Friday, March 21, 2014

Get Happy, Ya'll!

   Can I just say...
  What a week!  I swear, I did back flips! And I'll be doing more when 5:30pm comes, and I can get home for the weekend!  As crazy as this week has been, at least I've got so many laughs to make up for the chaos. Here are my weekly musings:

Favorite Video:  Bruno Mars... Whattaman...

   As if I needed yet ANOTHER reason to love Bruno Mars!! Seriously- that kid can make me smile like no other person I've never met, lol.  Men like him make me a little melancholy, sometimes, because I imagine that the guy I'll end up with, will have a sense of humor & creativity like his.  The problem is, apparently, I haven't found him. (insert sad face)-- but I'm Hopeful!  If you're ever having a rough day, you've got to watch this.  My favorite part is the scene with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! Seriously, Bruno?!! lol    

Favorite Laugh:  

Favorite Album:  Pharrell Williams' "G I R L"

   I've been grooving to this Album all day! (Thank you Youtube!)  I was just thinking about how much I like that song "Happy", and decided to check out the entire CD. I'm so thankful that I did!  This is perfect music for my Friday! It's just the juice I need to push me across the finish line into my weekend.  If you haven't heard it- check it out and let me know what you think. 

Favorite Look:   Lucy Hale's Easy Boho look & Recap on PLL

   I love the ABCFamily show, Pretty Little Liars! A fellow Blogger friend recommended it a couple of years ago, and I've been hooked ever since.  My favorite is Lucy Hale. I love her personality & her style-- and let's face it, she's just plain gorgeous!  This is one of my favorite looks:  Kind of Boho with a Modern twist.  I love  these hybrid styles, where people can pull off a certain look without being "too obvious", but just obvious enough.  This isn't California "Boho" with the patchwork skirt and the love beads-- but more like Sag Harbor "boho", if you will... we can just call it Swag Harbor, in my opinion. This chunky Grandpa Sweater paired with a super feminine top or dress is just too chic! I also love her make-up.  It's both nude & bold at the same time.  She does this without adding too much color, but highlighting her prominent features, with her eyeliner, mascara & eyebrows... The seashell lip color adds color without overwhelming the look.  Then, her hair is so flow-y with those loose beachy waves & a piece lazily pulled to the side... Perfection!   

   So, the finale of Pretty Little Liars was this past Tuesday... and I feel... Bamboozled!! We just went an entire season, not to find out who "-A" is at the end! Sure, it was a great season, but you can't get a girl's hopes up like that! We learned early on that "Ezra" (Ian Harding) was NOT "-A", which was still a little confusing, too.  I mean, Aria- go back to the guy!  Ok, yeah, it was shady that he originally started getting to know you, in order to finish his book on Alison's disappearance, but it was more than obvious he ended up falling deep in love with you!  But maybe me being so "understanding" of his love for her, is exactly the reason why I'm still single, lol.  So, do whatever you want, "Aria Montgomery" (Lucy Hale)! lol.  It's been days since the show aired now, so I think all the true PLL fans in the world, have already seen it... so it's safe to say, Ezra CAN'T be dead!! We should take a poll... I'm sure he'll pull through.  I think it's going to be touch-n-go for a second, just long enough for Aria to forgive him & get back together with him.  I think he'll make it... One character who I'm not so sure will is Keegan Allen's character, Spencer Hastings' boyfriend, "Toby".  I say this, because he used to be listed along with the regular cast, but now the credits have him listed as a "Special Guest"... Can someone say #DEMOTED?  I hope not. I love Toby!  Of course, they have sort of cut down his part, since it was discovered that he was not "A".. We'll have to wait until Freak'n June before we actually find out, now. I'm so depressed... (not really- no one call my doctor! lol)

 Favorite Nail Art:  Bow Ties & Polka Dots

   These nails are sooo cute! But I'm still trying to decide whether or not I like them in theory, or if I'd actually wear these... I'm thinking, I may have to put a few solids in there to tone it down a tad, and maybe only use polka dot on one or two fingers... Either way, I know my sister can do it. She's a freak'n genius at nail art! 

Favorite Concept:  I definitely Agree...

     One of the things I can't deal with is a stupid man.  You don't have to be Einstein, but for the love of all that is good & holy, at least have common sense... at least know how to be grammatically correct! Please finish your words, instead of just saying the first part (i.e. "eh man... You bet plea come down stair or I'ma come up, blee dat!"...) I don't know if I can accurately describe what I mean through text, but I tried it, right? lol  At least spell most of your words correctly, and at least act like you're interested in more than 'making money and havin' sex'... More than all that, you have to be smart enough not to insult MY intelligence... For instance, if you lie to me (which I highly recommend you don't, lol) you better make sure your alibi is airtight.  I'm a detailed oriented chic, and I will notice the holes in your story. This will trip my internal analyzer-- which will accurately replay all the things you said, how you said them, and if they match up with what you're saying now... It also lists timelines, what was going on in the world at that time, etc... It's all very technical and complicated & nobody wants to go through all of that, lol.  I may not call you out on it, but I'll simply dismiss you, lol.  Seriously... for some of you guys, as many lies as you've told, you would think you'd be better at it, right? SMH...
   Don't get me wrong, I don't want a guy who's so cerebral, that he can't enjoy the sillier moments of life.  If that's you, then you can skip me. I would probably annoy you, because I'm silly most days, lol.  I like to be with men that can introduce me to new things & ideas.  I like for a guy to be able to tell me about new movies or books he's read. I want for a man to be interested in exploring other cultures/countries, etc... You can't get all that goodness from a dummy! ;)

And that concludes it for this week, ya'll!! Let me know your thoughts! My comment section is pretty lonely! Show it some love! ;)  


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