Friday, September 19, 2014

Not Flaking This Week!

   This week has been entirely too crazy! Seriously, I woke up this morning and saw a bottle of wine in my wine rack, and thought, "Tonight, I'm gonna drink that whole bottle..."-- I won't--- but it was funny that I seriously thought that. So it should surprise you that I'm taking time to do this! I need to get better at posting & saving during the week, so that I can just do finishing touches on Fridays, like I used to... I'll work on it... in the meantime...

Favorite Sitcom:  The Mindy Project, Season 3

    Can I say, I've been salivating over the premiere of The Mindy Project for a few weeks, now, and SOOO glad it's finally here!  This pic is the part where Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) puts on a strip tease for his girlfriend, Mindy.  You'll have to watch the episode to see why & how they ended up in this predicament, but let me just always, hilarity ensues! 

Favorite Gripe:  Too "Skinny" vs. Too "Fat"

    It's probably really de classe` for me to say this, but I'm going to anyway, because I am tired of rolling my eyes & feeling insensitive for my thoughts... but I'm so tired of the whole "too skinny vs. too fat" debate that seems to always break out, online whenever anyone posts any issue about body image... The problem is, I wish people would just keep it real.  Suppose there is a random group of people ranging in size, anywhere from "average" to "obese", commiserating about the difficulties of not having the ideal body... inevitably there will always be a thin girl who tries to act like being seen as "too skinny" is an equal side of the same coin.  Hate to tell you, but IT'S NOT!

    Now, I won't be entirely too insensitive & say that women who wish they were curvier, had bigger breasts, curvier hips or have had comments made to them, about how skinny they are don't get irritated or their feelings hurt, sometimes... I'm sure there is some validity to people who actually are ridiculed for it, because they actually do look "boney"...  However, I feel like the majority folks who say skinny folks suffer the same way, are exaggerating, entirely.  The media & society are constantly fat-shaming  I would like to see the person who thinks they're too skinny volunteer to "trade places" with an overweight or obese person... and not like in the "Voluptuous in the right places" kind of overweight- I mean, big belly, fupa, cellulite, round face, jiggles when you walk, breaking weight capacity, fat-fat... Any takers?

   For starters... the skinnier you get, they don't start making uglier clothes for you.  Being a woman with substantial extra weight immediately puts you into the "ugly grandma" "Solids" or "overpriced cute but cliche", clothes... This is probably the most shallow of all the ways it's not the same... more significant proof being that people pretty much always forgive that someone is "naturally skinny" and has a hard time putting on weight-- but for some reason, they think a fat person should just be able to eat less & go to the gym 2-3 times a week, and be back to "normal" in a month.  Society also always makes negative stereotypes about fat people.  No one is ever really seen for "trying to lose weight" unless there's a dramatic visual change, or you physically see them sweating in a gym. Until then, you're stuck with the label, until you can blend in with all the other "normal sized" people. They've been overlooked & passed up for jobs, had judgment calls about their lifestyles, been called mountains of unacceptable names that society excuses, just because they're overweight!

    What's the first insults kids learn when they are kids? Ugly, Fat... Big Fat... etc...  I could go on about this, and bring on so many points, but I'm also not trying to make this my entire blog... I love my skinny friends & family- This is not about jealousy or shaming anyone for being thin. I am striving to get "fit, too-- But it's about realizing that it's a little bit of a slap in the face to most of us who struggle w/our weight issues, and a society that tells us we're not good enough, on a daily basis vs. The few times a year Aunt Kathy makes an insensitive comment or the few occasions you might need padding in your bra, but the world is pretty much ok with you. I'm just trying to say that I'm sorry, my skinny friends, but the world does not treat you the same way if you happen to be too thin, as if you're a bit or a lot overweight. Yes, people who want to lose weight & those who want to gain BOTH struggle in the fight for body acceptance, but still, it's not the same fight  and I'm so sick of people acting like it is.


    Ok, so I might be more excited about this than most people, simply because I'm a bit of a Lauren Conrad fan! This chic is amazing! I had the pleasure of meeting her at a book signing a few years back, and she was just so sweet & kind.  I also admire how she's handled her fame.  Where are other members of The Hills? Not really doing anything.  The only person I know that has been able to parlay their exposure from The Hills into a reputable presense is Audrina Patridge, who just hosts some cooking show.  I haven't heard anything from Whitney's clothing line in years, Lo Bosworth just moved to New York to try to grow her brand... but Lauren has been the only one to fully stay somewhat relevant over the years.  Brody Jenner would be a close second, but he's also tied in with The Kardashian Klan and has a famous last name.  Speaking of Brody, I always hoped they'd get back together, but I guess he missed out... 
   I just love how I've gotten to know about Lauren through her website & to see that she's a lot more "down to earth" than you would think.  It's really cool to see pics of her real-life friends and to peek into the "real" LC... We know that, we'll never be able to see the truest depiction, but she just seems like a very versatile chic & I love that! Congratulations Mrs. Tell! 

Favorite Controversy:  Race Card FAIL!

    So... Nothing hurts civil rights cases more when folks misuse the "Race Card"... And don't date people for who they are, rather than for novelty.  When you are constantly reminded & thinking about the racial differences between you or another person, of course you're going to be extra sensitive to it publicly.  When this story of Daniele Watts broke (Actress on Django), I was appalled and on her side.  The article I read seemed so irritatingly wrong, especially in the light of so many other racial killings, lately.  So, imagine my disgust when it is exposed that Daniele was actually trying to pull the old Okey-doke on America??? I saw the pics & listened to the audio of her entire interaction w/the police.  Aside from Daniele being over-sensitive & misusing her race to get out of a situation, the real scandal is with her boyfriend, Brian Lucas, a RAWKstar Chef... 

      He absolutely & totally threw her under the bus. I personally think the whole thing is a ploy to boost their popularity.  I'm not saying that she has never justifiably had reason to play a race card (as in This article), but in this situation, she made a scene during the wrong arrest.  For one, I think they were having sex in the car. No- I wasn't there, but everyone is acting like "Oh, she was fully clothed..." That hasn't stopped plenty of people, trust me... 

   But other than the photos & her dramatic behavior on Audio, she might have had more of a population that believed them--- except for the fact that her boyfriend basically tried to befriend the cop.  He sided with him and basically pointed the finger at her as the "crazy irrational over-sensitive black lady..."  "Here she is, another black person pulling the race card, again... When will they learn?"  It's total crap, if you ask me!  This is the reason why so many senseless killings are happening around the world, and people are looking the other way. She wasn't making a stand for a rightful situation-- and now, her entire credibility is shot (for now, at least), ESPECIALLY since her man didn't back her up.  saying "She has a problem, she'll work through this... She works on herself... She's just sensitive..."  Every time someone does this, and does it so publicly, any time a REAL injustice happens, people rush not to believe it or to be skeptical that anything "racial" happen... But just go on TMZ or other social media sites, and see all the hateful & racial things people say.  So, even though there are bad seeds out there trying to publicize themselves, there are tons that aren't being taking seriously & are suffering for it... 

  It's getting late, and I'm going out tonight!  Hopefully I'll bet more organized with this next week! Toodle-loo!! 

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