Friday, January 17, 2014

You're Welcome, Ladies...

   Well, Hello there lovelies! It's the end to another week! Thank the good Lord above that we made it, right? Well, your girl has been sick with the Freak'n Flu for most of this week, but I still wanted to pass on a little blog for you guys. You know I heart you guys! Here's what I've been doing... 

Favorite Youtube:  Jeremy Passion's station

"Didn't Stand a Chance" (Travis Garland Cover)

     Thank you to the internet for finally making music so readily available for free!! Sure, you have to watch annoying commercials at 15-second increments, but it's well worth it! The thing I love about Youtube, is that you can find so many things & it gives you such a huge outlet to promote/find things you might not have ever heard before-- like this fabulous muscian, Jeremy Passion... not only that- but I've never even heard of Travis Garland (and I LOVE music)-- So, thanks to Youtube & Pandora, my ears, mind & heart have been opened to a whole new world of music & merriment, that I've never known.  Let me take on you a minor musical journey, if you will... Listening to Pandora, I created a Justin Nozuka/Jason Mraz channel... They played a Ernie Halter song, which I loved... that led me to find more of his music on Youtube (since you cannot choose for yourself on Pandora)... So I look up Ernie, and find Jeremy Passions...who sings this fabulous song by Travis Garland... See how cool that is? 4 new artists, have a brand new fan, because of online music. I love this song! It makes me feel so many things, and someone who sings it like that, is definitely getting my fandom card! Thank you www!

Favorite Gripe:  "You Can Always Adopt..." 

    It's not ok to always suggest that single women who are hopeful for kids [in the future] adopt... Yes, I realize this isn't meant to be rude or hurtful... but you don't always know everyone's reasoning for having/not having children.  Yes, adoption is a means to an end and is a very loving option to women who have to give up their kids, because they know that they're not capable of taking care of a child... but at the end of the day, some of us want to actually experience the 100% fullness of motherhood for ourselves. I want to experience a baby kicking & moving around in my belly... I want to know that special bond that only a mother has with their baby... I want people to finally think my opinion counts [when it comes to kids], because I actually have kids (lol)! People are so quick to say, "you don't have kids, so you don't know" even if you've had more experience with them, than they have... Saying "you can always adopt" suggests that you don't think it can work out the way I'm trusting God for. I'd rather not have kids outside of wedlock & I won't settle for a man I know isn't right for me... I actually would love to adopt one day, but as long as I have my own kids, as well...So, wait until my eggs are dried before you start talking adoption. *whew!*

Favorite Medication:  DayQuil SEVERE Flu & Cold

    This medicine saved my life this week!  Starting on Saturday, I realized I was developing the Flu... It occurred to me that it was odd I was full-R.E.M. Sleep at almost 2pm (which used to be normal, but not so much anymore...) before my sister called & woke me up.  By Sunday night, I was definitely Full-On Flu! My temperature got up to 103.7 & 103.9 degrees, at it's highest! I haven't had a temp like that since I was a baby.  This medication (along with a generic Nyquil Nite time formula - hey meds are expensive!-- along with lots of prayers & good attitude, brought me back to the living. Thank you!

   Sidenote:  One thing that sucks about being single, is that you have to still take out your own trash, wash your own dishes, & buy your own medicine, when you have the Flu.  There's no one obligated to "take care" of you when you're sick.  There are plenty of things I LOVE about being Single...this is not one of them. 

Favorite Reality Hotties:  Juan Pablo Galavis & Camila!  (You're Welcome Ladies)

      I'm enjoying the anticipation of this season of The Bachelor.  I absolutely am so glad Juan Pablo Galavis is the "New" bachelor. We're seeing that aside from being incredibly good looking- his morals & mindset are also on point.   I, personally, appreciate Juan Pablo's great looks. I don't find him extraordinarily "Hot", I find him more "Conventionally Hot". He's got the standard of what "most people" would consider sexy. Great eyes, Great smile, Great body, etc... But for me, his personality is what 100% wins me over.  His love for his daughter is second to none, and that's so attractive to most women.  I'm a total Daddy's Girl, so any man who treats his daughter like a princess is a Plus-One, in my book! One of my biggest fears, though, (and I'm sure his biggest fear) is that he'll pick a faker-chic... Someone who uses his love for his daughter as a tool to manipulate her further into the competition.  We saw it during "Emily's" season on The Bachelorette (which she's 'coincidentally' engaged, now...all the sudden... now that Sean & Catherine are getting married LIVE on January 26 & people are done talking about her...) I couldn't stand all the men who pretended to care about her daughter, Rikki... It was so obnoxious. I appreciated the men who would only bring up Rikki's name occasionally or after the first or second date.  If you have to use a parent's love as a manipulation chip, then you're probably not good for them, anyway.  Even though it's a package deal, you still have to go to bed with that one person, every night.  Trying to milk a connection that way is lame, in my opinion.  The connection needs to be there regardless. I'm hoping that we'll see a minimum of this kind of bargaining for a position.

   Currently on the show, we're during the "Sob Story Stage"-- which is what I like to call it. it seems like the first couple of dates, is just a bunch of girls spilling their heartache all over Juan Pablo.  Why is everyone's "Biggest Tragedy" their most interesting attribute? It's almost as if they're saying, "You couldn't possibly reject a girl who's dog died, was stood up at the alter 14 times, who's dad died of a brain aneurysm, and who's neck is amputated, could you?" It's the most boring part of the show for me! I still say, even though it's a competition, save that stuff, until you get to know him a tad bit better.  Stop trying to win pity points! Ugh... I did NOT love Clare. She was obnoxious & treated him like a celebrity.

   Speaking of acting like a celebrity... I'm glad he sent Victoria the Drunk home.  You knew it was over for her, as soon as they set her up in a private hotel for the night, lol... Wouldn't even let the girl back in the house! Her behavior was nothing of an entitled princess.  Her problem was not that she got too drunk.  Her problem, originally was that she wasn't getting enough attention, couldn't take that she wasn't the only pretty girl there, and THEN got drunk & acted badly... Typical entitlement issues & low self-esteem... It's easy to be confident when you think you're the prettiest/skinniest/curviest girl in the room... How easy is it for you to be confident if you're not the only one? It's real funny when people look at it that way.  A true confident girl can stand her ground in a whole room of women as pretty or prettier than she is, without hating. Her drunken tantrum was nothing but a cover up for not being able to take the heat.  So good for JP for sending her home! Which leads me to...

Favorite Laugh: Alcohol Disguise 

Well, it's time for me to get going! Hit me up in the comments section, or on Facebook at Tiffani Sharice! Let me know what you're into! :) 


  1. Wonder if you still feel this way about Juan Pablo.

    "I'm enjoying the anticipation of this season of The Bachelor. I absolutely am so glad Juan Pablo Galavis is the "New" bachelor. We're seeing that aside from being incredibly good looking- his morals & mindset are also on point."

    1. @ Anonymous- NOPE! Lol I started losing respect for him after his diss to Lauren & all his inconsistencies started happening. Check out the blog from today! I talk all about it!