Friday, June 27, 2014

What's Wrong With Me!?!?

Hello Friends! 
   Another week, another blog! I'm so glad you've come back for another dose of things I find fascinating! LOL Here's what's been going on this week!

Favorite New Thing:  SLEEP!

     So, I know that "sleep" isn't really a novel concept since... I don't know, Adam & Eve days, but since my new move, I've found that I've been sleeping MUCH better than usual.  For starters, I'm a super-light sleeper... If sleeping were boxing, I'd be the champion featherweight of sleeping.  So, it just dawned on me that the reason I am always tired-- like massively tired-- in the mornings, was because I wasn't getting enough quality sleep.  Let's face it... I'm a Night Owl to the core... I'll probably never get a full 8hrs-- but the sleep I do get is much, much better now.  So many times I've woken up early these past few weeks... Yes, you heard it here first, folks EARLY! Like, I watched an entire movie before work, early, and was refreshed... I'm by no means a morning person, but it was awesome to be able to not feel like an ogre in the mornings.  Get more quality sleep, folks!

Favorite Irritation:  "Mind ya bidness, that's all, just mind ya bidness!!"

So, I know this show has been on for over a decade, but every now and then I'll catch an episode.  This one brought me to tears, because I identify with some of the struggles-- but also, I identify with one of the girls, exclusively:  The show was True Life titled "my boyfriends fed up with my weight"... Like a lot of people in America, I struggle with weight issues. It's not easy to do when you feel like life keeps derailing you from your plan. It's even harder to do when people never leave you alone about it.  I related more with Sara, the girl who's boyfriend has decided to be her "personal trainer" instead of her man.  I'm glad to see that she was able to properly communicate, to him, her feelings... It was just a douche bag way for him to be, since he met her at that weight.  And the fact that he met her at that weight & allowed his mom to talk crazy to her would've been his express ticket out the door, if he were with me.  And an even bigger help out the door would've been when HE blamed her for when HE gained 10lbs! Really?? It was really disheartening... The only thing I have to say to Enrique, is that as much as she has to take responsibility  for her actions, he does too... So he earned those 10lbs himself... Seriously-- what a baby! He literally was acting as if she took fat chunks off her body and put them in him, in the middle of the night, and he couldn't figure out how to get rid of it... Then, he sulked like a little boy and took no responsibility for his actions... Oooh, He and I would never be a good match....  If you can catch that episode, do it!

Favorite Album:  Sam Smith  In the Lonely Hour

     I don't know what it is about those British artists... but I FREAKIN' love them! I heard this guy on Elvis Duran, and fell in love with his voice.  One morning, I literally was frozen in my hallway, listening to Sam's rendition of Bruno Mar's "Should've Brought You Flowers..." I mean with Bruno Mars' incredible lyrics, and Sam's voice... I was just mesmerized about his voice. Check him out!!

Favorite Laugh: 

       I died laughing when my friend, Dani, posted this on my Facebook page! Seriously, folks... the internet is sooo crazy! lol

Favorite Video:  Joining & Rejoining the Gym... (Seriously Watch this!)

   One of the things that I love are Youtube videos that are right on time... This one is a forerunner in my life right now.  Every person who's every struggled with weight loss knows how it feels to be a "beginner" at the gym, lol.  I seriously laughed so much!

   Thanks for reading today!  Let me know what you're up to!!

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