Friday, April 11, 2014

Moving On UP!

   I'm so excited to tell you that, I GOT APPROVED FOR MY NEW APARTMENT!! I feel blessed to finally be able to move forward with something that I've been dragging my feet to do.  So, if the next couple of blogs feature random things about home decor & apartments, then, please bare with me. Here are the things I've been obsessed with this week: 

Favorite Laugh:  "A Strong Independent Dog That Don't Need No Man..."

     Every time I see this pic, I die laughing! Society always seems to exaggerate when a woman says that she's "Independent & Strong and doesn't need a man"... To most men, I guess it comes off as a threat-- but there's definitely a difference between needing a man & wanting a man.  I think a lot of women do say this, but at the same time--  it's seen as a way to emasculate a man.  I think that the phrase gets a bad wrap. I'm proud to be a "Strong, Independent Woman, who doesn't need a man..."-- but that only means (to me) that I'm self-sufficient.  I can take care of myself. I don't need to mooch off anyone. That's how I see it. But, I do want to spend my life with someone someday.  Being that I can do all of these things on my own-- it frees up space for us to be Best Friends & explore other areas of our lives.  I don't know. I guess I see it differently. I'd prefer a self-sufficient guy over a guy I had to "Mother", any day... Don't get me wrong I'm a very loving & "cater to you", love doing things for my man kind of girl, but I want to feel like I do those things out of my love for someone, and not because they "don't know how"... Regardless, this made me crack up!

Favorite Tunes:  Ed Sheeran

     This is MY KIND OF MUSIC... and at the end of the day, it fits my English Artist fetish... I don't know what is in the water over the pond, but they have cranked out so much talent!! It's real talent too, not just this cookie-cutter stuff America likes to do; Not this "just because they're hot or a reality tv housewife, let's give em' a record deal!!" Not-uh! Ed Sheeran was on Elvis Duran this morning, and I'm so glad I could get turned on to him. Take a listen to his other stuff on Youtube, or something. You won't regret it! ;)

Favorite Obsession:  Stalking My Own Apartment... 

     Ok... I will totally admit it. I've been sort of a creeper about my new apartment, since they sent me the "proposed address". Granted, this address could actually change, making me even MORE of a creeper, but my living environment really is important to me. I want to see who's milling about during the day. I want to see if there seems to be loud parties or riff-raff (Sidenote:  that's ol' skool slang for ya, ha ha) hanging about. I want to see if it looks like people actually work, or if it's turning into Section 8 housing... Is it relatively quiet during the week nights? What are people acting like during the weekends? Is it well lit at night? These are all questions I need to know!! So, yes...I have been creeping around, spying on the surroundings.  I also had to do a drive around the neighborhood a few times, because I wanted to make sure that the place they give me is equal caliber to the rest of the complex. I will not fall for the "Ol' Bait & Switch"... Don't show me Buckingham Palace, then try to house me on Skid Row... NOPE!  That won't fly.

Favorite Quote:   This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald

   I've never read This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald (author of The Great Gatsby), yet, but after reading through the quotes on, I can say that I'm intrigued... I like this quote.  I know that personally, this speaks volumes. I wish I would've heard it earlier, so I could've stopped waiting around for men who eventually let me down... -but- in that same thought, possibly had I not been "the girl who waited..." maybe this wouldn't have impacted me as much? Regardless, I thought it was a beautiful quote.  I will remember to always keep moving, from now on.  I am the prize. I've always known that... but, I think that others take it for granted when you give them more priority than they think deserve... it's all psychological... So nonetheless, you play the game.

Favorite Thought: The REAL Haters of [Fill in your City]... 

      I generally hate that term "hater"-- most certainly because so many people overuse or misuse it.  A lot of people use it as a means to define a) Someone who disagrees with them b) Someone who dislikes them c) Someone who doesn't care about them d) Someone who talks about them...etc.  To mean, those aren't real reasons for people to "hate" on you.  Most people believe that "hating" on someone comes from the root of jealousy-- so that's what they chalk everything up to. No- sometimes people aren't really jealous, they genuinely can't stand you...

    Anyway- I was driving home the other day, and was thinking of the term "Hater" in another way. An additional way I would define "hater" would be, "anyone who can never be happy for you, unless they can find a way that it benefits them..."  This also falls into the "Users" category, as well. I showed a few people where I potentially was going to move, and several of them acted as if I was going to be another "Contact" for after-hours work inconveniences, in case there was something needed at the company... Uh...not uh! My off time is MINE... There are others that live closer, and they can volunteer for that duty if they want to... It kind of irritated me, because you can't assume that just because something good happens to someone else, that it's also more advantageous for you, too.

   In other areas of my life, as well... I've noticed that as soon as I mention something good that happens to me or to someone I know, they're thinking of ways for it to benefit them.  It's like, you win the lottery, and they're already calculating how much a year it would take for them to get out of debt or drive a new Bentley or something. Not Happening! I'm not a means to your end.  But it's really sad that some people genuinely act like they can't be happy for you, unless they can try to finagle a way for it to benefit them. It's really sad...

Anyway- it's been a LOOOOONG Day. I can't wait to go home and veg out or a few hours, before I continue to pack, pack, PACK!! 


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