Friday, May 16, 2014

Just For You...

   Seriously... I thought there may have been a homicide yesterday...  It was a rough, and tyrannical few days- but as you can see, I'm not locked up and am able to bring you this week's Blog! 

Favorite Food:  Egg Casseroles

    I have one of those jobs where they have food all the time, for one reason or another! Someone made these Jimmy Dean Egg Souffles for breakfast, one day, and MMmmmm mmm mmm! I'm so glad they did! It just reminded me of another opportunity for me to have breakfast on my Balcony. Two of these little puppies, fresh fruit & a Mimosa makes for a very satisfying meal.   

Favorite Tunes: Esmee Denters

    Because of the over-saturation of radio, I've been forced to seek out more of a variety of musical talents. I heard of Esmee a few weeks ago, and I really like her sound. She kind of reminds me of a cross between Christina Aguilera & J-Lo...I dunno. But I can get into her music.  Check it out!   One of the things that is perfect about music, is that it can be catered to your every mood. Are you in an Esmee mood? Go find out! 

Favorite Reality Show:  Mary Mary

    I love Tina & Erica Campbell- sisters who make up the Gospel Duo, Mary Mary.  I love their reality show, because they don't put up the "Christian front", like I feel a lot of Christians do.  As a Christian woman, who tries to be honest about my feelings & the things that go on, day to day-- it's refreshing to see women who are on the same page. Women who know that it's ok to get angry at certain things. Women who know it's ok to feel sexy... and still love the Lord. Women who know that all these things are tests of life & gifts from God-- and they aren't "Above" anyone else.  I love that they're real.  What's even bigger, is that Tina & Teddy decided to air their marital problems on tv-- So many Christians wouldn't do that, because then, they'd have to admit they're not perfect, and some messed up things actually happen to them.  If you're not familiar with the show, basically, Teddy cheated on Tina several times during their 14yr relationship.  Tina didn't find out about it from him, but heard it through the grapevine, making it worse. They have 5 children and are trying to work through the marriage, anyway, with God's help. 

    So, last night, Teddy makes this huge extravagant gesture and sings this corny song, then re-asks her to marry him, down on one knee, ring & all in front of a camera.... I know most people will say I'm being cynical (maybe I am, I don't know)... but if you saw the show, you can make your own assumption. I just think, if I were in her situation, I wouldn't have liked for him to do all that, on national television.  I want them to work it out, but I just think that asking someone to marry you shouldn't be a way to "repair" an already bruised marriage. It's almost like he's trying to rush the forgiveness with a giant diamond ring.  To me, I think I'd still be so torn up about him asking to "re-marry" me, when he messed it up royally the first time... The timing was off- is what I'm basically saying, I guess.  I think it would feel like, [Teddy to Tina]  "I know we've been married all these years, I know you keep saying the whole thing is a lie... but here.. here's a chance to do it all over again..." I don't know-I guess it just felt a little manipulative and disingenuous to me.  Other moments, he's been more respectful of her trying to work through her feelings-- but this... It just felt... "ewww". I actually fast-forwarded it, because it kind of disgusted me, to be honest. I actually like Teddy, too. I hope they can work it out-- but in order for that to work, it's going to take time. Time longer than a Spring Tv Season.  

Favorite Laugh:  "Shall I compare you to a Summer's Eve... "

     I found this on my sister's page on Facebook, and I HAD to copy this!!  I laughed so hard. She finds the best Memes! And because we can all appreciate humor, such as this... is one of the infinite reasons I love my family! 

Favorite Tattoo:  Couple's Butterfly Tattoo

    This, I thought was super beautiful couple's tattoo.  For me, the butterfly is one of my favorite symbols. It reminds me that I am a being Created by God. It reminds me that sometimes we have to go through stages of our lives that are both painful and glorious.  I hope that when I finally find myself in "the relationship" that the guy wouldn't mind doing this with me, because much could be said of a marriage-- every changing, ever growing, and beautiful.It wouldn't have to be this big- But I think a puzzle tattoo is amazing for a couple to symbolize their connection. This week has been a little melancholy for me-- for several reasons... but this picture reminded me never to give up hope, because I am not the one in control.  

2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!"

Welp! This is the end of it for this week! Be advised, I may not have one next weekend, as I'll be MOVING! Hallelujah! I don't know- Maybe I'll click a few pictures & document the experience... You never know. I guess you'll have to come back. Leave me a few comments & don't forget to subscribe! 

Friday, May 9, 2014

I Love Tauruses!

Another week, another time to give thanks & acknowledgement to the fun in my life!  Here's what's been going on this week! 

Favorite Person:  Seth, My brother... 

