Friday, March 28, 2014

Feeling Very Irish Today...

  I'm stuffed... We had an "Irish"/European food lunch at work today, and I swear we might've all been able to be rolled on our sides like sets of plump bald tires! As always, it's been a busy week, but these are the things I found amusing...

Favorite Dish:  Shepherd's Pie or Cottage Pie

    I've officially decided that I need to be one of those people who only bring chips, drinks, or ice to a work function.  I'd like to be, because last night, I spent $50 buying ingredients for a work function!! It's way too much! But it's just how I am... Soda, chips, salad is just too plain for me... I don't have a family of my own, yet-- so cooking a great meal is always a bit of a treat for me. It just becomes less of a treat if I have to break the bank to do it.  Anywho- I made this meal, and don't tell my mama... but it's BETTER than her's LOL. Everyone who tried it loved it... and although I'm glad that was the case (since it was my first time making it), I'm going to need to find more inexpensive dishes to do for pot lucks. Geez!

Favorite Nuisance:  Facebook Over-sharers

    I don't think I'll ever get used to the fact that some folks really just don't have limitations to what they share on Facebook... Recently, I had to deal with the fact that my best friend's extended family-in-law had written some pretty irritating things on her Facebook page. For one, they were entirely inaccurate.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone does something so public, but fails to provide all the information.   In this instance, I'm sure that one of the issues is that the woman didn't have all of the information, or else she probably would've kept her mouth shut.  I just don't get how some people can air their dirty laundry, as well as the skivvy drawers of other's all over Facebook.  For one, it never puts you in a good light. It makes you seem real dysfunctional... Facebook Beef, Twatting on Twitter... I'm embarrassed that I even know (although never participate) in that kind of behavior.  What happens is that people see your life as a Reality Show. They're looking for the drama, even though it's none of their business & forming opinions. That's not the kind of relationship I want to have with the public.

Favorite Album:  Sheryl Crow  (Soak Up the Sun)

  I had a moment. I went back to my High School years and remember how much I loved this music. I'm not a huge Sheryl Crow fan, but I definitely get into her groove every now and again... This is one of my favs!

Favorite Annoyance:  Porsha & Kenya  Feud on RHOA

   Ugh... I can't stand Porsha!!  She's lame. She sounds like she's still in High School.  Women who have lived life can still have opinions on marriage, whether or not they've been married. I can't stand it when married women (especially with w/bad relationships) always claim single women are "Jealous" of them. It's not always true. Sometimes, we just didn't/won't put up with the same BS that you settled for. And how dare she try to imply that she being married means she's got one up on anyone else who isn't? At the end of the day, you can marry any bum just to get a ring.

    Being married has no bearing on how much work you need to do on yourself as a person. How about she look inwardly, and work on the fact that she was looking for another daddy & someone that was going to treat her like a child. How about she realize that if it weren't for her "good looks" (which are subjective, in my opinion) she's basically done nothing with her life. We're the same age-- and for you to head the legacy of your father's non-profit, you really need to know about the Underground Railroad & civil rights!! So how dare she say that being married is some kind of implication of a woman's worthiness, as some kind of reward for being "good enough". I know she might have meant it strictly about Kenya-- but she is exhibiting the mentality of a lot of dingbats that I know, that think they're better than single women, because they got married first.  Like I said, anyone can marry a dingbat. Anyone can settle for poor treatment or being told what to do by just anyone. Too many can be bought off-- which is what I think Porsha's case was...

    As for the "beard" comments, Porsha insinuated that HERSELF at that dinner we saw on RHOA. I think, because Kenya called it out, disregarding the subtly Porsha used, that's when she had a problem. Porsha just doesn't admit that's what she signed up for. I'm not a fan of Kenya by any means, but Porsha knows she was trying to imply he's gay-- even from the beginning episodes. She needs to go sit down somewhere.  If you would like to read the entire article & see the video, check it out here

Gotta make this a quickie! I've got somewhere to be tonight! Toodleloo! :) 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Get Happy, Ya'll!

   Can I just say...
  What a week!  I swear, I did back flips! And I'll be doing more when 5:30pm comes, and I can get home for the weekend!  As crazy as this week has been, at least I've got so many laughs to make up for the chaos. Here are my weekly musings:

Favorite Video:  Bruno Mars... Whattaman...

