Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love My...

   So Glad that Columbus "discovered" American Indians living in America, already... Not that he really discovered America, lol... But I am glad that he at least got lost & gave me a reason not to come to work on Monday!! Hoo-raaah!! Let's Get it started! So excited to start my 3-day Weekend! 

Favorite Read:  I Love My Healed Heart (Books 1-4)

   I'm guessing, there has been an emergence of romance & erotica that has sprung to the scene, since E.L. James decided to pen those racey novels of Fifty Shades of Grey.  Well, I found a series of short novels that rival the spicy sensation. I Love My Healed Heart is actually a culmination of 4 short stories (I Love my Breakup, I Love My Office Fling, I Love My Freakout, I Love My Destiny...each one is juicier than the next, and it's just starting to get good!  I found this series while browsing around for Free Kindle books (an enjoyable pastime of mine, since getting my Kindle Paperwhite).  I think the culmination title is pretty cheesy, but the contents is anything, but... Of course, I do find it a little weird, at times, when authors try to add in modernized lingo... I don't know if it's a feeble attempt to gain younger readers, but it's just kind of odd when an author mentions Facebook, lol... But This book is a fast easy read, and pretty spicy!

Favorite Look:  Vintage Hair

     So, these are just two of the looks I've tried recently that I really Really LOVE! The first pic got over 60 "Likes" on Facebook, so I must've been doing something right, right? I have always thought that I was a lady out of my time. I've always had an affinity for vintage things.  Every century has something to appreciate...whether it be hipster hair or hot pants! So, what ha'happened was... I fell back in love with my sponge curlers... When I was a little girl, my mom used to straighten my hair for the first day of school (until I was old enough to do it myself)... Now, Now, I know what you're thinking... We did not use the modern Flat iron... We used the good'ol Hot comb from the 1970's!! LOL  I never had a relaxer before I went to College, so getting my "hair pressed" was the next best thing... Our Hot Combs weren't even the updated electrical ones, they were the ones that you put on the stove to heat up... Then cooled off on a paper bag before applying to your hair & hoping it was cool enough not to singe y our hair, but hot enough to get it straight... lol... So, each year, my mom would hot comb me, then we would put in sponge rollers... I used to lay very straight & hope that my 'do  looked great in the morning... Well, I'm finding that I still love sponge rollers, and have decided to start using them more often!  
Favorite Radio Station:  Statement

         I used to be a HUGE fan of Bridezillas until I couldn't stand it, anymore... I just got so tired of people and their entitlement issues and their tacky relationships. I take my relationships seriously... and it just kind of sucked that people who acted like complete morons were gracing the aisles of churches all across America... I'm so glad that show is over, lol!  I have grown in my disdain for entitled people... I usually feel really sorry for the husbands... but if they're dumb enough to be treated that way, who am I to be against them getting what they want? Amiright, Amiright?  SMH  

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:  Facebook Drama


 Ok, everyone has that friend they keep on Facebook, just because they give you so much Reality TV Realness, right?  I mean, I don't truly find "pleasure" exactly, when people have Facebook Drama; These people really are going at each other... but it's like a train wreck.... You just can't look away... I mean, if they're going to put all their business out there, why not pay attention? lol.  I'm not proud of it... but I do have a few people on my friend's lists who I keep around, purely for the drama.  Mostly, it's that I can't believe that grown people actually behave this way, especially publicly.  Of course, we cannot see a pic of what it looks like, but in my mind, it's a manifestation of a Jerry Springer Show. LOL  Feuding Baby Mamas, Playas trying to school men on how to be in relationships, controversial racial & political arguments... There's always something... And it is entertainment!

Favorite Vintage Pic:  Waiting for the Bus

Well, it's time for me to go & get outta Here! Enjoy Your weekend! And hit me up with a few comments about what you're getting into this weekend! 


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