Friday, January 10, 2014

It's the New Year!!

Happy 2014, everyone!  I've been super busy this season, so therefore, I found it imperative that I didn't miss the blog again, t his week! This season was filled with lots of really cool things, but at the end of each day, I found myself exhausted & ready to relax.  But, here are some things that I experienced over the last couple of weeks.  

 Favorite Meme: Let It Go

    One of the things that seems to automatically happen each new year, is a need to reflect & re-evaluate your life.  Most people think of things they want to change for themselves, be it in a form of a "New Year's Resolution" or a promise, etc... I saw this meme on a friend's facebook page, and I thought it was very telling of what a lot of people struggle with.  I thought this picture was a true depiction of exactly the baggage that people carry with them. This is the stuff we need to learn to let go, in order to move on.  But it seems like each year, you'll try to let it go, but what you're really doing is sitting it down. As soon as something else happens in your life, you're picking one or more of these bags up, again... Let 2014 be the year that you (and I) drop all of these bags, and leave them, finally. I know it's much harder said than done, but whatever your bags are... try to travel lightly.  

Favorite Reads:  Mindy Kaling & Brandi Glanville

    So, over last weekend, I was a Kindle reading beast!  I read 3 books total in 2 days, and I enjoyed them both. I enjoyed Mindy's book far more than Brandi's, however.  Mindy's book was fun and I found myself laughing throughout the whole thing.  Mindy definitely was a more enjoyable read. Brandi's book wasn't necessarily bad, per se, but it wasn't what I wanted to hear. She elaborated on a few events leading up to her divorce, but it wasn't enough, because apparently she wrote a non-disclosure agreement that forbids us from knowing the juicy details. And it kind of sucks- because if we can't get the full meat of the divorce, you'd think that she'd at least be able to talk more about other things in her life.  But it seems that she couldn't talk about those other things without constantly mentioning that Eddie was having sex all over town.  She found about 40 different ways to say that exact thing. It got a little redundant.  And in true Brandi form, it was vulgar at a few parts, but at the same time laughable. Some of it was just vulgar.  Overall, the book is entertaining, but at the same time, don't expect much from it. 

Favorite online Radio:

    So, I've totally been taking advantage of the fact that my boss is away, and not censoring what I'm listening to at my desk, lol.  The reality is, hardly anyone comes in, especially clients or guests, so I should be able to listen to whatever I want, save it not have a bunch of vulgar language or anything offensive, right?  I've been listening to, because I always miss parts of the Elvis Duran Morning show, when I'm driving to work in the morning. So, it's been a laugh-party at my desk in the morning! So good to finally hear the rest of the forecasts :) 

Favorite Reality Show: The Bachelor

    So, it's finally here!!! I'm so excited for this season with Juan Pablo Galavis! Juan Pablo is the first Latin Bachelor. He's from Venezuela! Well, actually, he's from Ithaca, New York, but his family moved back to Venezuela when he was 2yrs old.  I think this season has some great events in store! For one, Juan Pablo is Hot, Hot, Hot, Caliente!! My personal opinion is that he's "conventionally" hot, but that's not all there is in a guy. I think most of the girls reacted in a very superficial visceral way, but you pretty much can expect that from a bunch of 20-something yr old single women.

   I think this season, there is an overabundance of sexy women! He's really gonna have a hard choice. I am confused about one of the contestants, though, a girl I like to call "Looney Lucy". The girl was dubbed "Free Spirit"-- You know that already screams a bunch of danger signs & red flags, lol.  Well, it's clear this girl was left here for drama purposes, only. We see a clip (where we're guessing it's her), where she's on a bathroom floor crying & screaming that "She hopes Juan Pablo dies!!" Such harsh words... Then another scene, Juan Pablo is on the verge of tears.  Now any avid Bachelor/Bachelorette knows that this is more than likely a Bamboozle.  They like to mess with our minds & emotions... Can't wait to see where that goes...  

