Friday, January 31, 2014

I Can't, With My Blog Today... lol

  OK, so I'm incredibly tired & mentally exhausted. This is how you know I love writing & I love sharing about things I find a bit interesting... BUT! I'm trying to be better at not skipping my blogs-- So here goes!

 Favorite Moment: Catherine & Sean's Wedding... Sort of... lol.

      Ok, Ok... I'll admit it... I was far more invested in Sean & Catherine's wedding than I should have been.  I guess it was the talk of it all year, would they go through with it? Is this Real? Is this a farce? and knowing that it was going to spare no expense! So, they did have a beautiful wedding but there were so many goofy things mixed in that made it hard to be emotional or take it seriously.  For one, I would've been more interested in seeing a shorter section of "prepping" for the wedding, and then the entire wedding & then the reception.  They spent most of the time talking  about how excited they were to be having sex for the first time together,making sexual innuendos, dress shopping, talking about their "Grown Sexy theme" --- what does it mean, will Sean ever understand it??? It was super annoying. Then, after about an hour and a half of that, they show the wedding, where Catherine walks out to Michael Jackson's Human Nature (which I also found odd...) and her vows were really weird and very poetic.  There was a lot of imagery that I think she'll regret when she's older... Somehow, by the end of her vows, all I could think about was Glow worms and heart explosions-- Yeah. That's how weird they were...  Speaking of weird... 


   Their wedding cake looked like a naked Blueberry Muffin... When I first saw it, I thought, "Oh, that looks like an awesome cake for the breakfast/brunch the next morning..."  I literally thought it was a huge stack of blueberry pancakes, or something.  Some couples choose to have a brunch the next day for their out-of-town guests & family who traveled for the ceremony.  I though the cake looked good. It was cute, but I would've passed on this for such a formal wedding... but, I'm not marrying Sean or Catherine, so I guess it's not up to me. I'm at least glad they got what they wanted. 

Favorite Sadness:  Exes Who Don't Get It... 

   Part of the reason I'm so mentally exhausted, is that I got into another round of "I love you, why don't you love me back", with an ex.   He's been asking me this question for going on 9 years, now... NINE YEARS! When we dated back in 2005, he had so much to learn about life & didn't treat me very well. Unfortunately, he didn't have the best teachers & I wasn't going to be one of his teachers, when it came to how to treat a woman.  I broke up with him, not because we couldn't along sometimes, but because I wasn't trying to play "mama" to him.  A woman shouldn't have to pay for everything or worry about you being in & out of jail, lying, etc. It's something I won't sign up for. Sorry...

     Now, it's been 9 years later, and he's matured in a lot of ways, we've stayed friendly-- but at the end of the day, my answer has always been the same. I'm one of those rare people that do not sugarcoat during crucial moments. I took his feelings for me seriously-- and have tactfully said that I was never going to return those feelings. I specifically told him verbatim, "I will never marry you...I don't love you...I never loved you... You need to move on... Leave me alone." He still doesn't get it. Some women play hard to get, but not for 9yrs... And I'm not that type, in the first place.  He doesn't seem to understand why I don't think he truly loves me, which kind of breaks my heart, because I've explained it many times. I've tried military silence- he's shown up at my house unannounced... I let him on FB, so that he wouldn't blow up my cell phone & could stalk my life from afar, without bothering me...I do care about him- I don't hate him. But I know that if someone really thinks they love you intimately, you really can't remain friends. 

     He's got to do it himself, though.  He doesn't understand that loving someone & loving the way they treat you, are two different things. He loved that I was there for him, made him laugh, catered to him, cooked for him, bought him gifts, etc... but at the end of the day, he's clueless about the things that are important to me. Love is a 2-way street, and he's only driving one way.The sad part is, I think that if I did cave, he would treat me 10x better than he did... which would be good for awhile... but as soon as he got comfortable, it'd be the same ol' bs, again. Plus, he's made a lot of life decisions that didn't include me, and really left no room for me to have anything I want in the future. It would never have been equal. I'd always be on a different page than him. It sucks. I hate breaking someone's heart, but at the end of the day...  "I'm am responsible for what I say... I'm not responsible for what you understand..." 

