Friday, June 6, 2014

Welcome Back, Tiff...

   So, I know that you all would personally tell me that you missed my blogs if you could, so I just said it for you, ha ha! I am finally moved into my new place & I LOVE IT!  I don't know why I waited so long to move!! Oh, yes I do... because I didn't think that I'd be there long b/c of the relationship I was in... Well, being that I finally decided to move into a new place, obviously he is no longer in the picture- But I'm in a great place, ready for new beginnings! So, while I was gone....

Favorite Laugh:  Lebron's Cramps... 

   Lebron has caught a lot of flack for his performance in the NBA Finals... He's probably got the most famous cramps of 2014, lol. Poor Guy... I still don't hate him for moving to Miami, but I'm kinda glad he's not in Cleveland anymore... Whew! 

Favorite Album:  Florida-Georgia Line Here's to the Good Times

 So- No, I'm not the biggest country fan, but I do like country from time to time. Today, I really got into this album. I'm definitely going to be adding Florida-Georgia Line into my repertoire on Pandora.  They have the exact kinda of style I like. It reminds me of Alan Jackson or Rascal Flatts! Check them out!

Favorite Quote:  A Woman's Right to Shoes- Sex & the City

    This quote comes at the end of one of my FAVORITE episodes of Sex & The City (Seriously, I saved it on my DVR)... The episode, A Woman's Right to Shoes, speaks to me so much, as a single woman.  Carrie Bradshaw was able to articulate some of the frustration a lot of single women feel about celebrations as adults.  (I've included a brief synopsis of the episode, in case you don't know which one I mean if you do, you can skip ahead to the next paragraph, if you wish, lol)

 LONG STORY SHORT: Carrie goes to a baby shower, where she is wearing her brand new pair of Manolo Blahniks ($485). The party host, Kira (Tatum O'Neal) has a house rule where she doesn't like people to wear the shoes in the house. Carrie is hesitant about taking her shoes off-- for fashion reasons-- but does so anyway, out of respect for her friend. At the end of the party, Carrie is horrified to find out that someone has walked away with her brand new expensive shoes.  Kira offers her a pair of $6 Keds to go home in, but Carrie is still upset that her shoes are missing. Upon further investigation about her shoes, Carrie realizes that Kira has become condescending & judgmental as their lives have split in different directions-- to the point at which Kira "Shoe Shames" her, scolding her for paying so much for them and saying, "Carrie, you chose to pay that much for your shoes, I don't think it's fair that we have to pay for your extravagant lifestyle..." ,  after offering to only reimburse her $200 for her shoes, because she felt that $485 was 'too much', now that she has a family.  She basically says that Carrie's life isn't a "real life", because she isn't married with kids... So, Carrie breaks it down saying that in all the times Carrie has celebrated Kira's life choices (Engagement Parties, Wedding Gift, multiple Baby Showers & birthdays) that it's really sad that Kira can't respect Carrie's Life choice (in buying the expensive shoes). She said, "Until I get married or have a kid, I ain't gettin' nothin' from Kira... It just sucks that single people are left out of it, until those things happen..."  In the end, Carrie ends up getting her shoes, because she calls Kira to tell her that she's engaged to herself & registered at Manolo Blahnik.  She gets her "wedding gift" and that's when she says the quote above...

   So- to everyone out there who still has single friends-- Do us a favor & celebrate us, too! Don't skip our birthdays, promotions, big moves, etc... There's no question that your single friend has supported you, in your life events/choices, as well. She/he's come to your family get togethers (invited, I hope ha ha), they've celebrated your weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and for some, even your happy divorce parties, lol! Please don't begrudge us the few opportunities that we get to celebrate in our own personal lives. We may not have found our Prince/Queen yet-- but that doesn't mean our lives aren't significant and as meaningful as yours'.  So, if you have a great friend- married, or not-- appreciate them! Celebrate them, too!  

Favorite Truth:  Single Ladies... All the Single Ladies (and Fellas, too...)

   So, I know I've written a lot about being single, in this blog-- but it just happens that I've found a few cool things I wanted to write about.  For one- I wish people wouldn't put so much stock into being single or married.  I think both stages have their positive & negative attributes!  I choose to be the type of person who is content in all the stages I my find myself. I don't need to be "happily__(fill in relationship status here)___" I just want to be HAPPY... period.  I would prefer to be married, yes... but I love the things I can do while I'm single. I can pick up & go at a drop of a dime, I make decisions for myself... I can have peace & quiet, pretty  much whenever I want it, I can sleep in EVERY weekend, if I want to... There are tons of things! So, it kills me when people are so desperate to be in a relationship, that they'll sacrifice all of that, and be in a bad/false relationship, just to say they're involved.

        Or when they discount what their single friends say about love, because they happen to be single at the moment. NEWSFLASH:  It means they probably have been through experiences that you could learn from, too.  Single people, often times, are the trailblazers for their friends-- because they've dealt with many different types of people/experiences.  Sure, if your single friend is a womanizer or maneater, listen to their advice with a grain of salt, but all in all-- it's better to be alone than miserable & unfulfilled!

That concludes it this week, folks! Leave your questions & comments below or on my facebook!  I'm going to go home & relax & have a great weekend! Congratulations to my friends, Andrea & Ronnie-- who's getting married & who's wedding I'll be attending this weekend! So excited for them!



  1. Keep on writing about it girl! I think contentment, in whatever "phase" you find yourself in is so hard in todays day and age. Thanks for the reminder to be fabulous!

    Continuing in the fabulousity, I have nominated you for the Liebster Love Award. Check out all the deets,

    1. Omg, Mandie! Thank you! Im gonna go check it out! No one has ever nominated me for anything before! Ha ha... Its not like The Bachelorette, is it? Lol