   As if I needed yet ANOTHER reason to love Bruno Mars!! Seriously- that kid can make me smile like no other person I've never met, lol.  Men like him make me a little melancholy, sometimes, because I imagine that the guy I'll end up with, will have a sense of humor & creativity like his.  The problem is, apparently, I haven't found him. (insert sad face)-- but I'm Hopeful!  If you're ever having a rough day, you've got to watch this.  My favorite part is the scene with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! Seriously, Bruno?!! lol    

Favorite Laugh:  

Favorite Album:  Pharrell Williams' "G I R L"

   I've been grooving to this Album all day! (Thank you Youtube!)  I was just thinking about how much I like that song "Happy", and decided to check out the entire CD. I'm so thankful that I did!  This is perfect music for my Friday! It's just the juice I need to push me across the finish line into my weekend.  If you haven't heard it- check it out and let me know what you think. 

Favorite Look:   Lucy Hale's Easy Boho look & Recap on PLL

   I love the ABCFamily show, Pretty Little Liars! A fellow Blogger friend recommended it a couple of years ago, and I've been hooked ever since.  My favorite is Lucy Hale. I love her personality & her style-- and let's face it, she's just plain gorgeous!  This is one of my favorite looks:  Kind of Boho with a Modern twist.  I love  these hybrid styles, where people can pull off a certain look without being "too obvious", but just obvious enough.  This isn't California "Boho" with the patchwork skirt and the love beads-- but more like Sag Harbor "boho", if you will... we can just call it Swag Harbor, in my opinion. This chunky Grandpa Sweater paired with a super feminine top or dress is just too chic! I also love her make-up.  It's both nude & bold at the same time.  She does this without adding too much color, but highlighting her prominent features, with her eyeliner, mascara & eyebrows... The seashell lip color adds color without overwhelming the look.  Then, her hair is so flow-y with those loose beachy waves & a piece lazily pulled to the side... Perfection!   

   So, the finale of Pretty Little Liars was this past Tuesday... and I feel... Bamboozled!! We just went an entire season, not to find out who "-A" is at the end! Sure, it was a great season, but you can't get a girl's hopes up like that! We learned early on that "Ezra" (Ian Harding) was NOT "-A", which was still a little confusing, too.  I mean, Aria- go back to the guy!  Ok, yeah, it was shady that he originally started getting to know you, in order to finish his book on Alison's disappearance, but it was more than obvious he ended up falling deep in love with you!  But maybe me being so "understanding" of his love for her, is exactly the reason why I'm still single, lol.  So, do whatever you want, "Aria Montgomery" (Lucy Hale)! lol.  It's been days since the show aired now, so I think all the true PLL fans in the world, have already seen it... so it's safe to say, Ezra CAN'T be dead!! We should take a poll... I'm sure he'll pull through.  I think it's going to be touch-n-go for a second, just long enough for Aria to forgive him & get back together with him.  I think he'll make it... One character who I'm not so sure will is Keegan Allen's character, Spencer Hastings' boyfriend, "Toby".  I say this, because he used to be listed along with the regular cast, but now the credits have him listed as a "Special Guest"... Can someone say #DEMOTED?  I hope not. I love Toby!  Of course, they have sort of cut down his part, since it was discovered that he was not "A".. We'll have to wait until Freak'n June before we actually find out, now. I'm so depressed... (not really- no one call my doctor! lol)

 Favorite Nail Art:  Bow Ties & Polka Dots

   These nails are sooo cute! But I'm still trying to decide whether or not I like them in theory, or if I'd actually wear these... I'm thinking, I may have to put a few solids in there to tone it down a tad, and maybe only use polka dot on one or two fingers... Either way, I know my sister can do it. She's a freak'n genius at nail art! 

Favorite Concept:  I definitely Agree...