Favorite Heartwarm: Jim & Pam's Wedding, The Office

   Even though I didn't get to cry at Sean & Catherine's wedding, I did cry at Jim & Pam's wedding! (The Office). I finally got to season 6, where they finally get married. I know I slept on this show... but I'm glad I gave it another shot. I love their love. It's sad that a made up tv show was more touching than a real life wedding, but it was- quirks & all.  If you haven't seen it, than DON'T WATCH!! But who am I kidding? I'm probably the only one who would care, that is just now seeing this, lol. Anyway- this is one of my favorite episodes, and I'm glad they took such care with it. 

Favorite Art Piece:  Pin Ups- Damsels in Dilemmas by Gil Elvgren

     This is definitely one of my favorite styles in Pin-Up Culture! I love the "almost sexy" or "Suggestively sexy over the "Obviously Sexy", for the most part.  I think that is part of Pin-up Culture that is missing, from a lot of Rockabilly lovers, these days. There are a lot of women who are  covered in tattoos, always in lingerie, and posed seductively. Those can be fine too, but my favorites are the softer, sexy images. There are TONS of people who will get seriously offended, when I say that I'm not a fan of the full-body tattoo covered Pinup girls, as much as the ones that have less or no tattoos showing, but I don't care. I don't mean to offend anyone. I have tattoos & want more, myself-- My point is, I feel like it takes something away from the demure or coquettish look, same thing goes when it's overly sexy.  I have learned immensely & respect those Dolls who are covered in tattoos, there's no love lost...They make amazing pictures, but I still say, you can't go wrong with a classic. It just seems a little more authentic. I think I'd be able to identify more, if a Modern pin-up, covered in tattoos, were being a secretary & using a laptop or something. To me, that would merge the idea & theme of it better... You know, something with more modern things to back up the look. I'd definitely be able to relate to that more. But for me, part of Pin-ups were about "Show a little & imagine a lot..." but now, it seems there's so little to the imagination. 

   Well, I'm going. I blogged...ya happy?!! lol (just kiddin') I'm just ready to start my weekend! Until next time! 



Friday, January 24, 2014

Sunday... It's Going Down!!

   Another Week, Another Blog... Well, thanks to all of you who prayed for me to get over the Flu. I think it helped (along with the Dayquil/Nyquil SEVERE that I was taking religiously, lol).  I've noticed a few things this week... and here they are: 

Favorite Crush: Sexy Laz Alonso (again... lol)

    Ok, so I can never get enough of sexy Laz Alonso! From what I've seen, he's kind of my ideal guy, except for his voice... His voice is kinda nerdy, lol, but that only adds another reason why he'd be my "ideal guy".  I love when there's something a little geeky or nerdy about a guy this handsome.  It makes them more relatable, lol.  This picture came across when I was posting a comparison between what the dating site commercials advertise & who you actually find on dating sites (i.e. James Brown's mugshot, lol).  It went over really well... but I love this picture & decided to feature it. He is so caliente! 

Favorite Thought:  Wolves in Sheep's Clothes... 

    I laughed so hard when I saw this... I can't not even begin to express the magnitude to which this happened to me this past year.  One thing I cannot stand is a liar, and I came across the biggest one I've ever met... pathological, in fact.  I've had issues with being lied to in the past, but nothing like this. In the past, it's been more lies of omission (still lies, indeed) but no one (until recently) had ever made up an entire identity and persona that was completely inaccurate.  I just have to shake my head and gawk at how unreal some folks can be. But in that sense, it's also another opportunity for me to thank God that I'm at peace with myself... Sure, I need to lose weight, sure I have issues like everyone else, sure I get hurt, too... but at the end of the day, I claim it all.  I own up to it, and I actually love who I am. What you see is what you get... There's no fake persona that I pretend to be on Facebook. I don't hide behind my computer and make up things to post online, in order to gain attention or get a reaction. It's sad. I never knew there are grown folks who actually do that, lol.  It's a shame. But I'm glad I can spot it & choose to rid my life of the wolves in sheep's clothes. I refuse to knowingly live a nightmare!

Favorite Future Event:  Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's Wedding!

