Friday, February 28, 2014

Busy Week, Busy, Life!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to another installment of The Miseducation of Tiffani Sharice!  It's been a long and tough week, but by George we made it! lol Seriously, guys-you have no idea how long of a week this has seemed for me.  For starters:

Favorite Project:  Agape Idol

    Once a month, my job sponsors a "Team Building" day. We divide up the staff & we draw for months. Each month has a group that is in charge of developing the staff activity for $100 or less.  So, this month-I came up with a really fun game that was well received by the rest of the staff. Basically, it was a twist on traditional Karaoke, themed off of American Idol.  I named it "Agape Idol" using part of my agency's name. Instead of singers just picking random songs & singing them in front of an audience, I had them draw 1 out of 10 cards that had specific "tasks" for them to do their song. Some had to lip sync, some had to do an interpretive dance, some had to have back up singers, etc... Most of the cards included other people, so for most "performances" they didn't have to perform in front of everyone alone.  I even made the Agape Idol sign (pictured above) and matching Agape Idol playing cards. Overall, there was lots of laughter, use of props, funny tasks to complete, etc. We had a great time! Our co-worker Sandi "Swagner" Wagner won!

Favorite New Bite:  Lox & Cream Cheese Bagel with Capers & Red Onion

    I LOVE culture, and I LOVE trying new things. One of my favorite cultures to experience is the Jewish Culture.  I've seen many times where Jewish people frequently eat Lox & Cream Cheese on a bagel.  So, I've always wanted to try Lox, and today I had the opportunity to!  Coming from a self-proclaimed "Foodie", I would recommend only eating half of the bagel.  The first bite is delicious!  The first half is delicious... but after about the second bite of trying to finish the second side, it gets overwhelmingly salty.  The lox is prepared in a salty brine, which makes it salty, and combined with the capers, it becomes a lot more salty.  The cream cheese (and some people also have tomatoes) helps to cut the salt-factor down, but you'll definitely want to maybe just do half & then eat fruit, salad, fried potatoes or other sides to make up the difference. Trust me... by the third bite of the second bagel, I abandoned everything except the Cream cheese.  But I encourage you to try something new!! 

Favorite Reality Drama: Juan Pablo Needs to Go

   I don't think I've ever been more "Over" a Bachelor in all my seasons of watching The Bachelor.  My interest in Juan Pablo Galavis has dwindled over the past few weeks, and now I almost can't wait until the season is over! He startede off strong-- seemingly having good morals & boundaries... but once he crossed the line, he  found it really hard to recover. It's a sad case.  For one, as "sexy" as his accent is, I've never been able to stand his high-pitched for a man voice.  That would be easily overlooked, if he ever had anything intelligent to say. I was done with him after the first 2 episodes.  A man's word being aligned with his actions, holds a lot of weight with me, and his actions & words did NOT match up, which then consistently began not to match up throughout the entire season.  It truly came to light when he didn't want to kiss that girl (Lauren?) in Vietnam, using "My daughter, Camila" as the excuse. Soooo, JP ...

SIDENOTE:  (JP is what my friends & I call Juan Pablo, because we're too lazy to write his full name in our text messages, during the episodes)'s 'not ok to kiss a lot of women on tv' but it IS ok to have sex with a girl you've known for 5mins in the ocean on tv... and it IS ok to keep on kissing girls after the fact? What a lousy excuse. I think he lost extra points with me, for using his daughter. Sorry, JP- you don't get to pick & choose when you need to be a "good ex'sample fer Camila".  

     And in true Bachelor fashion, he seems to be leaning towards the woman that EVERYONE in America is against. Clare-- fake, spoiled, manipulative, opportunistic, Clare. There were a couple of smart women who didn't fall for his BS, but I'm just ready for him to pick Clare & get it over with. I have to say, it'll be so good when I don't have to hear his dumb voice saying " aye aye!" I wish he'd just speak more Spanish, rather than all the corny ad-libs.  I cannot wait to see the Women Tell All episode... It'll be nice to see Juan Pablo have to defend his inconsistency. He'll probably just brush it off, but at least he can apologize to that poor girl he embarrassed in Vietnam by not kissing her (Lauren?).  We'll see! 

Favorite Book:  Where'd You Go, Bernadette?

   I just started this book, and I can't wait to finish part one this weekend! It's part of the Lauren Conrad Book Club, and that will be our discussion day. I'm pretty excited! Since our book club has changed formats, it's not quite as interactive as it once was! This one is a mystery, which who doesn't love a good mystery??? I'll give my input when I'm done! 

Favorite Laugh:  Coffee Needs

I'm totally recreating this cup, the next time I paint pottery!! :)

Favorite annoyance:  Paranoid People

      There's someone in my environment that is constantly "warning" about this or that... The last time I checked, I was a grown woman... So, why is it that you feel the need to keep "warning" me about what I need and don't need to do. Secondly, it's never coming from a place of unsolicited advice for the sake of unsolicited advice.  I hate [unsolicited advice] in itself, but to always "assume" that I have something to hide or need to cover something up is really insulting to my character.  Just because he does things that sit on his conscience doesn't mean that my conscience isn't clear. It's the most annoying thing in the world-- especially to someone like me, who one of my greatest strengths is "Strategy".  Not to put it out there like I'm sneaky... but if I really wanted to be sneaky about something, I'd come up with a way to get away with it. It's in my nature to come up with good plans & I can usually talk my way out of a situation or into a compromise, anyway... So, to assume I don't have my ish together is so insulting & annoying. Get your own ish together, man! Your life is way more reckless than mine! 

Favorite Event:  Apartment Shopping!!

   So, after almost 9yrs of living in the same area, I've actually taking on the task of trying to move elsewhere.  For starters, I need a change in environment.  The apartment I currently live in, was my first apartment-- so I've become bored with my neighbors & just the city in general.  For the longest time, I resisted because my rent was so low, and my space was so vast... But since my landlord keeps raising my rent w/no improvements to my space, it's become comparable to other living spaces with a better environment & less crazy ass neighbors!  I'm trying to find a place that have more sophisticated & considerate people.  People who won't have druggies pounding on your door, looking for their dealers and won't steal your birthday presents your grandmother sends you for your birthday! I'm looking at my second place tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!  

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