     One of the things I can't deal with is a stupid man.  You don't have to be Einstein, but for the love of all that is good & holy, at least have common sense... at least know how to be grammatically correct! Please finish your words, instead of just saying the first part (i.e. "eh man... You bet plea come down stair or I'ma come up, blee dat!"...) I don't know if I can accurately describe what I mean through text, but I tried it, right? lol  At least spell most of your words correctly, and at least act like you're interested in more than 'making money and havin' sex'... More than all that, you have to be smart enough not to insult MY intelligence... For instance, if you lie to me (which I highly recommend you don't, lol) you better make sure your alibi is airtight.  I'm a detailed oriented chic, and I will notice the holes in your story. This will trip my internal analyzer-- which will accurately replay all the things you said, how you said them, and if they match up with what you're saying now... It also lists timelines, what was going on in the world at that time, etc... It's all very technical and complicated & nobody wants to go through all of that, lol.  I may not call you out on it, but I'll simply dismiss you, lol.  Seriously... for some of you guys, as many lies as you've told, you would think you'd be better at it, right? SMH...
   Don't get me wrong, I don't want a guy who's so cerebral, that he can't enjoy the sillier moments of life.  If that's you, then you can skip me. I would probably annoy you, because I'm silly most days, lol.  I like to be with men that can introduce me to new things & ideas.  I like for a guy to be able to tell me about new movies or books he's read. I want for a man to be interested in exploring other cultures/countries, etc... You can't get all that goodness from a dummy! ;)

And that concludes it for this week, ya'll!! Let me know your thoughts! My comment section is pretty lonely! Show it some love! ;)  


Friday, March 14, 2014

"I Like you...a lot... Like a lot, a lot..." Major Bachelor Blog

   Aye Aye Aye!! I'm  sooooo glad to be done with this week! We've been so busy around here, the weeks are just slipping by! But in that time, I've still managed to have some sources of entertainment :) [always gotta make some "me" time!] So here's what's been going on:

Favorite Controversy:  Juan Pablo Does not Love Them Hoes... LOL 

      I'm so THANKFUL that this is the last time I will have to talk about Juan Pablo Galavis!  He went from being a bachelor I was kinda of excited about, to someone I can't stand to see on television.  The Bachelor nation is pretty upset about a few things, and it sucks that the REAL issue isn't really what's being discussed.  Juan Pablo started off as super sweet, laid back, and endearing. He seemed really sensitive and thoughtful (Pffftttt!!!).  I had my suspicions when his actions started became misaligned from his words.  When he refused to kiss Lauren S. and said, "I don't want Camila to see daddy kiss a bunch of women on tv"... and then he kissed someone else that same night (I think it was Andi, actually...); When he wouldn't kiss Renee "because she had a son" but was full-on making out with Cassandra (who also had a son)-- I started losing respect for him.  In the Women Tell All episode, he explained that, and it made sense (at least the mothers part)... but I still thought the way he did Lauren was shady. He could've just been honest... but he used Camila as an excuse.

      What sealed the deal with my contempt for him, was when he had sex with Clare (on television) and was laying all over the beaches almost nekkid with several women--- not once did he use "Camila" as an excuse when it came to him gettin' some.  I completely wrote him off during After The Final Rose- aftershow to the Finale.  Where people have it confused is that "we're mad that he didn't say "I Love You" or propose to Nikki. NOPE. Not the case.  I was mad about how he treated the show, the audience & Chris Harrison.  Sure, Chris was really annoyingly persistent about him not professing his love for Nikki and his general lack of decorum.  I agree that he didn't have to tell her he loved her or propose, if he's not ready, but he really could've thought of another way to get his point across.   He was rude, dismissive, vague, arrogant, and douche-y!  Now, all of America was getting a little taste of what Andi saw in the Fantasy Suite.  At that point, I was still trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Just because he was talking a lot about himself & name dropping, etc... wouldn't necessarily make me discredit him all the way. Sure, it's annoying, but he's spent all season listening to 26 girls'  sob stories, family stories, etc... Why shouldn't he get a little bit of time to talk about his life?  So, I get it... But if what we saw at the After The Final Rose episode, was any indication of what was going on in the Fantasy Suite, she was absolutely right for leaving. 

   Juan Pablo's defenders say that "Chris was beating up on him & trying to push him to say I love you; The media has been cruel to him about the Women Tell All & what he said to Andi ["You barely made it here..."]; the media tore him apart, saying 'he was the WORST' bachelor..." blah blah blah. Suck it up, JP- You knew this was going to be public.  And I personally [as a Pop Culture blogger] was irritated by the fact that he tried to call out the viewers of "hiding behind our computers and typing all this stuff about him; if he wants to say something to someone, he says it to their face." --- Seriously??? We all would if we COULD! I'd gladly tell Juan Pablo that he was a complete ARSE on his season of The Bachelor.  I would gladly tell him I lost respect for him and his inconsistency.  I'd gladly say it to him in Spanish that he was rude, arrogant, egotistical and nonsensical the entire season... Oh, wait, I don't know him like that. I don't have his phone number, I don't know where he lives... because he LIVES IN MY TV...  


