Friday, April 25, 2014

Hooo Put that in my Cookie Jar???

Welcome to another fabulous weekend!  I hope that this week has served you well, and that you have done likewise.  Here are some of my musings of the week:

Favorite Song:  Partition by Beyonce

   So, you know I'm not really a huge fan of Beyonce as a person, but I still like her songs from time to time.  I heard this in the car the other night, and I loved it! It's got a smooth mixed beat. You can choose between a clean & explicit version (I'm actually not sure which one this is, lol).  But it just felt like a fresh new song for summer... It's the kind you want to roll the windows down and rock out on a drive to or play while getting ready to party! 

Favorite Space Solution:  What's in My Cookie Jar??? 

    I know for many of you, this is a huge, deep-seated & BURNING question... "What does Tiffani Sharice put in her Cookie jar???" Well, I love cookies, but I'm not the type that usually has them in her house.  I just don't really think to buy them that much, and if I do, they're always just one or two with dinner.  So, since I'll be moving- I realized a cute new way to store my Keurig K-Cups!!  Right now, I'm using a drawer in my large kitchen... But in my move, I'll be downsizing considerably in kitchen space (small sacrifice).  So, since I will have to use my spare drawers for actual Kitchenware, I thought this was definitely the best solution! I know that I'm not the first to have this idea, but some people have a hard time thinking outside of the box.  This way, I can enjoy my "Cookie Jar" and it will also serve a purpose. It has also solved my need to look for K-Cup racks on Amazon.  

Favorite Pet Peeve:  People's ideas on Positivity & Negativity...

     I find it very annoying how "sensitive" our society is about people's beliefs, opinions &  thoughts.  There is no longer a right to feel more than two emotions. You have a choice of being positive or negative, that's it!! I have great antipathy for people who think that just because you don't agree with them, you're being negative.  These were the people who were raised by the Little Leagues that gave a trophy to EVERYONE at the end of the summer, just because you participated.  "We're all right! We're all winners!!"  So now, we've got this entitled bunch of brats who think that everyone has to agree with them and they have to get their way.  It sickens me.  There are so many more attitudes/opinions than Positive & Negative. If you are skeptical or doubtful or unsure, it's seen as "negative"-- NOT TRUE! There are a million emotions people can be other than negative & positive! Just check your Emogies on your phone! There's pensive, thoughtful, discerning, etc... So, as soon as people don't agree with, people want to paint you in the negative light. This happens especially online, where people can say whatever they want (sometimes even anonymously) and feel as if they're justified.  Whats more is that people Have also learned not to speak up if they agree with the person who is standing up for an opposing opinion.  They like to sugar coat their comments and stay neutral.  True, this is the safest place to be and not get your feelings hurt if someone decides to descend on you... but it's just a shame people can't respect the Golden Rule... In this instance it's "Agree to disagree, if you can't agree".  Not everyone has to agree with you on everything! And it gives you no right to try and paint them negatively, when their opinion isn't necessarily a negative attribute-- it's just not what you wanna hear...

*takes a sip of water..*

Favorite Picture:  Tyrese's Seagulls

    I saws this beautiful pic on singer Tyrese Gibson's page, and fell in love.  I mean, of course Tyrese is not slouch to look at either... but in those quiet moments, this is what you want. Peace, beauty, and a nice refreshing drink with garnish!

Favorite Crush: Jamie Dornan

  Who is Jamie Dornan? Well, I guess he's gonna be our new Christian Grey in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, that premieres in February 2015!  Apparently he is an actor on a tv show called The Fall- another show I have never seen, lol.  I joined a Fifity Shades of Grey Discussion group online, and they're actually in the midst of a heated argument about him.  it's amazing how passionate & personal people take certain things in their lives.  At the end of the day, it's only a book/movie. Get a hold of yourselves, ladies... Possibly in the way suggested in the books... (Oooooooh, did I say it? Yes, she did!)

Favorite Book Read:  Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

    So, I finally got back to this book.  I've read the first two sections, so I'm about a third of the way into it. I'm finding it a little tedious to read, however.  There are a LOT of architectural terms and  finite details that are a bit confusing, and no one cares about.  It's also a little choppy to read, because it skips characters & storylines erratically... BUT, there is also a lot of good in the book. The story is finally starting to pick up, and you realize that this lady is going nuts.   Now, we just have to get to what happened, why are they asking where she went, and what's the result! I'll let you know! Hopefully I'll finish this weekend!  

  Ok- If you've made it this far, you really do love my blogs! ha ha. I've stayed late from work to do this, and I really am hungry fro dinner. So no please give me a pass on not proof reading! Enjoy the rest of the weekend & comment! Don't forget to subscribe! 



  1. Great post. I agree with you about a narrow minded society. People need to use critical thinking! Have a nice weekend.

  2. Hey Lexie! How have you been?! So glad you still read my blogs! I appreciate it so much! And you're so right! People totally need to use critical thinking- and it's like they get offended if you have your own opinion... It's MADNESS!