   Then, at the first elimination, there is such an awkward moment when a girl named Kylie mistakes her name being called, when Juan Pablo called for a woman named "Kat"... The red faced & red haired, Kylie, ended up highly embarrassed when she realized that he wasn't calling her name.  After the fact Kylie Lewis has been reporting to the media that she was set up & humiliated purposely by the producers of the show. She's saying that she asked them to please edit that humiliating mistake out, but they didn't letting her look completely desperate in front of the entire world. She also claims they were pushing her to send a controversial & racy sexy text to an ex, so that it would cause drama. She even claims they made her dye her hair red, since she's normally a blonde, to add more diversity.  Well, some or all of these things may be true, but you're on reality tv, honey! It might not necessarily be YOUR reality, but you don't call the shots.  Just sounds like a sore loser trying to gain some kind of leverage from her temporary fall from grace. Get over it, girl. By next week, no one is going to be talking about it. Dye your hair back to blonde so people won't immediately place you as "the girl who got missed by Juan Pablo"... 

    If I were one of the contestants, I might have had a similar reaction that Sharlene did, when she was offered the "First Impression" Rose... I would've definitely not hesitated quite as long, or seemed as "cold" as Sharlene, but I understand being able to see passed a pretty face.  That kind of attraction (conventional attractiveness) usually lasts about 10mins on me. Some of my friends & people on the blogs think she was  rude, but I think she's just overwhelmed by everything. I also think she over-thunk the meaning of the "first impression" rose.  I was thinking, "Geez, lady! He's not proposing just yet, just take the rose and give it some time!"  It's obvious she took it a little too seriously- but at least she's not all mesmerized and blindly falling for someone she doesn't know too early.  And it must've been disappointing not to have that instant chemistry she thought she'd have. I hope she opens up & gives it awhile longer. I think that she has the culture (along with Andi) that he may be looking for.  

   I don't have a personal favorite just yet, (Like I said, personality matters a lot to me)- but I'm looking forward to picking a match for our sexy Latin! I can't wait for this season to get into full swing!

Favorite Controversy:  The Mindy Project is Too Racist to Watch... and other BS... (I added the last part, lol) 

    I'm an avid fan of Wikipedia. For those of you who know me, you know I love biographies & finding out where people are from... where they grew up & who they were married to... Wikipedia is like crack, for people like me, right?  Well one of main times I surf on Wikipedia is while I'm watching my favorite tv shows.  While I was looking up one of the characters on The Mindy Project, I am across an  Anti-Mindy Project Article   I linked it up, if you'd like to check out what was said.  I see where she's coming from, but at the same time, I think she needs to lighten up! However, I'm not going to belittle her arguments, because I am not an Indian Woman. Just as I know that other races won't ever really know what it's like to be a black woman, I refuse to cheapen her feelings about something I don't understand 100%. I can only say, that in my limited knowledge, it just seems like the author of this blog is overreacting a tad.  For one, yes, The Mindy Project does have  racial jokes from time to time. Being that any race is fair game, I think it's a level playing field for and no regular watcher should be overly-offended.  The one thing I do agree on, is that, it'd be nice to see Mindy fall for someone other than a "quirky white guy".  Sure, in real life she may have "a type"-- who knows what that is?" But, her character really hasn't specified this completely.  So in order to blend things more carefully, it'd be nice if other races were involved in her dating life.  To me, it's not realistic that ONLY white men would find her attractive.  She's curvy, cute & funny, and I know a lot of black men, Latino & Italian men would find that appealing... So, it'd be nice for her to mix it up a bit, if she's not going to date an Indian guy.  That's just my opinion... but One Italian descendant does love her, so I'm excited to see Mindy & Danny finally get together, damnit! lol But overall, I'd say lighten up and enjoy the show. But like I said, I get a few points that were made, and maybe in her culture they're bigger points. 

Well, folks! I'm going to pick up my car! Hope you're starting your New Year off right! Hit me up in the comments section, or on Facebook, if you want! Tell me about your goals for 2014

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  1. Tiffani, I finally succumbed to see what LC was all about. Love her site & did her New Years questionnaire!
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