Friday, August 22, 2014

Catching Up!

   It's been awhile, huh? Well, unfortunately, this is going to be short, but I wanted to shoot out a blog really quickly for you all! I've been thinking about you guys, too-- even though I haven't posted in a couple of weeks! My life has been one plan after another, and spending the extra time to do this (even though I love writing these) isn't always convenient!  So let's get on with it!

Favorite Movies:  Fruitvale Station

   I know this isn't a new movie, per se-- but I didn't want to see it when everyone was talking about it (in typical Tiffani fashion)... I wanted to get my own reactions, and in light of the latest nationally publicized police MURDER, I wanted to see this movie.  It's the story of Oscar Grant... A man who was senselessly gunned down for no reason other than social stereotypes.  It's a scary thing that this goes on every day.  This movie was definitely worth renting!

Favorite Cause:  ASL Bucket Challenge Explanation

  So, I was getting a little annoyed about this whole "Ice Bucket Challenge" because it just seemed like a bunch of "Monkey See, Monkey Do" which is NOT my style at all... Now, don't judge too quickly. You'll have to understand that I had been seeing this for WEEKS with no explanation as to a) Why people were dumping buckets of ice water on their heads and b) What ALS was (it's Lou Gehrig's Disease, by the way).  On top of that, coming off of the cusp of dangerous challenges where people were burning themselves alive (dumb) etc, it just seems like another stupid "Facebook" attention seeking tactic.   It wasn't until I started seeing videos actually explaining that it was actually for a cause, and that people were urged to donate money, that I started to "get it".  This Video was probably the most profound of all the ALS videos I've seen. No one knows it's such a debilitating disease if you never tell anyone, and all you do is dump ice on your head.  So kudos to Anthony Carbajal & others who are actually showing a link & sharing real information about this terrible disease. And I encourage you all to know the "Rules" of the ALS challenge, as well. If you participate, whether or not you dump water on your head, you're still supposed to be donating money ($10+ Ice Bucket Challenge) ($100- if you don't do the ice bucket), or whatever you want, if you just want to donate.  But I urge you all to check out this video in it's entirety.

Favorite Documentary:  Hitler's Children

    Not everyone knows this about me, but I love watching documentaries, especially when it comes to The Holocaust or Slavery.  I rented 3 documentaries this week, one about the Underground Railroad, One about living in England in the 1940's during the war, and this one, a story about the descendants of the Nazis who terrorized so many during The Nazi Third Reich Regime.  This was a moving documentary where the children & Grandchildren of these awful monsters, shared their feelings about growing up with infamous last names.  It was important to these folks to find forgiveness and redemption for what their ancestors did.  Many folks have a hard time excepting this-- because unlike formal slavery of the blacks, this happened far more recently.  This was a touching & interesting documentary, you should definitely find!

Favorite Video:   Sadie Doesn't Want Her Brother to Grow Up...

  Who doesn't love a good laugh like this!! Ha ha This girl is too cute!

Favorite Book:  I Think I Love You by Allison Pearson

I quite liked this book. I actually didn't read it myself, I had it read to me, via Audio CD, lol! It's a delightful story about an introspective & insecure girl who finds her way through life & love through her super fandom of performer David Cassidy. It intertwines with another story about a lack luster editor who "writes" for the Essential David Cassidy magazine. He basically pretends to be David Cassidy, while young girls across England (It took place in London & Wales) swoon over every drop he writes. Overall, I'd say I would have to give it 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. It was cute, and interesting, but the overall ending was a little uneventful and didn't match the rest of the book. But it's definitely worth the read.

Favorite TV Show:  Candidly Nicole

So, I love Nicole Richie! Did you know that?  The girl is hilarious! And although I suspect she's putting on for the cameras a bit, she's totally a girl I'd want to hang out with! She's Kookier than I am, and I think that this show is a great representation of some of the things we love about her! Since seeing her on The Simple Life w/Paris Hilton, she's always had a special place in my heart! Love that kid! Check her out! 

   Well, off to get ready for this benefit I have to go to tonight! Let me know what you're getting into & what you've learned, recently! 



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