     Today marks a very momentous occasion for my family, as my youngest brother, Seth turns 21yrs old, today!! I can't express how much I love this kid! It always makes me laugh thinking about how much I love him, when our beginnings weren't quiet that way...  Let me explain... My parents have 5 kids. I'm the oldest... and if you know anything about Birth Order, a lot of times, the oldest ends up being the most responsible, independent, and strategic about their lives.  So, it did not sit well with "12y old Tiffani", that Mama was gonna have another baby.  When I found out, I actually had the nerve to tell my mom, "Well, it better be a boy, because we DO NOT have enough room!" At the time, we were living in a 3-bedroom bungalow, and I was already sharing a room with my 2 sisters, so of course in my thinking it HAD to be a boy... Well, God answered my prayers, and it was... and even better than that, I even like the kid! He's brought so much joy in my life, and I'm so glad that God knows best! 

Favorite Show:  The Mindy Project (Season Finale entitled "Danny and Mindy")

  Please tell me that you watch The Mindy Project, and recognize the Comedic Genius who is Mindy Kaling!! Mindy is probably best known for playing "Kelly" on The Office, but I love her so much more on her own show!  Well, us avid watchers know that this season has started & ended in the same way... with a make-out session between "Dr. Mindy Lahiri " and "Dr. Danny Costellano".  This finale was so cute, because it played off of rom-com classics, Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail....  It was such an enjoyable finale! They definitely should turn this into an hour long show & make the season longer. It just seems so unfair how little "Lahiri" us "Mindyans" get... I'm definitely looking into purchasing this series! 

Favorite Laugh:   Housewarming Gift, Anyone??? lol 

Favorite Song: Voices by The Lylas (written by Bruno Mars)

They released the actual Lylas version of "Voices"!!! So excited! Check it out! I love Bruno's Version, but this one is awesome! 

Ok- So sadly, no one has been able to upload the actual version of "Voices" by The Lylas on Youtube. It's such a sexy little song, and I LOVE how they sing it.  if you don't know, The Lylas are Bruno Mars' sisters (Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti, Presley--Jaime is actually a cousin who group up w/them as siblings, because her parents couldn't provide a stable home at the time). If you watched their reality show on WEtv, you'd see the transformation of the group & them trying to make it big as a female singing group. I'm actually fans of them in their own right, because they are so talented & NOT trying to collect on Bruno's success. They admire their brother, but they hustle for their craft & it's very honorable. This song is my favorite, that I've heard, so far. Unfortunately it JUST came out on iTunes yesterday (which I don't use, anyway)-- so I've got it on my phone through MUVE, but that's it. There's no way for me to transfer it online. As much as I love Bruno, I can say that I love it better when they sing it. Isn't that funny?Check them out, they're great!

Favorite Crush:  John Krasinski

       Who doesn't love a good "Boy Next Door" every now & then? While other girls are out getting in trouble or being treated badly by the "Bad Boys", I've always kind of gone for the guy who would be my best friend.  I'm currently re-watching seasons of the hit sitcom The Office, where John plays Jim Halpert. You're pretty much forced to fall in love with Jim's good-natured mischievousness and intense love towards Pam (Beesly) Halpert.  One of my favorite episodes came up last night- the one where Jim wears his tuxedo to work, taking Dwight's (Rainn Wilson) memo about dress code to the extreme. I just about died when he first told Pam he loved her & she was engaged to Roy... What I'm excited about seeing now, is their wedding. It was the most romantic thing, and I cried so much! I think it's where people got the idea to do the dances to "Forever (Chris Brown)" in the processional.  I just love a guy who goes all in for his girl, and one who lives for her laugh... In reality, John is married to British Actress, Emily Blunt  (Devil Wears Prada, Looper). I just hope she gets a little bit of "Jim" every now & then. Every girl deserves that. 

Emily Blunt, Lucky Chic
(^^^ You remember this scene in The Devil Wears Prada?") 

Favorite Throwback:  6 Random List of Facts about Myself

1) I collect movie stubs, even if I see a movie alone (which I prefer, at times). I have for years.

2) I love to cook, but really only cook when I have someone to cook for, lol. I'm pretty good, but if I'm just cooking for myself, I usually end up making the quickest thing, like some kind of sandwich.

3) Incessant or repetitive sounds really annoy me, like for instance, if someone talks too much w/o stopping for a breath, or if a phone is ringing constantly.

4) I love to watch biographies, especially about tragic rock stars or actors.

5) I still have a crush on Mr. Mukes... lmbo! (Who doesn't?) Going hard since 1994, when he watched our 7th grade Study Hall (lol). Seriously, he's like the Morris Chestnut of Huber Heights.

6) I love different cultures! This is probably because of the different cultural influences I was raised in. But, I'm particularly interested in Jewish culture, Greek culture & Italian Mob culture, lol.

Favorite Thought:  -Coco Chanel

     This concludes this week's blog sesh! Leave me comments below about how you love your life & the things you've got going on! 


Friday, May 2, 2014

Ever Heard of the Testicle Festival? Only in Ohio

Welcome to the end of another week, ladies & gents!  Recapping each week, helps me to really appreciate some of the things-- no matter how big, how small, or how shallow, that occur in my life.  Time really does fly, if you're not paying attention. So, I'm going to be one who pays attention! So, take a wacky walk on my quirky side & check out the rest of this week's blog!  