     I'm so excited for these two! They're getting married this SUNDAY, January 26, 2014! I'm always skeptical when it comes to "The Bachelor/Bachelorette" hook ups... The status quo seems to be that the "couples" break up.  But these two seemed to have stayed the test of time. With the foundation they're building, they'll have a great chance. Part of me is still a little skeptical, because the cameras & fanfare never really died down... but hey, Trista & Ryan seem to be doing pretty well, as well as Ashley & JP... So, I guess it can work & it can be real.  I just think the true test will be when no one cares who they are, anymore.  I wish them nothing but the best.  And I hope this lovely picture will just be one of many in their marriage. I like how they took an entire year to be "normal"- to an extent- and get to know each other. I think they'll be in it for the long haul...  I love the fact that they seemed to have bamboozled us (in true Bachelor/ette fashion) by having a deeper relationship than what was shown to us on camera. He pulled Catherine out of his back pocket, near the end.  Now, we'll see how everything goes down Sunday! What a great love story!! 

Favorite Annoyance: Opportunists... 

    Ok, so this is a cute picture to illustrate my major annoyance this week.  This is actually funny... but the truth is, I've been sooooo annoyed by the "opportunists" that have been lurking online.  Just because we become friends on Facebook does not mean that I'm a perspective new "client" for your Avon or Mary Kay business... We were friends in High School, and we barely talked then... So, I find it a bit odd that you are so eager to "get together" with me, all the sudden... and are shoving your information in my inbox.  I understand you're trying to build your business, but when I actually have known you forever, it kind of sucks when I smell a sales pitch coming on in our first correspondence in 15yrs.  It just isn't genuine, and it's kind of insulting... If you were smoother, you'd have a little more finesse about it. Because basically, what I feel you're saying is "I don't have time for you, unless you're buying products from me..." I'll pass on your business deal, since you're passing on my friendship, thanks...

Favorite Show:  The Office

         When this premiered in 2006, I thought it was the absolute dumbest show on television... I couldn't get into the "humor" of the one or two episodes that I had seen... But, I had a revelation... and I'm a woman, I can change my mind (he he).  The revelation came when I realized exactly how realistic the characters were... Sure, there is a lot of satire & exaggeration... but in general, EVERYONE has worked with some of these characters!! The office jokester, the brown noser, the uptight person, the person who's clearly just working for the money & nothing else,  the boss/supervisor that wants to be "everyone's friend" and just wants to be "one of the guys"... We've all worked with these guys! So, after I realized that the characters were the entity of characters that we've all worked with, it automatically became really funny to me! Right now, I'm watching the series. I've already purchased Seasons 1-5 (Thanks to Amazon)-- along with the episodes I DVR every night.

Welp, Everyone has left the building... So, maybe I should leave too! See you next week!  

Friday, January 17, 2014

You're Welcome, Ladies...

   Well, Hello there lovelies! It's the end to another week! Thank the good Lord above that we made it, right? Well, your girl has been sick with the Freak'n Flu for most of this week, but I still wanted to pass on a little blog for you guys. You know I heart you guys! Here's what I've been doing... 

Favorite Youtube:  Jeremy Passion's station

"Didn't Stand a Chance" (Travis Garland Cover)

     Thank you to the internet for finally making music so readily available for free!! Sure, you have to watch annoying commercials at 15-second increments, but it's well worth it! The thing I love about Youtube, is that you can find so many things & it gives you such a huge outlet to promote/find things you might not have ever heard before-- like this fabulous muscian, Jeremy Passion... not only that- but I've never even heard of Travis Garland (and I LOVE music)-- So, thanks to Youtube & Pandora, my ears, mind & heart have been opened to a whole new world of music & merriment, that I've never known.  Let me take on you a minor musical journey, if you will... Listening to Pandora, I created a Justin Nozuka/Jason Mraz channel... They played a Ernie Halter song, which I loved... that led me to find more of his music on Youtube (since you cannot choose for yourself on Pandora)... So I look up Ernie, and find Jeremy Passions...who sings this fabulous song by Travis Garland... See how cool that is? 4 new artists, have a brand new fan, because of online music. I love this song! It makes me feel so many things, and someone who sings it like that, is definitely getting my fandom card! Thank you www!

Favorite Gripe:  "You Can Always Adopt..." 

