at me, look at me!!"  Posting prayers & posting messages to dead people... It's all far too attention-seeking for me... Let me expound on that... It's more like "passive-aggressive attention-seeking"--- two things I loathe.  For one, if you seek attention, at least be upfront about it. If you feel the need to express a loss online, then do just that! Talk about how you feel... but don't pretend that you're talking to that person, and no one else can read your post...It's annoying.

      I feel it comes from an extreme sense of entitlement. There are some folks that are just so self involved, they can't let other people have anything to themselves, even if it is grief & pain... Instead they have to ingratiate themselves into the thick of everything, and try to glean as much attention as possible, when really, it probably has very little to do with them.  And there will always be some moron who says things they shouldn't say... Such a bad case of "not the right time..." In grief, people generally don't want to hear that it was anyone's fault... To my horror, a relative did this at my Great Aunt's funeral, and (sadly) it's been the only thing I can remember anyone saying about her, that day... It's not the time to assign blame.  It's a time to gain strength from family & friends, remember what was good about the person & memorable moments.  I know everyone deals with grief differently, but I can say, it's probably safe to say that a bunch of self-serving negative comments about your own personal issues, is no help to anyone...

Favorite Movie:  Gone Girl


     I read this book a few years ago, and was so pleased that it was made into a movie... Of course, there's always that anxiety that the movie won't be a good as the book (which is why I usually like to see the movie, first)-- but this movie left NOTHING to be desired!  Each moment is gripping & you sit on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next (even if you already know, because of the book-- man, I hate a spoiler!).  You get drawn into the sick world of revenge, manipulation, public image, betrayal and truth.  This move is a MUST SEE!

  Well, I'm off to my weekend! Hope you can do the same soon! Let me know how you feel, even if you don't agree! Trust me, I am not one of those "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" types, lol... I can handle a healthy disagreement... What I don't handle is disrespect- there's a difference. Comment below!

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