   As  for Clare, I couldn't stand her from date one.  For starters, she seemed overly impressed with the "accommodations" that were being provided via the show.  It was like she didn't get that this was for tv... Should she end up as Juan Pablo's pick, she wasn't going to be living like this.  Then her actions continued to make me annoyed all season. She was always "ON"... the way she held her mouth, the way she flirted CONSTANTLY with everyone, with the camera, etc... How FAKE she seemed... She just didn't seem to be the type of person I'd be friendly with; However Clare proved to be a major contender  for JP's heart, and by the final episode, I was sure he was going to pick her. I think all of America was shocked when JP ended up going for Nikki!  I guess you don't ALWAYS get the guy if you have sex with him in the ocean, huh? Clare's one redeeming episode {for me} happened in that final episode.  When she started to question Juan Pablo's motives and was offended by his behavior/comment ["I love f***ing you, but I don't know you"], I think she became more "human" and less rehearsed in that moment.  I think that her shining moment was when she got to tell off Juan for misleading her.  To be honest, my final thought was that he should've picked Clare.  He was clearly MORE attracted to her; What's more, is that he blatantly ignored other girls for her.  What I think truly happened, is that he didn't like being confronted by Clare.  He hates when "Eees Nah OK". He hates to be challenged off the soccer field, and Clare did that for him.  So far, Nikki has sat back and let him run the show, in the name of "winning", especially winning against her rival, Clare.

Final Thought:    I personally don't think that Juan Pablo was even going to pick Nikki...   I think Clare's response to not getting to proposal was so bad that he did it to save face and not have to go through that back to back, and maybe to "get back" at Clare a little for dissing him.  Clare hit him where it hurt, his ego.

     For one, he tried to be nice about letting her go, but he had already led her on to the point that it was going to get ugly.  Then, not only did she tell him off for it, she didn't care to listen to any more BS or let him explain or smooth anything over. I think that hurt his ego badly.  That's always why after all the kissing, loving, hugging, humping, broken promises, and eventually breaking her heart, he had the audacity to say "Well, I'm glad I didn't pick her..."  It was such a douche thing to say, after he led the girl on, then stomped on her heart.  So, I think Nikki became a consolation prize for the show & a way to stick it to Clare.  After Juan Pablo gets to know Nikki a little better, and Nikki starts being real again (because let's face it-- we saw different sides to Nikki when she was with JP & with the girls), Juan won't be able to take her confronting him, either.  Nikki is not the wallflower doormat she's appearing to be, at the present time.  I think all this notoriety has gotten to her a little bit-- especially since she's besties with Andi Dorfman (The New Bachelorette & Juan Pablo's Ex... and The one who "outted" him for being a jerk.)  I think once the fame blows over (and it will quickly, because of their interview on After the Final Rose) Juan Pablo will be with a woman who actually wants things her way every now & then, too, doesn't want to be patronized, or dismissed... And she'll be gone. 

 Favorite Cute Pic:  Pit Bull Puppies!! So adorable! 

     Pit Bull Puppies!! They're so freak'n Cute! I had to post this precious pic!

Favorite Youtube Video:  "Listen, listen, listen, Linda." 

    Ok, this kid is a little disrespectful, but you'll kind of lose it around the 1:42 mark. He's so hilarious! You know he's heard his dad negotiate like this... 

Favorite Laugh:  Hey Girl... 

This was because of my girl, Jen... Seriously... This Meme is total 'single guy who thinks he's a player, at the church"... Not that he's not really "concerned" about you enough to pray for you, but he's totally using Jesus as his Wingman. SMH 

Favorite Album:  Ariana Grande "Your's Truly"

I really loved this CD! I was pretty impressed with the compilation of all the songs. She's definitely one to watch, and one I wouldn't mind seeing in concert.