Favorite Festival:  The Testicle Festival

First, a little History on the Testicle Festival:

"Alan Cramer, then-owner of the Tiro Tavern (he unfortunately passed in April 2009), was visited by a local couple, Don and Rosie, who brought over a few pounds of pig and calf testicles to fry up and eat together.
Al enjoyed it so much, in fact, that he brought them to his bar to share with his customers and he continued doing this on the last Saturday of every April for years to come.
But what was once a few pounds turned into over 600 pounds every year for the locals, bikers from all over the state and beyond, and testicle aficionados…"
    OK, so this was so outlandish, of course it drew my attention!! Why would anyone make a festival honoring testicles??? And exactly WHOSE testicles were we honoring? Before I read the write-up on the history of the festival, all I could imagine was a huge festival, where men do "manly" things, like tire throwing, hammer drops & celebrate their testicles.  I even envisioned something called "Battle of the Balls!" where men dressed in loin cloths fought to the finish for the grand supreme title of "Testicular King!" But, no... It's basically another food-fry festival, with lots of laughs.  Even though I may not make it out this year (it's a little hard to find people willing to try a Cow testicle with you... who knew?)... I think it will always peak my interest! 

 Favorite Attitude:  Sassy! 

   I just love Karen Walker (character from 90's sitcom Will & Grace).  She's hilarious, and I really appreciate her no-nonsense (ok, some nonsense, I mean Jack McFarland IS her best friend, right?) approach to life! 

 Favorite Laugh:  Continuation of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha/Kenya Saga...

    So, I hate to say it, but there are very few people in America who feel sorry for Kenya after she got her behind beat & her hair pulled on the 1st segment of Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Special.  The woman is vile (Kenya)- and although I'm not a fan of Porsha, I would have to say, it would be very hard not to swing on Kenya, had she chosen the same form of taunting & said the things she was saying to me.  This MEME comes from Kenya's sob story, claiming that she had been "fighting people all her life..." and Kandi Buruss started asking "Is this the Color Purple?" and mocking her.  The comment was hilarious in itself, but this meme was over the top funny, to anyone who saw the episode! I don't usually condone violence, but Kenya deserved what she got. You can't poke a bear & expect that eventually it's not going to bite you.  Kenya's behavior was childish & rotten, and I'm glad that Andy Cohen has laid down some rules for future appearances.  Kenya won't be able to beg for attention with props, anymore... 

Favorite Controversial Show:  True Tori

    This show is the reality tv equivalent of a train wreck... It's so awful, but you still can't tear yourself away... I'm still trying to come to grips with the fact that I don't want them to have good ratings, yet,I still want to see how everything on the show plays out.  Tori hides behind the guise of "This is my story, I want to tell it, instead of people listening to what the tabloids have to say ..." I think it's personally a chance for her to humiliate Dean publicly.  I know it may be just my opinion, but I honestly think had discretely decided to work through their infidelity issues, then the public reaction would be far less interested. I mean, they're not Beyonce & Jay-Z, right? But, that's how they're acting... as if "everyone is going to care"-- well, now people do care, because you're giving us a play-by-play of all the drama.

     Tori is the victim... I will make no bones about that.  It's definitely "the show I love to hate to watch". I do empathize with the fact that she's going through so much, but there are ways to deal with it- and I don't think publicly is healthy for her or the children (unless you want to humiliate your husband).  I mean, I understand she was humiliated by his cheating- I get that... but doing the same [publicly humiliating him] is not going to fix things ("... love is not keeping records of wrongs")-- therefore, this tit-for-tat passive aggressive reality show isn't going to end well.  And "I get it" if she were doing tit-for-tat to get even-- but doesn't behave that way! She almost always backs down to him, in an almost coquettish kind of way.  If you're going to do something this bold & vindictive, then have the backbone to go through with it. Don't take a stab, then run away... I guess that's what I'm saying...  Because now the tabloids are saying that a) He didn't want to do the show b) He's going to divorce TORI because of the ramifications of the show.  How embarassing for your husband to cheat on you, blindside you, then divorce you because he's unhappy?

     I see the same scenario playing out on Mary, Mary (the gospel duet who also has a reality show) and Tina Campbell seems to be far more real with her emotions. She has 5 kids, and her husband (Teddy) cheated on her, as well. She's shown the full range of emotions, and doesn't bite her tongue when she's angry for what he did. I empathize with them both, but I just don't feel it 's a good look for Tori. I also think that the masses aren't as sympathetic now for a few reasons, mainly being that a) She and Dean were both married when they had an affair and b) She's being a little tacky by publicizing the break in their marriage, but coming off as a pushover.  So, yeah--- I'm kind of splitting the fence on this one.  On one hand, the concept is terrible & vindictive & attention-seeking... but on the other hand... since they're going to put it out there...

   Whew! That was long, but it would've been longer, had I included the last part of the blog, I had considered... You're welcome, lol.  I might include it in another blog-- but things [with that topic] may be a little too raw, now.  Anyway- Have a great time this weekend! Let me know in the comments what's going on!