Friday, July 25, 2014

Learning and More Learning...

   I generally claim to be a very self-actualized person... but there's always room for improvement, right? I know what you're saying..."Oh, Tiffani... we can't possibly think of ANYTHING you might need to change about're simply fantastic!!"  So, yeah, you're probably right, but regardless, I still found a few areas of my life I'd like to change.  I even started this post last week (which I didn't publish, but have saved for another post) but I thought it'd be better to go in another direction.  So, here we go w/this week!

Favorite Live Coach/Public Figure/Author/This Week's Crush/Amazing Brit:  Matthew Hussey

   So, this seems a little fru-fru & frilly...Oh...Love...ewww... But, there are so many things that love encompasses.  For one, it starts with recognizing things about yourself.  One of the major things that I recognized by going to Matthew's seminar in Chicago, was that I have both the blessing & curse of enjoying my own company.  I do not mind being alone. I love to do whatever I want. I love to read, to veg out in front of a tv, to sleep, to do a craft, etc..etc... but too often, those things will not bring the OTHER thing I want in my life, which is a family of my own. The blessing is I'm rarely bored... I can always find something to do. The curse comes with the fact that I will meet very few people (socially or romantically) hanging out in my apartment or at my friends' houses. And considering the only people I meet at my house are my neighbors (Nope, no- we already learned not to date our neighbors in Joshua-gate 2005, lol) and the delivery people like the Postman and Pizza Guy... and since it took 9yrs at my last apartment for the pizza guy to ask me out...and even so, after I told him I was moving, I don't think that's the direction I want to go (ha ha).  So, these days, I'm making more of a concentrated effort to get out there and just be involved in my community, city, social scene, etc.  Overall, I enjoyed Matthew's seminar a lot. there were a few things that were a little crazy about it, but it was a great experience. Plus he's super attractive on the inside & out!

Favorite Trailer:  (OK, I was stretching for this one, lol) Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

   So, many people know my feelings about this book series.  Don't get lost in all of the sex. Get lost in the entirety of them! The story is so good! And the trailer has come out! Can't wait until the movie in February! It's going to be challenge for them to be as great as the books!

Favorite Hotel:  Courtyard Marriott of Arlington, IL (Chicago)

 The beautiful bed I got to sleep in!

 You can even send your laundry out, if you're fancy... 

 The Lounge area... 

The beautiful view (through the screen door)

   I won't go into great detail about this room, but I can say that I was thoroughly impress for only paying $68.00 through!  Yes, folks, $68.00!!  It was definitely a sweet deal. My only major complaint was about them being sneaky & charging you for a liter of water left in the room (and then them double charging me, as well)... but that's in a lot of hotels, right?  Still not cool... but whatever. It was an amazing time!

Favorite *NEW* Adventure:  Brothels, Bootleggers & Booze Tour, Cincinnati, OH

    This weekend, I will have a chance to experience the Brothels, Bootleggers, and Booze tour in Cincinnati, OH!  It’s going to be so much fun. I’m going to get to learn about a lot of the local history of the Cincinnati area during prohibition time, and see the actual secret passageways, etc. They are not only going to provide great history, but they'll be allowing us to have a meal and sample beers along the way.  I'm not a huge drinker, but I do believe this will be a fun and unique thing to do! I'm so excited about it! 

Favorite Revelation: I am Officially Grown..

   Regardless of your political beliefs, this quote is awesome. (Because I know that there are some folks that are so narrow-minded, that just the mention of a politician (or politician's wife) of an opposing party is scoffed, mocked, or sneered at before even realizing what's being said.)  I had a few challenges this week that made me sit back and think, "Hmmm, you're really grown, aren't you?" Despite my playful & fun-loving nature I am very reflective & introspective at times, as well.  There were a few times this week, where I recognized,  that a lesser confident woman may have taken some of the things that were said personally.  But, because I know who I am, I know where I stand in my beliefs, I own my opinions and implore others to do the same, it makes me unfrazzled when people accuse me of being something I'm not. So what other BS light other folks might try to paint you in, is irrelevant.  It's like someone trying to convince me that I'm Green... I'm not green, I know this for a fact. I used to feel that way about "Gold Diggers", too.  I used to be so afraid that a guy would thing I was a gold digger-- so I always tried to go Dutch or didn't want them going out of their way for me, for fear that the guy would think that.  It stems from a reputation another member in my family had... But I guess, in that circumstance, I didn't give others enough credit to be able to decipher his actions from mine... Eventually, I grew up and realized like the old adage says... "I'm rubber... and you're glue..." Even though what they're saying doesn't necessarily stick to them... at least it's not sticking to me either, because it's not who I am. It's just fact. 
     I hope to never be a person who refuses to grow and learn or respect others' opinions or beliefs and defend their right to have their own opinions. I'm glad that I recognized that I can go toe to toe with anyone, and also realized that I don't always have to either. For some, just knowing who you are and knowing who is relevant in your life is enough.  

Favorite Music:  Citizen Cope... Thanks to my Jealousy of Shakira Autumn! :) 

  My friend Shakira reminded me how much I like Citizen Cope's vibe.  I've been listening to it all day, wishing I could go to the concert with her! Maybe. Orlando might be seeing me soon!

  Well, that's it, folks! I'm thinking of giving my blog a facelift, as well! So let me know your suggestions in the comments below, or on my facebook! Also, tell me what kinds of fun adventures you're going to doing! 


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