Friday, May 16, 2014

Just For You...

   Seriously... I thought there may have been a homicide yesterday...  It was a rough, and tyrannical few days- but as you can see, I'm not locked up and am able to bring you this week's Blog! 

Favorite Food:  Egg Casseroles

    I have one of those jobs where they have food all the time, for one reason or another! Someone made these Jimmy Dean Egg Souffles for breakfast, one day, and MMmmmm mmm mmm! I'm so glad they did! It just reminded me of another opportunity for me to have breakfast on my Balcony. Two of these little puppies, fresh fruit & a Mimosa makes for a very satisfying meal.   

Favorite Tunes: Esmee Denters

    Because of the over-saturation of radio, I've been forced to seek out more of a variety of musical talents. I heard of Esmee a few weeks ago, and I really like her sound. She kind of reminds me of a cross between Christina Aguilera & J-Lo...I dunno. But I can get into her music.  Check it out!   One of the things that is perfect about music, is that it can be catered to your every mood. Are you in an Esmee mood? Go find out! 

Favorite Reality Show:  Mary Mary

    I love Tina & Erica Campbell- sisters who make up the Gospel Duo, Mary Mary.  I love their reality show, because they don't put up the "Christian front", like I feel a lot of Christians do.  As a Christian woman, who tries to be honest about my feelings & the things that go on, day to day-- it's refreshing to see women who are on the same page. Women who know that it's ok to get angry at certain things. Women who know it's ok to feel sexy... and still love the Lord. Women who know that all these things are tests of life & gifts from God-- and they aren't "Above" anyone else.  I love that they're real.  What's even bigger, is that Tina & Teddy decided to air their marital problems on tv-- So many Christians wouldn't do that, because then, they'd have to admit they're not perfect, and some messed up things actually happen to them.  If you're not familiar with the show, basically, Teddy cheated on Tina several times during their 14yr relationship.  Tina didn't find out about it from him, but heard it through the grapevine, making it worse. They have 5 children and are trying to work through the marriage, anyway, with God's help. 

    So, last night, Teddy makes this huge extravagant gesture and sings this corny song, then re-asks her to marry him, down on one knee, ring & all in front of a camera.... I know most people will say I'm being cynical (maybe I am, I don't know)... but if you saw the show, you can make your own assumption. I just think, if I were in her situation, I wouldn't have liked for him to do all that, on national television.  I want them to work it out, but I just think that asking someone to marry you shouldn't be a way to "repair" an already bruised marriage. It's almost like he's trying to rush the forgiveness with a giant diamond ring.  To me, I think I'd still be so torn up about him asking to "re-marry" me, when he messed it up royally the first time... The timing was off- is what I'm basically saying, I guess.  I think it would feel like, [Teddy to Tina]  "I know we've been married all these years, I know you keep saying the whole thing is a lie... but here.. here's a chance to do it all over again..." I don't know-I guess it just felt a little manipulative and disingenuous to me.  Other moments, he's been more respectful of her trying to work through her feelings-- but this... It just felt... "ewww". I actually fast-forwarded it, because it kind of disgusted me, to be honest. I actually like Teddy, too. I hope they can work it out-- but in order for that to work, it's going to take time. Time longer than a Spring Tv Season.  

Favorite Laugh:  "Shall I compare you to a Summer's Eve... "

     I found this on my sister's page on Facebook, and I HAD to copy this!!  I laughed so hard. She finds the best Memes! And because we can all appreciate humor, such as this... is one of the infinite reasons I love my family! 

Favorite Tattoo:  Couple's Butterfly Tattoo

    This, I thought was super beautiful couple's tattoo.  For me, the butterfly is one of my favorite symbols. It reminds me that I am a being Created by God. It reminds me that sometimes we have to go through stages of our lives that are both painful and glorious.  I hope that when I finally find myself in "the relationship" that the guy wouldn't mind doing this with me, because much could be said of a marriage-- every changing, ever growing, and beautiful.It wouldn't have to be this big- But I think a puzzle tattoo is amazing for a couple to symbolize their connection. This week has been a little melancholy for me-- for several reasons... but this picture reminded me never to give up hope, because I am not the one in control.  

2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!"

Welp! This is the end of it for this week! Be advised, I may not have one next weekend, as I'll be MOVING! Hallelujah! I don't know- Maybe I'll click a few pictures & document the experience... You never know. I guess you'll have to come back. Leave me a few comments & don't forget to subscribe! 

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