    It's not ok to always suggest that single women who are hopeful for kids [in the future] adopt... Yes, I realize this isn't meant to be rude or hurtful... but you don't always know everyone's reasoning for having/not having children.  Yes, adoption is a means to an end and is a very loving option to women who have to give up their kids, because they know that they're not capable of taking care of a child... but at the end of the day, some of us want to actually experience the 100% fullness of motherhood for ourselves. I want to experience a baby kicking & moving around in my belly... I want to know that special bond that only a mother has with their baby... I want people to finally think my opinion counts [when it comes to kids], because I actually have kids (lol)! People are so quick to say, "you don't have kids, so you don't know" even if you've had more experience with them, than they have... Saying "you can always adopt" suggests that you don't think it can work out the way I'm trusting God for. I'd rather not have kids outside of wedlock & I won't settle for a man I know isn't right for me... I actually would love to adopt one day, but as long as I have my own kids, as well...So, wait until my eggs are dried before you start talking adoption. *whew!*

Favorite Medication:  DayQuil SEVERE Flu & Cold

    This medicine saved my life this week!  Starting on Saturday, I realized I was developing the Flu... It occurred to me that it was odd I was full-R.E.M. Sleep at almost 2pm (which used to be normal, but not so much anymore...) before my sister called & woke me up.  By Sunday night, I was definitely Full-On Flu! My temperature got up to 103.7 & 103.9 degrees, at it's highest! I haven't had a temp like that since I was a baby.  This medication (along with a generic Nyquil Nite time formula - hey meds are expensive!-- along with lots of prayers & good attitude, brought me back to the living. Thank you!

   Sidenote:  One thing that sucks about being single, is that you have to still take out your own trash, wash your own dishes, & buy your own medicine, when you have the Flu.  There's no one obligated to "take care" of you when you're sick.  There are plenty of things I LOVE about being Single...this is not one of them. 

Favorite Reality Hotties:  Juan Pablo Galavis & Camila!  (You're Welcome Ladies)

      I'm enjoying the anticipation of this season of The Bachelor.  I absolutely am so glad Juan Pablo Galavis is the "New" bachelor. We're seeing that aside from being incredibly good looking- his morals & mindset are also on point.   I, personally, appreciate Juan Pablo's great looks. I don't find him extraordinarily "Hot", I find him more "Conventionally Hot". He's got the standard of what "most people" would consider sexy. Great eyes, Great smile, Great body, etc... But for me, his personality is what 100% wins me over.  His love for his daughter is second to none, and that's so attractive to most women.  I'm a total Daddy's Girl, so any man who treats his daughter like a princess is a Plus-One, in my book! One of my biggest fears, though, (and I'm sure his biggest fear) is that he'll pick a faker-chic... Someone who uses his love for his daughter as a tool to manipulate her further into the competition.  We saw it during "Emily's" season on The Bachelorette (which she's 'coincidentally' engaged, now...all the sudden... now that Sean & Catherine are getting married LIVE on January 26 & people are done talking about her...) I couldn't stand all the men who pretended to care about her daughter, Rikki... It was so obnoxious. I appreciated the men who would only bring up Rikki's name occasionally or after the first or second date.  If you have to use a parent's love as a manipulation chip, then you're probably not good for them, anyway.  Even though it's a package deal, you still have to go to bed with that one person, every night.  Trying to milk a connection that way is lame, in my opinion.  The connection needs to be there regardless. I'm hoping that we'll see a minimum of this kind of bargaining for a position.

   Currently on the show, we're during the "Sob Story Stage"-- which is what I like to call it. it seems like the first couple of dates, is just a bunch of girls spilling their heartache all over Juan Pablo.  Why is everyone's "Biggest Tragedy" their most interesting attribute? It's almost as if they're saying, "You couldn't possibly reject a girl who's dog died, was stood up at the alter 14 times, who's dad died of a brain aneurysm, and who's neck is amputated, could you?" It's the most boring part of the show for me! I still say, even though it's a competition, save that stuff, until you get to know him a tad bit better.  Stop trying to win pity points! Ugh... I did NOT love Clare. She was obnoxious & treated him like a celebrity.