Favorite Charity:  UNICEF Tap Project

What a simple way to give back!  It's simple & Free.  So many children & families in underdeveloped & under privileged countries go without basic necessities everyday... how long can YOU go without a luxury?  Sure, having a phone is somewhat a necessity for living in our culture, but for millions of people who don't live with the conveniences we have, they're going without the basic things to live... clean water, medicines, food... 
    Not only that, but we've become so attached to our phones that it's starting  to ruin a lot of relationships or handicap them, to say the least.  People spend more times online, on their phones, and connecting to other people, that they're disconnecting to the people in their everyday lives.  So UNICEF has challenged america to put down our phones & start spending more time with our people-- while helping a good cause.  Just go to the website or and take the challenge! For every 10mins you go without picking up your phone, UNICEF [through Giorgio Armani Aqua For Life & other sponsors] makes sure that a day of water or supplies (like de-worming or water tablets) are given to a child or family in need.  So far, I feel go about going without  my phone for a great cause.  So, I challenge you to take the challenge! Do it several times a day, for this limited time! 

   Ok, so I tried not to type your eyes off (I'm guessing that's the equivalent to talking your ears off???) with my post today.  I made the other topics minimal, because I know my rant about Juan Pablo (bleh!) was pretty long. My bad, dog... lol. Until Next time!


Friday, March 7, 2014

Drinks & Crepes Anyone?

   Out of many weeks... I can honestly say, I'm looking forward to THIS weekend! Why? No, there isn't any major event happening, but it's been CA-RAZY at work this week! We're doing an Open House, and in true {Agency} form, we're doing it up big. I've been harassing the poor cleaning staff for the last day & an half (So sorry, Rebekkah!)... It's been a chaos. So, just in case you didn't know already- it's pretty hard to get any work done with dozens of people coming in & out of your office... wanting to engage in conversation, etc... So, I decided, it'd be a great time to work on my blog.  So, this week, besides harassing the cleaning staff, I : 

Favorite Family Moment:  Clever Baby Announcement

  I found this one someone's page, and thought it was so adorable!I love when couples find unique ways to announce that they're expecting.  I get so bored with the "Lovey Dovey" we're such a glorious "perfect" family thing, sometimes; So staged, so pretentious. So when a family that can show that they're creative & fun do something-- to me THAT says "we're the perfect family" to each, his own, though.  

Favorite Passtime:  Marathon Reading

    One of the greatest relaxing & stimulating things for me to do over the weekend, is read book after book! Most recently, I've read 3 books in 2 days. It was awesome. I just feel it stretches the imagination in all kinds of directions, socially, economically & artistically. I find that it promotes growth and becoming well-rounded... But you might also try to prop up your book/Kindle on a treadmill or Elliptical, or else you might also get well-rounded in other ways! ha ha. 

Favorite Game:   Survivor Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty

  This is not my favorite season, because I feel like most people aren't playing the game. Each team is unique in their own way--- Almost "unique" in the form of, each team is almost an oxymoron.  For starters, none of the tribes are "stereotypically" what they're labeled. It's kind of a good life lesson, to be honest. 

     The "Brains" aren't as smart as people think. Their need to be recognized and to "prove their intelligence" has severely handicapped them.  They don't seem to be able to make quick decisions or work as a team very well.  For people that are as "smart" as they're supposed to be their reasoning & delegation skills leave little to be desired. 

    The "Brawn" team is also surprising. You would think it was a bunch of blow-hard type-A personalities, where every one wants to be "The Quarterback" of the tribe, but to my surprise, they're really just muscle.  There's only one clear leader (Tony) and I'm surprised at the fact that everyone is so willing to lay down and let someone else lead.  You would think that people that have achieved such physical strength & discipline would not go by anyone else's rules. It's crazy.  

   Then, the "Beauties"! They're the ones to watch.  They've got motivation, something to prove ("We're not just pretty faces") and are coming in under the radar as Survivor Predators. They're working together as a team, doing great with strategy, and are really surprising a lot of people.  They Brains won't figure it out, because they're so self-absorbed with their own intellect, they'll get blindsided every-time.  The Brawn are such big "followers"-- that they'll strike when it's too late. They'll scramble when they realize everyone has been outwitting them from day one. Not to say they're not smart, but they've just "Gone with the flow" like a bunch of little lambs waiting for slaughter.   The Beauties have kept up a pretty competitive game. I know they'll go far. 

So, that ends it for today! Wish me luck as I look for more apartments. Tomorrow morning will provide me with Crepes from 2nd Street Market with a friend, then a marathon Apartment trip! Let me know what's going on with you & what stories you'd like me to write about.  I'll make sure to key in on those topics & weigh in with my thoughts! Tootle-loo!