Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Holidazyness!!

  So, this season has been JAMMED pack full of Holidazyness! I've been busier than most days doing things that I love to do, like crafting & movies! So here's what's been going on...

Favorite Craft: Gingerbread Man Ornaments!!

     I got inspired one night, and decided that making my friends, loved ones & co-workers Gingerbread Ornaments this Christmas, was the way to go.   (Above is my friend, Jen's that she excitedly posted to Facebook)... I loved doing this... but it was A LOT of work.  For one, the dough NEVER ran out! I seriously watched Legally Blonde 3 times, before I was done rolling out all of my tiny Ginger People!  For the most part, everyone loved them... but there are always a few that piss you off & don't have the decency to say "Thank You".  Don't get me wrong... I don't do ANYTHING for "thanks". But I still expect one. It pains me, because I am so different. If the tables were turned, I would not be able to rest, until I found out who gave me [insert favor/gift/etc here...] and to tell them "Thank You".  I just think it's incredibly rude-- especially given the long hours it took for me to do them. So, every year, I tell myself I'm not going to put myself through it... and of course, I see a great idea for Cupcake Ornaments, or become Martha Stewart & want to bake, or find some awesome clear ornaments that I can personalize. As one of my favorite co-workers tells me, "I can't change that" about myself.  But... Of course, I appreciate all of the others who were really really excited about them!

Favorite Annoyance:  Men Vs. Women

     So, I was just talking with my friend on FB about Love & Hip Hop NYC, and something I said really stuck with me. For one, How come it seems as though men have trouble with "time" in relationships?  I mean, especially if they've wronged you, in some way, they have a heck of a time "waiting" for things to work themselves back to normal.  Forgiveness is not easy... but it just seems that once we've chosen to forgive a man, he expects it to be instantaneous.  I think they forget that our feelings are a little more complex, and depending on the severity of the infraction, the time for healing/forgiveness will vary, depending on how sentimental a woman is.  It  kills me how quickly some guys expect for you to treat them with 100% respect again, just because they say "They're sorry". Not that I agree with holding grudges, but it just seems to me [from my experience as a quick forgiver...] that the faster you completely let a guy off the hook for something he did... the faster he feels "comfortable" again... the faster he's prone to do [said infraction] again, or something else.  Then, I saw this other guy on my FB page saying, "I'm finally getting my divorce!! [Insert Anonymous Woman's Name Here], I'm all yours!"... Apparently a girl he's been seeing. It's weird... what we're expected to put up with, as women. From the outside looking in, it's so unflattering. But at the end of the day, I'm sure many of us have been in a weird/complicated situation like that. It just seems like we're getting second-best, at times... when we love w/everything we've got. It's kinda sad. 

Favorite TV Show:  Survivor Blood Vs. Water

    OMG- Are you even watching Survivor, this season?? So, I didn't really get into Survivor until a few seasons ago, when my co-workers would talk about Survivor & I wanted to be in on the conversation. I'm glad I did! It's been pretty enjoyable, and this season is probably, by far, the best season EVER! For one, there are so many components to what gets a person eliminated, and until recently there was no "set" leader of the group.  Normally, it doesn't usually get this exciting until after their merge, but this season has been exciting & intense every week!  For one, we find out that the loved ones were split up from the get-go.  Then, if a loved one was voted off, the remaining loved one had the option of taking their place. So, this season, we saw a lot of revenge eliminations, in the beginning. The first one happened when Gervase "Over-celebrated" a challenge victory, so in retaliation, his niece Marissa was voted off on the opposing team during their Tribal Council Elimination Ceremony.  Then, there were a lot of people kind of sitting back  and observing, then striking out of the blue & making these huge game-changing plays. Now, people are trying to scramble for the number 3 spot, knowing that only 3 people will get a chance to come before the "Survivor Jury" and have a chance at the $1M. Right now, it's between Ciera, Monica, Tyson & Gervase... BUT... there's also Redemption Island, this season (didn't I tell you this was great?) So, members who have been voted off still get to battle a Redemption Island Challenge, and have the opportunity to get back into the game, at the end. It's great & the finale is SUNDAY NIGHT!   I can't wait to see who finally takes it all!  

Favorite Pin-Up Pic of the Week: Model: Jennifer Thrasher

Photographer: Beth Cocuzzi Pussycat Pinups
Hair: Tara Alexander 
    I just feel like this picture is definitely vintage... but timeless! It's simple, elegant & so sexy! I can't wait until I can start taking gorgeous pics like this! The lighting is so flattering & the hat is stunning! 

Favorite Night:  Having Dinner in the Penthouse Suite of the Schuster Center

    I kid you not...I had dinner here on Tuesday Night!! This is the Penthouse of one of our agency benefactors, Ms. Patty Lavy.  It's on the 17th floor of the Schuster Center in Downtown Dayton.  The meal was fantabulous, and the view & company was great, as well.  There was a lovely cold salmon dish prepared by a catered chef for the night.  We had wine, cheese & veggies. My favorite was the Chicken Cordon Bleu Balls! I swear, lock me up in a room with those, and I'm good to go!  I was impressed by the place, it is impressive! It was a little bit more than I think I'd like, however.  I like my home to feel "Home-like"-- a place where it would feel ok to kick up your heels on the couch... or spill something, lol.  I wanted so badly to take pictures in the house, but I thought [providing that I was company & I had never met her before] that it would be a little tacky, especially being an upscale event.  Luckily, I found these awesome pics online that featured the Penthouse!! Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves immensely! (and I didn't spill anything!) Check Out More Pics of the House & Article on

  Well, it's been real folks, but I had to check in! Tell me about your Holidazyness!