Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Day!

Hello, All!
   Welcome to another installment of The Miseducation of Tiffani Sharice! This is a short week ( cue Hallejuah Chorus!) and I'm so relieved for a little break.  I don't have quite the time to ramble on, like I usually do (working on that... lol), I've decided to start a little early. So- if you don't see this on Friday, you might see it Thursday! Anywho.. Here's what's going on:

Favorite Pastime:  Youtubing DIY Videos

   I know, it's totally lame... But it's kinda not, lol.  I wouldn't particularly label myself as a "crafty" person, especially when all is said & done, you might spend more money purchasing craft supplies, than actually just buying something ready-made.  But when I'm doing crafts, they do turn out pretty well, I have to say. Since I'm moving, I've been looking for ways to decorate my new place, where I won't have to make any permanent or semi-permanent changes. No one is gonna want to turn a fabulous apartment back into the same boring hum-drum state it was when you got it, right? And you definitely don't want to spend the bucks to turn a room boring, again-- when you're not living there, right?  So, I found that Youtube has provided me with many ideas & tools on how to decorate "temporarily". Who would imagine that  I could literally spend HOURS watching these videos?

Favorite Drink:  Dark Magic by Green Mountain Coffee 

   This coffee is exactly the potion I need in the mornings! Granted, it takes me monstrous amounts of caffeine to make a difference in my demeanor, but this certainly is a tasty way to do it!  This magical blend is an extra bold, dark roast coffee with a very unique taste.  It's comparable to my other favorite, Wolfgang Puck's  Jamaica Me Crazy, with it's rich unique flavor.  If you get a chance, pick up this nutty little coffee to cast a spell on a hum-drum morning!

Favorite Tunes:  US the Duo

   I found this duo named "Us", through an up & coming blogger (Meghan Rosette Reinks, who I'll feature next) and I'm totally in love with their love! It's a husband & wife team that seem to have a lot of fun together singing & etc.  You know that you're having a good time, when you make compilations of 90's sitcom theme songs... Full House, Family Matters, Cartoons...  you name it! Meghan Rosette listens to them when she's winding down for the night, and I love that I'm now aware of new talent.

Favorite Vlogger:  Meghan Rosette

 She's a cheeky little bugger, and I love watching her Vlogs! Sure, sometimes she's a cornball, sometimes a little obnoxious, sometimes a little too goofy-- but I love her energy, her uniqueness, and the things she likes to talk about.  She's young, and is taking the world by storm. She also shows a little of her more serious moments, where she's inspired me to have a more "chill" wind-down nightly routine. I might add a glass of wine to mine, but she just inspired me to consciously decide to do certain things.  In my new apartment, with less "neighborly contact", I think I'll find this more feasible. You've gotta love that. Check out Meghan at @MeghanRosette (on Instagram & Twitter); And subscribe to her channel on Youtube!

Favorite Food:  Domino's Chicken Crusted Pizza

   A co-worker bought me lunch today, and we both tried this new chicken dish. Its a piquant little dish of breaded chicken, topped with sweet and spicy mango-habanero chutney, a blend of cheeses made with both mozzarella and cheddar, jalapeno & pineapple.  It was pretty delicious! But keep in mind, this is not for the weak! The jalapeno & Habanero both have a way of sneaking up on you! So, If you don't like a lot of heat, stay out of the kitchen! 

  So, in the name of not letting this go on forever! As I'm always discovering new things about life... And in the name of getting back to work, (ha ha ha) I'll bid you adieu, until next time! Happy Easter/Passover to all of you! 

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