Friday, May 9, 2014

I Love Tauruses!

Another week, another time to give thanks & acknowledgement to the fun in my life!  Here's what's been going on this week! 

Favorite Person:  Seth, My brother... 

     Today marks a very momentous occasion for my family, as my youngest brother, Seth turns 21yrs old, today!! I can't express how much I love this kid! It always makes me laugh thinking about how much I love him, when our beginnings weren't quiet that way...  Let me explain... My parents have 5 kids. I'm the oldest... and if you know anything about Birth Order, a lot of times, the oldest ends up being the most responsible, independent, and strategic about their lives.  So, it did not sit well with "12y old Tiffani", that Mama was gonna have another baby.  When I found out, I actually had the nerve to tell my mom, "Well, it better be a boy, because we DO NOT have enough room!" At the time, we were living in a 3-bedroom bungalow, and I was already sharing a room with my 2 sisters, so of course in my thinking it HAD to be a boy... Well, God answered my prayers, and it was... and even better than that, I even like the kid! He's brought so much joy in my life, and I'm so glad that God knows best! 

Favorite Show:  The Mindy Project (Season Finale entitled "Danny and Mindy")

  Please tell me that you watch The Mindy Project, and recognize the Comedic Genius who is Mindy Kaling!! Mindy is probably best known for playing "Kelly" on The Office, but I love her so much more on her own show!  Well, us avid watchers know that this season has started & ended in the same way... with a make-out session between "Dr. Mindy Lahiri " and "Dr. Danny Costellano".  This finale was so cute, because it played off of rom-com classics, Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail....  It was such an enjoyable finale! They definitely should turn this into an hour long show & make the season longer. It just seems so unfair how little "Lahiri" us "Mindyans" get... I'm definitely looking into purchasing this series! 

Favorite Laugh:   Housewarming Gift, Anyone??? lol 

Favorite Song: Voices by The Lylas (written by Bruno Mars)

They released the actual Lylas version of "Voices"!!! So excited! Check it out! I love Bruno's Version, but this one is awesome! 

Ok- So sadly, no one has been able to upload the actual version of "Voices" by The Lylas on Youtube. It's such a sexy little song, and I LOVE how they sing it.  if you don't know, The Lylas are Bruno Mars' sisters (Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti, Presley--Jaime is actually a cousin who group up w/them as siblings, because her parents couldn't provide a stable home at the time). If you watched their reality show on WEtv, you'd see the transformation of the group & them trying to make it big as a female singing group. I'm actually fans of them in their own right, because they are so talented & NOT trying to collect on Bruno's success. They admire their brother, but they hustle for their craft & it's very honorable. This song is my favorite, that I've heard, so far. Unfortunately it JUST came out on iTunes yesterday (which I don't use, anyway)-- so I've got it on my phone through MUVE, but that's it. There's no way for me to transfer it online. As much as I love Bruno, I can say that I love it better when they sing it. Isn't that funny?Check them out, they're great!

Favorite Crush:  John Krasinski

       Who doesn't love a good "Boy Next Door" every now & then? While other girls are out getting in trouble or being treated badly by the "Bad Boys", I've always kind of gone for the guy who would be my best friend.  I'm currently re-watching seasons of the hit sitcom The Office, where John plays Jim Halpert. You're pretty much forced to fall in love with Jim's good-natured mischievousness and intense love towards Pam (Beesly) Halpert.  One of my favorite episodes came up last night- the one where Jim wears his tuxedo to work, taking Dwight's (Rainn Wilson) memo about dress code to the extreme. I just about died when he first told Pam he loved her & she was engaged to Roy... What I'm excited about seeing now, is their wedding. It was the most romantic thing, and I cried so much! I think it's where people got the idea to do the dances to "Forever (Chris Brown)" in the processional.  I just love a guy who goes all in for his girl, and one who lives for her laugh... In reality, John is married to British Actress, Emily Blunt  (Devil Wears Prada, Looper). I just hope she gets a little bit of "Jim" every now & then. Every girl deserves that. 

Emily Blunt, Lucky Chic
(^^^ You remember this scene in The Devil Wears Prada?") 

Favorite Throwback:  6 Random List of Facts about Myself

1) I collect movie stubs, even if I see a movie alone (which I prefer, at times). I have for years.

2) I love to cook, but really only cook when I have someone to cook for, lol. I'm pretty good, but if I'm just cooking for myself, I usually end up making the quickest thing, like some kind of sandwich.

3) Incessant or repetitive sounds really annoy me, like for instance, if someone talks too much w/o stopping for a breath, or if a phone is ringing constantly.

4) I love to watch biographies, especially about tragic rock stars or actors.

5) I still have a crush on Mr. Mukes... lmbo! (Who doesn't?) Going hard since 1994, when he watched our 7th grade Study Hall (lol). Seriously, he's like the Morris Chestnut of Huber Heights.

6) I love different cultures! This is probably because of the different cultural influences I was raised in. But, I'm particularly interested in Jewish culture, Greek culture & Italian Mob culture, lol.

Favorite Thought:  -Coco Chanel

     This concludes this week's blog sesh! Leave me comments below about how you love your life & the things you've got going on! 


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