Friday, March 7, 2014

Drinks & Crepes Anyone?

   Out of many weeks... I can honestly say, I'm looking forward to THIS weekend! Why? No, there isn't any major event happening, but it's been CA-RAZY at work this week! We're doing an Open House, and in true {Agency} form, we're doing it up big. I've been harassing the poor cleaning staff for the last day & an half (So sorry, Rebekkah!)... It's been a chaos. So, just in case you didn't know already- it's pretty hard to get any work done with dozens of people coming in & out of your office... wanting to engage in conversation, etc... So, I decided, it'd be a great time to work on my blog.  So, this week, besides harassing the cleaning staff, I : 

Favorite Family Moment:  Clever Baby Announcement

  I found this one someone's page, and thought it was so adorable!I love when couples find unique ways to announce that they're expecting.  I get so bored with the "Lovey Dovey" we're such a glorious "perfect" family thing, sometimes; So staged, so pretentious. So when a family that can show that they're creative & fun do something-- to me THAT says "we're the perfect family" to each, his own, though.  

Favorite Passtime:  Marathon Reading

    One of the greatest relaxing & stimulating things for me to do over the weekend, is read book after book! Most recently, I've read 3 books in 2 days. It was awesome. I just feel it stretches the imagination in all kinds of directions, socially, economically & artistically. I find that it promotes growth and becoming well-rounded... But you might also try to prop up your book/Kindle on a treadmill or Elliptical, or else you might also get well-rounded in other ways! ha ha. 

Favorite Game:   Survivor Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty

  This is not my favorite season, because I feel like most people aren't playing the game. Each team is unique in their own way--- Almost "unique" in the form of, each team is almost an oxymoron.  For starters, none of the tribes are "stereotypically" what they're labeled. It's kind of a good life lesson, to be honest. 

     The "Brains" aren't as smart as people think. Their need to be recognized and to "prove their intelligence" has severely handicapped them.  They don't seem to be able to make quick decisions or work as a team very well.  For people that are as "smart" as they're supposed to be their reasoning & delegation skills leave little to be desired. 

    The "Brawn" team is also surprising. You would think it was a bunch of blow-hard type-A personalities, where every one wants to be "The Quarterback" of the tribe, but to my surprise, they're really just muscle.  There's only one clear leader (Tony) and I'm surprised at the fact that everyone is so willing to lay down and let someone else lead.  You would think that people that have achieved such physical strength & discipline would not go by anyone else's rules. It's crazy.  

   Then, the "Beauties"! They're the ones to watch.  They've got motivation, something to prove ("We're not just pretty faces") and are coming in under the radar as Survivor Predators. They're working together as a team, doing great with strategy, and are really surprising a lot of people.  They Brains won't figure it out, because they're so self-absorbed with their own intellect, they'll get blindsided every-time.  The Brawn are such big "followers"-- that they'll strike when it's too late. They'll scramble when they realize everyone has been outwitting them from day one. Not to say they're not smart, but they've just "Gone with the flow" like a bunch of little lambs waiting for slaughter.   The Beauties have kept up a pretty competitive game. I know they'll go far. 

So, that ends it for today! Wish me luck as I look for more apartments. Tomorrow morning will provide me with Crepes from 2nd Street Market with a friend, then a marathon Apartment trip! Let me know what's going on with you & what stories you'd like me to write about.  I'll make sure to key in on those topics & weigh in with my thoughts! Tootle-loo! 


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