Friday, November 22, 2013

Semi-Awful Lunchbreak!

   Happy Friday, Friends!  So sorry to have missed the blog last week, but I was super busy & sick. Today, I'm just sick... but whatever.  But here's what's been on my mind this week! 

Favorite Epidemic:  Vocal Fry Patterns
    This is hilarious to me. My sisters & I tried this last week, and were cracking up.  I only really know one person, personally, who is TERRIBLE with Vocal Fry, but never did I realize that it's become an actual epidemic.  Even though this lady mentions the Kardashian Fryers (Who I would say, have more of a vocal intonation problem [you know, where everything sounds like a question...] than actual Vocal Fry) I would say Rachel Zoe & her cast are probably the WORST Vocal Fryers in history. Here's Amy Phillips doing an impersonation of Rachel Zoe... She's almost dead on!

    Personally, I think the whole thing is annoying. And it's even more annoying that people do this, because it makes them feel important or "worthy".  People need to really find out what matters in life. 

Favorite Movie:  The Best Man Holiday

       So, I'm totally excited about seeing this movie!! It just came out last week, but I never like to see things on Opening Night.  For one, seeing so soon means I'm bound to have to sit next to someone I don't know, fighting over the armrest or worried about our thigh-meat touch, because the theatres are always packed.  Also, if I end up going with a group of friends, I end up seeing the same move several times, because no one else has seen it, yet! (I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn II 3 times in the theatres! Now, I just own it lol.)  Or if it's really good, I always want to talk about it, but then I'm stifled, because no one else has seen it!  So, I usually like to wait... However, both my sisters & a few friends have seen it already and love it! They say that it's not what they expected & that it's more emotional (so I'm bringing tissues)... Another reason not to be stuck next to someone you don't know.  So, I'm seeing it tonight! I'm so excited!!

Favorite Pet Peeve:  Know-it-All Nancy & Nick... 

   We all have had them in our livesa...There's always that friend, church member, classmate or co-worker who knows 'EVERYTHING'... or at least thinks they do.  It might literally kill them if they don't interject their own opinion into every conversation, even if they're not included in the conversation-- or what's worse-- will actually stand there & listen to your conversation in front of your face, just because they want to know what you're talking about. Neither one of you are looking at her, but they're standing right there like a statue... bug-eyed & ears perked, intently listening. I find that extremely invasive & rude... *Wooo-Ssssaaaahhhh* I've had a lot of trouble maintaining my cool with a Know-It-All or Nosey personality... Actually, I know of several, but one in particular who is also a HUGE brown-noser.  Often I struggle not to say what I really want to say, especially if my livelihood depends on it.  Many would be surprised at what I don't say... So, in order to help those who are like me, who find people who are "Know-it-Alls" completely irritating-- I give you Forbes Magazine Article:  8 Tips for Dealing with a Know-it-All Co-Worker.

 What usually helps me, is trying to remember that these people who act like that, at times, are just trying to be helpful. There's a difference between a person who has a huge problem with it, yet has other redeeming qualities, and one who is just a complete a**hole, most of the time.  Their need to be "right" or know everyone's business goes beyond wanting to know them very well.  I've been getting better at recognizing which is which... But I'm definitely going to study this when I get home. Sometimes we need tools to help us deal with others who don't behave as we behave.

Favorite Random Moment:   Semi in our Backyard at work

    So, we were coming back to the office from lunch, and we saw this in our back lot of the office!  Thank God for huge favors, right?  There are several stories that are going around. One person from across the hall said that the truck driver was diabetic & blacked out. He was with the Firemen after it happened & no ambulance was assisting him, so we don't think that's the case. But we did see on the news that apparently, some inconsiderate driver cut off the Semi, and the Semi Driver swerved to avoid an accident.  It all goes to show what jerky drivers can do.  But thank God no one was hurt & that God provided rain last night & this morning for mud.  It was the muddy conditions that helped stop the truck from crashing into our building.

Favorite Pin Up Pic of the week:  Girl Fight! 

    I just adore this pic!  It's what I imagine  a girl-gang looks like in Westside Story... You know, like the the female version of "The Jets & The Sharks"--- They don't fight with knives, they fight with mean looks & dancing! ha ha. Anyway. I love this look! And I think I'm going to add the Pin-up Pics of the week, because there is so many that I love! 

Anyway- Off to the movies & To begin my weekend!! 


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