   Speaking of acting like a celebrity... I'm glad he sent Victoria the Drunk home.  You knew it was over for her, as soon as they set her up in a private hotel for the night, lol... Wouldn't even let the girl back in the house! Her behavior was nothing of an entitled princess.  Her problem was not that she got too drunk.  Her problem, originally was that she wasn't getting enough attention, couldn't take that she wasn't the only pretty girl there, and THEN got drunk & acted badly... Typical entitlement issues & low self-esteem... It's easy to be confident when you think you're the prettiest/skinniest/curviest girl in the room... How easy is it for you to be confident if you're not the only one? It's real funny when people look at it that way.  A true confident girl can stand her ground in a whole room of women as pretty or prettier than she is, without hating. Her drunken tantrum was nothing but a cover up for not being able to take the heat.  So good for JP for sending her home! Which leads me to...

Favorite Laugh: Alcohol Disguise 

Well, it's time for me to get going! Hit me up in the comments section, or on Facebook at Tiffani Sharice! Let me know what you're into! :) 

Friday, January 10, 2014

It's the New Year!!

Happy 2014, everyone!  I've been super busy this season, so therefore, I found it imperative that I didn't miss the blog again, t his week! This season was filled with lots of really cool things, but at the end of each day, I found myself exhausted & ready to relax.  But, here are some things that I experienced over the last couple of weeks.  

 Favorite Meme: Let It Go

    One of the things that seems to automatically happen each new year, is a need to reflect & re-evaluate your life.  Most people think of things they want to change for themselves, be it in a form of a "New Year's Resolution" or a promise, etc... I saw this meme on a friend's facebook page, and I thought it was very telling of what a lot of people struggle with.  I thought this picture was a true depiction of exactly the baggage that people carry with them. This is the stuff we need to learn to let go, in order to move on.  But it seems like each year, you'll try to let it go, but what you're really doing is sitting it down. As soon as something else happens in your life, you're picking one or more of these bags up, again... Let 2014 be the year that you (and I) drop all of these bags, and leave them, finally. I know it's much harder said than done, but whatever your bags are... try to travel lightly.  

Favorite Reads:  Mindy Kaling & Brandi Glanville

    So, over last weekend, I was a Kindle reading beast!  I read 3 books total in 2 days, and I enjoyed them both. I enjoyed Mindy's book far more than Brandi's, however.  Mindy's book was fun and I found myself laughing throughout the whole thing.  Mindy definitely was a more enjoyable read. Brandi's book wasn't necessarily bad, per se, but it wasn't what I wanted to hear. She elaborated on a few events leading up to her divorce, but it wasn't enough, because apparently she wrote a non-disclosure agreement that forbids us from knowing the juicy details. And it kind of sucks- because if we can't get the full meat of the divorce, you'd think that she'd at least be able to talk more about other things in her life.  But it seems that she couldn't talk about those other things without constantly mentioning that Eddie was having sex all over town.  She found about 40 different ways to say that exact thing. It got a little redundant.  And in true Brandi form, it was vulgar at a few parts, but at the same time laughable. Some of it was just vulgar.  Overall, the book is entertaining, but at the same time, don't expect much from it. 

Favorite online Radio:

    So, I've totally been taking advantage of the fact that my boss is away, and not censoring what I'm listening to at my desk, lol.  The reality is, hardly anyone comes in, especially clients or guests, so I should be able to listen to whatever I want, save it not have a bunch of vulgar language or anything offensive, right?  I've been listening to, because I always miss parts of the Elvis Duran Morning show, when I'm driving to work in the morning. So, it's been a laugh-party at my desk in the morning! So good to finally hear the rest of the forecasts :) 

Favorite Reality Show: The Bachelor

    So, it's finally here!!! I'm so excited for this season with Juan Pablo Galavis! Juan Pablo is the first Latin Bachelor. He's from Venezuela! Well, actually, he's from Ithaca, New York, but his family moved back to Venezuela when he was 2yrs old.  I think this season has some great events in store! For one, Juan Pablo is Hot, Hot, Hot, Caliente!! My personal opinion is that he's "conventionally" hot, but that's not all there is in a guy. I think most of the girls reacted in a very superficial visceral way, but you pretty much can expect that from a bunch of 20-something yr old single women.

   I think this season, there is an overabundance of sexy women! He's really gonna have a hard choice. I am confused about one of the contestants, though, a girl I like to call "Looney Lucy". The girl was dubbed "Free Spirit"-- You know that already screams a bunch of danger signs & red flags, lol.  Well, it's clear this girl was left here for drama purposes, only. We see a clip (where we're guessing it's her), where she's on a bathroom floor crying & screaming that "She hopes Juan Pablo dies!!" Such harsh words... Then another scene, Juan Pablo is on the verge of tears.  Now any avid Bachelor/Bachelorette knows that this is more than likely a Bamboozle.  They like to mess with our minds & emotions... Can't wait to see where that goes...  

