Friday, October 25, 2013

I Can See Up Jay-Z's Nose & Other Fun Things...

   This has been a rough week & and even rougher day...but... we've made it through & should celebrate that, right? Here is what's been going on in my world!

Favorite Movie (or is it?): Safe Haven

   Ok, so this movie was NOT my favorite, but I did watch it this past week.  I have to say, that it had it's good parts & it's bad parts.  If you're not nauseated by a  super sugary sappy drama in true Nicholas Sparks fashion, then this movie is for you! For those of you who are afraid of getting diabetes, I urge you to please watch with caution.  So, as for the good points, the videography is great! The scenery is beautiful, the acting really isn't that bad, and the plot is actually interesting... However, if you need a story to be realistically sound, you won't find it here. The chic  does a complete 180degrees from being super cold  & keeping to herself, to being the belle of Southport, NC.  Then, when her love interests finds out she's a person of interest in First Degree Murder investigation, he gets mad for like 10seconds, then comes back to her, like it's not a big deal ... Then, there is a surprise twist to the ending that made me just say, "Oh Hayle NO!" If you're a kind of person that does well with fairy tales, then you can maybe stomach this movie... but for someone who likes for things to be more on the realistic side, you may just have to appreciate what you can out of this.  I would've given it 3 stars, but the fact that the ending took an abrupt dive into delusional plot-land, I had to take away have a star.

Favorite Obsession:  My New Keurig

   I love the Keurig at my office, and so I finally broke down & decided to get one for myself. I am obsessed with K-cups & all the different varieties of warm-weather beverages. Of course, on warmer days, these "warm-weather beverages" quickly become Iced Beverages-- but I love that it's so quick! Not only does this ensure a cleaner coffee allocation, but sells assorted variety packs.  I don't know if I'm proud or not, but I now have 50 different new varieties of coffee, fruit drinks, cidars, cocoas and teas... I may be a K-Cup Variety Pack junkie... I'm in beverage heaven! 

Favorite Book:  Water for Elephants

   From the first chapter Water For Elephants actually had me busting out laughing!  Being that this is a drama, I really didn't expect for it to be so comical.  I love the writing and Sara Gruen really engages you with the dialogue and colorful description.  I'm glad that I saw the movie first, and am now reading it later, because now my idea of what to expect is not to be disillusioned by what is now on the cutting room floor, and not longer in the movie. Can't wait to update you on what I think of the entire book, once I'm done reading... and speaking of a book I'm dying to get to...

  One of my favorite shows is The Mindy Project, and I really love Mindy's brand of humor. So naturally, as soon as I saw this book, I had to get it!  I mean, she has an interesting background (I know, b/c I already Wikipediad her [I Wikipedia EVERYONE) lol.  And her approach to life & the circumstances it brings, at times, reminds me of a girl I'd love to be friend with.  More to come on this great book!

Favorite "Controversy":  The People of the United States  vs. Jay-Z & Barney's and 'nem... 

   Apparently, there's controversy with the morale of Jay-Z's fan base & Barney's Department store.  His fans are asking that he discontinue his business with the store, due to an alleged racial profiling incident.  It may be, may not be... The only thing I saw when I first saw this story was, "I can see up Jay-Z's nose!" lol.

 Yes, I know... very mature, Tiffani... But seriously. My opinion on this controversy, is that I could care less about how Jay-Z spends his money. I think he would never squash a business deal for an incident that happens in Anywhere, USA and will proably blow over in a few weeks. He also doesn't strike me as "Power to the People" type of guy.  I think that if those who feel strongly about this stop shopping at Barney's to ease their consciousnesses, but I doubt Jay-Z will even acknowledge the issue.  

So- I'm gonna go now. I have a massive headache & I've gotta go siddown somewhere!  Stay tuned for next week, my loves! 

XOXO- Tiffani

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