Friday, February 7, 2014

Party Time!!!


SoOoooOooOOooooo, Tomorrow is my birthday! I cannot believe I'll only be 32yrs old for a few more hours. It's a little weird because my life, although a good one, is no where I thought it'd be by this point. However, I'm so glad that I'm staying strong in my resolve not to settle for things/people in my life, just because time is ticking... I'm trying to enjoy & appreciate each day to the fullest and continue to wait for God's plan to unfold.  And I totally think it was God's plan that BRUNO MARS played at the Superbowl! lol So here's what I've been doing:

Favorite Crush: Bruno Mars

  I doubt I'll ever date a man this short again... with one exception. Bruno Mars is so sexy! I'm very attracted to talent & personality, and he's got it in Spades!  He's not bad looking, either... There's just something about him that I love. He has that Je ne sais quoi! And I love it even more that we both share a love for Rockabilly culture & diversity.  So, you know how thrilled I was that...

Favorite Performance: Bruno Mars at the SUPERBOWL XLVIII Half-Time

  So, if it weren't for Bruno Mars, I wouldn't have cared less about the Superbowl. For starters, I don't like the Denver Broncos, and never even heard of the Seahawks, lol... Yes, it's easy to say, that once my team(s) lose, I'm done with Football season. The only reason Superbowl got any love for me this year, was because of this man in the middle. I actually didn't even watch the Superbowl, lol. I just DVRed it, for the Half-time performance. My guy didn't disappoint! They performed with Red Hot Chili Peppers, and everyone had a phenomenal time.  Some of my co-workers didn't appreciate the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I sure did. I thought they did wonderfully, even though they were Beastie Boys-ing it out, lol. I was so surprised to see them come out that way. Aside from their wardrobe, I was glad they came. How is Superbowl gonna beat this next year??? I know, I know... If the Eagles or Bears win, of course! ha ha

Favorite CD: Maroon 5 Overexposed
   I've listened to this album several times this week (Thank you good ol' Youtube)... I'm pretty impressed with the amount of songs I like on it.  Everyone knows I love Maroon 5, so I was pleased that I'll be purchasing this CD to add to my collection (I have 3 other Maroon 5s lol).  Check it out! Just be aware that not all songs are "work appropriate"... which is exactly why I only listen to them when my boss is gone, lol.  

Favorite Scandals:  Love & Hip Hop and Vanderpump Rules

                 Amina & Peter Gunz Perform at the Love & Hip Hop Reunion...In front of Tara

   So, I watched in ultimate horror [for Peter Gunz Ex-Girlfriend, Tara] when the reunion came on last week. The entire thing was pretty "typical", in my opinion. For starters, Erica Mena needs to shut the hell up.  She's such an attention seeker that she literally has to speak over EVERYONE...literally has to be running her mouth all the time... Literally has to make sure she's the loudest & is always the first one to jump up in an argument.  She's obnoxious...and everyone & their grandmother can see she's only using this Cyn chic as leverage with Rich Dollaz. It's really sad.  I feel bad for Cyn, because she's pretty much being used as a bargaining chip.  Her relationship with Erica is completely contingent on whether not Erica feels like Rich has changed his ways & doing the things she wanted him to do with her. And as soon as they're 100%, Cyn will be gone with the wind... Anyway- didn't meant to get off on that tangent (trying to make my blog a little shorter, lol)-- but the only thing I found truly surprising  was the fact that Peter Gunz & Amina performed right there, in front of Tara.  Anyone who's watched the show, knows that was the highest form of disrespect.  The woman (Tara) who's been by your side for 13 long years, gets played by Peter who wifes up Amina, (the "side chic") he's only known a year, and now she has to hear them perform a concert in front of her, about how they dogged her???  Who does that??? I felt really uncomfortable for her! And they started talking about it right after. She could have at least been able to sit with the rest of the cast. It was almost like they were serenading her! Poor tara was on the couch with just the host, Mo'Nique by her side. It just wasn't right.  The real juice is gonna come from the second part, which airs this upcoming Monday... 

But, Did you see.... 
      Because I was so astounded by scandal this week, I had to talk about Vanderpump Rules!  Anyone who watches the show knows that Jax Taylor is a horrible liar!  If you weren't bamboozled by the turn of events at the finale, than I applaud you.  As someone who can usually tell if someone is lying, I was caught off guard to realize that Jax was telling the truth about a rumor he had spread about him sleeping with his best friend's (Tom Sandoval) girlfriend, Kristen Doute.  Stassi Schroeder (Jax's Ex-gf)  somehow knew to believe that, this time...out of all the numerous times that Jax has lied to her & everyone, that this time, he was actually telling the truth! Jax & Kristen DID sleep together!! I was disgusted by Kristen, because the entire season, she was in hysterics about her boyfriend (Sandoval) cheating with another co-worker Ariana.  Not only that, but what came out in the wash was that, Tom & Ariana just shared a kiss... Technically, it still is cheating... but for her to go to the extents she did the entire season, from L.A to Beverly Hills to Cabo San Lucas back to L.A threatening people, causing scenes & getting into fights with Ariana, also threatening to quit SUR (the restaurant they work at) all in the name of "Tom kissed Ariana"... when all along,  SHE slept with his BEST FRIEND!! 

     The worst of the worst came when all of America gets to see that Jax is completely unapologetic, when it comes to Tom's feelings & friendship.  It broke my heart to see him so coldhearted to someone who's been there for him through thick & thin... through lies & truths... Jax, who's blabbed his secrets to people & completely obliterated "Guy Code"... yet Tom was still  be a friend to him, and still gave him the opportunity to make amends.  It was sad to see Tom in so much pain over it... Howeer, it was great to see Jax get beat up for his behavior.  By the size of Jax & Tom, You'd think the Tom was biting of more than he could chew, but the little guy won!  Apparently, Tom has experience in fighting & wrestling, so  he owned him in that fight.  He got what he deserved, in my opinion.  
 Tom-1 Jax-0! 

  Please excuse the terrible video-- but it's the best I could find out Youtube...   I'm not going to say I don't condone violence, because I totally do, when it's called for.  Sometimes people won't get your point, if you don't whoop their a** lol...  And if it has anything to do with my family or someone I love, people better not... just better not... lol... But, I do condone it being the last possible option.  And in this instance, I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing... It's one thing to have cheated & have been remorseful.  Jax was trying to make a fool out of Tom, because the backlash was falling heavily on Kristen for their indiscretions, for the first time...  For some reason, because this type of behavior can be expected by Jax, I guess he got off easier than Kristen-- who had been the sneaky one, all along... So, feeling good about not being exiled, Jax got arrogant about how he treated Tom...  So good for Tom! 

And with that, I'm going off to enjoy my birthday weekend!! :) See you next time!


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