   Then, at the first elimination, there is such an awkward moment when a girl named Kylie mistakes her name being called, when Juan Pablo called for a woman named "Kat"... The red faced & red haired, Kylie, ended up highly embarrassed when she realized that he wasn't calling her name.  After the fact Kylie Lewis has been reporting to the media that she was set up & humiliated purposely by the producers of the show. She's saying that she asked them to please edit that humiliating mistake out, but they didn't letting her look completely desperate in front of the entire world. She also claims they were pushing her to send a controversial & racy sexy text to an ex, so that it would cause drama. She even claims they made her dye her hair red, since she's normally a blonde, to add more diversity.  Well, some or all of these things may be true, but you're on reality tv, honey! It might not necessarily be YOUR reality, but you don't call the shots.  Just sounds like a sore loser trying to gain some kind of leverage from her temporary fall from grace. Get over it, girl. By next week, no one is going to be talking about it. Dye your hair back to blonde so people won't immediately place you as "the girl who got missed by Juan Pablo"... 

    If I were one of the contestants, I might have had a similar reaction that Sharlene did, when she was offered the "First Impression" Rose... I would've definitely not hesitated quite as long, or seemed as "cold" as Sharlene, but I understand being able to see passed a pretty face.  That kind of attraction (conventional attractiveness) usually lasts about 10mins on me. Some of my friends & people on the blogs think she was  rude, but I think she's just overwhelmed by everything. I also think she over-thunk the meaning of the "first impression" rose.  I was thinking, "Geez, lady! He's not proposing just yet, just take the rose and give it some time!"  It's obvious she took it a little too seriously- but at least she's not all mesmerized and blindly falling for someone she doesn't know too early.  And it must've been disappointing not to have that instant chemistry she thought she'd have. I hope she opens up & gives it awhile longer. I think that she has the culture (along with Andi) that he may be looking for.  

   I don't have a personal favorite just yet, (Like I said, personality matters a lot to me)- but I'm looking forward to picking a match for our sexy Latin! I can't wait for this season to get into full swing!

Favorite Controversy:  The Mindy Project is Too Racist to Watch... and other BS... (I added the last part, lol) 

    I'm an avid fan of Wikipedia. For those of you who know me, you know I love biographies & finding out where people are from... where they grew up & who they were married to... Wikipedia is like crack, for people like me, right?  Well one of main times I surf on Wikipedia is while I'm watching my favorite tv shows.  While I was looking up one of the characters on The Mindy Project, I am across an  Anti-Mindy Project Article   I linked it up, if you'd like to check out what was said.  I see where she's coming from, but at the same time, I think she needs to lighten up! However, I'm not going to belittle her arguments, because I am not an Indian Woman. Just as I know that other races won't ever really know what it's like to be a black woman, I refuse to cheapen her feelings about something I don't understand 100%. I can only say, that in my limited knowledge, it just seems like the author of this blog is overreacting a tad.  For one, yes, The Mindy Project does have  racial jokes from time to time. Being that any race is fair game, I think it's a level playing field for and no regular watcher should be overly-offended.  The one thing I do agree on, is that, it'd be nice to see Mindy fall for someone other than a "quirky white guy".  Sure, in real life she may have "a type"-- who knows what that is?" But, her character really hasn't specified this completely.  So in order to blend things more carefully, it'd be nice if other races were involved in her dating life.  To me, it's not realistic that ONLY white men would find her attractive.  She's curvy, cute & funny, and I know a lot of black men, Latino & Italian men would find that appealing... So, it'd be nice for her to mix it up a bit, if she's not going to date an Indian guy.  That's just my opinion... but One Italian descendant does love her, so I'm excited to see Mindy & Danny finally get together, damnit! lol But overall, I'd say lighten up and enjoy the show. But like I said, I get a few points that were made, and maybe in her culture they're bigger points. 

Well, folks! I'm going to pick up my car! Hope you're starting your New Year off right! Hit me up in the comments section, or on Facebook, if you want! Tell me about your goals for 2014